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Minecraft Community Focus:

I'm currently a small Youtuber that covers the likes of Rift & Fabric modloader (1.13 to 1.14 snapshot mods) as well as do bug testing for mod devs, do videos on their mods/install tutorials to inform or help people out and look for interesting stuff in the community on

Gaming Background:

I'm a Gamer mostly interested in anything these days but I commonly focus on Action Adventure/Platformers, or Racing in general or have since my past, but I have had my time with Puzzle, Hack n Slash, JRPGs or Visual Novels sometimes when I find the right one or when I'm curious to branch out sometimes.

I'm usually a curious person that's open to anything but I do stick to a lot of the same most of the time when I'm not branching out. Minecraft is my sort of odd game I go to that's different enough from what I'm used to for sandbox games at least. That and the community content keeps me going. I've rarely played on servers but I don't mind joining in sometimes, just mostly I never do more so due to the 'lack of connection reach' rather than not wanting to join them the times I do go on servers. I don't have bad Internet I just can't reach servers with a good enough ping/signal strength for overseas servers. But yes I'm Australian.

Minecraft Background of higher importance on a Minecraft forum, obviously:

I like Technology Mods mostly but have spent time with RPG, Tweaks, QoL and more mods on the mainstream and niche spectrum over the years. Otherwise I've played adventure maps and enjoy 1.13 Rift mods and Datapacks but I look at anything big and inbetween. I have a youtube channel that is in 'no idea what to do with it anymore state' (Suntanned Duck2) but otherwise I have a refresh channel (Niche Duck) that I update more frequently now compared to my over-uploading or overly inactive state channel. But I have a mic over subtitling the videos so that's a plus. That channel is more a 1.13/1.14 content focused one for now but I plan to cover any versions of mods over time with many I find interesting or those I enjoy/are dead.

I've played the game since 1.4.5 (a bit before 1.4.6 came out time of 1.4.5) but mostly got into modding with Tekkit Classic/Lite I think before that. I have experienced RPG mods, adventure maps, modded servers (not really my thing much so I usually play singleplayer and do survivals/test mods, but I have a few), playing any version of Minecraft doesn't matter to me (1.2.5. to 1.12.2 mostly I'm no expert at versions before 1.4.5 after all) and other times playing dead 1.7.10 or niche updated mods for 1.12.2/1.13 Rift mods/1.13+ Datapacks as of typing this that I have supported on youtube and really do enjoy since 1.10.2.

I don't play the console versions of the game even though I own them, I only play the PC version nowadays if I get the chance to.

Short form of this though:

-1.4.5 was Minecraft start

-Modded Survival player primarily, but I stick to the tech area (more so niche side of it than mainstream) and quality of life mods.

-Has experience with many mods, adventure maps but don't play them anymore since lost interest as well as not had any intrigue me anymore.

-Loves mostly the major Minecraft versions if went back to them (1.2.5, 1.4.7, 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.10, a bit of 1.8.9/1.9.4, and from time to time I jump from 1.8.9 to 1.12.2 to experiment with mods or do survival lets plays in singleplayer in my own time since I don't do youtube all that much anymore due to time and people bothering me. I miss doing it but then the uploading part gets to me along with my large recorded videos backlog of 'ready to upload' ones).

YT/Minecraft Forums:

I document Rift Modloader/supported mods stuff here often:

Tesla Mods Help Discussion Thread (Has inaccuracies I know):

Main Channel (Tesla and 1.10.2/1.11 mods):

Second Channel (1.12.2 mods, 1.13+ Rift Mod Spotlights/Tutorials, 1.13/1.14 Datapacks):



I love tech mods for storage options, transportation of items/fluids/power/gases, ore processing, progression and more, but love new ideas. But my passion for mods after playing mainly tech, tools, rpg/adventure, dungeon and dimensions, or adventure maps that were usually played by bigger youtubers of the time and hours frequently over 3 years of MC after starting during 1.4.5 release. But nowadays I just play niche mods that need support to grow in the community or anything I can put into a new mod survival game. (Doing so with mods or datapacks with my 'Niche Duck' channel at the moment)

I commonly now play less known mods by niche mod creators and give them more attention, or at least did on my youtube channel of the same name in late 2016 to early/mid 2017 and have since stopped due to real life events slowly me down, so I just play in my free time instead of for videos. I'm just a fan of playing with new ideas the community has.

In 2015 I got the feeling to play less common mods that were RF or Thermal Expansion addons, from there I started to play more 1.8.9+ mods with new ideas, cool content and more in 2016 with mods I now have spotlighted to give them attention somehow, no matter my YT channel size now of almost 70 as of the time of typing this but it died around 50 subs due to IRL events taking over. Tech mods are my strong interest in MC, but no matter what I will play anything modded, vanilla, adventure map-ish or seeing creative ideas becoming a reality in game.

Other things:

-Coding Basics/technology enthusiast but not expert, mostly into gaming history but I do know a brief amount about IT. Hence my love for tech mods obviously.

-Electronic Dance Music (you know, that dubstep stuff the kids are into these days only I don't like dubstep, I like other genres that fit within the realms of EDM, but mostly on the sides of Nu Disco, Electro Swing (yes continued electronic focuses on older dead genres, imagine that) and a wide array of things that mirror synthpop, rock or jazz but with electronic influences) My tastes change though. But I listen to a lot of genres really/enjoy understand the time signatures (as well as always being a fan of electronic sound effects in video games and other odd things used in different ways) of them or an artist's approach to something. I do appreciate all forms of music from the past I just listen to commonly EDM genres these days due to what I've heard from people older than me and the tracks that stand out to me stick with me from those eras stick today. So I'm not against older music, just don't listen to it that much.

-Anime (I watch it or follow the communities at times, but I'm not one to talk about it in public like a passionate nerd, just considerately, just pointing that out).

In short I'm pretty much a gamer into many genres nowadays, got a thing for technology, into music you'd hear in raves but I like the music not for the purposes of raves/festivals and so on. As well as other culture's television and movies just because. Just thought I'd cover all the bases so its clear.

Location A Duck Pond w/ Wifi

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