About Me

Outside of Minecraft:

-Tech fan

-Gamer (into all genres, PC and Console, commonly platformers, shooters and racing but I look at Visual Novels, Hack n Slashes and JRPGs sometimes, Minecraft is my odd game I play far from most others)

Youtube Related:

-Forum Wiki maintainer (maintainer of 4 wikis now on this Forum [Tesla API, Rift/Forge 1.13, Fabric/Forge 1.14 & Fabric 1.15] and also I help out with the FTB wiki Rift & Fabric pages).

-Youtuber (covers mod reviews, install tutorials, does bug reporting sometimes)

-Minecraft (fan of tech and small tweak mods, I play niche and mainstream, played Java Edition since 1.4.5 all the way up to 1.15, have played both console, and PC versions)

My Links:

YT/Minecraft Forums:

I document 1.13-1.13.2 Rift/Forge stuff here:

My 1.14 Mods Thread for Fabric and Forge:

Fabric 1.15 Thread:

Tesla Mods Help Discussion Thread (Has inaccuracies I know):

Main Channel (Tesla and 1.10.2/1.11 mods mostly):

Second Channel (1.7.10 to 1.14.4 mods, 1.13+ Forge/Liteloader/Rift/Fabric Mod Spotlights/Tutorials, 1.13/1.14 Datapacks):

Discord: SuntannedDuck2, #1856



-Technology (coding, software, hardware)

-Gaming (all genres)

-Minecraft (mods and maps)

-Music (EDM, you know that Dubstep stuff, yeah that only not that strand of it but other genres like Nu Disco, Electro Swing and all other genres)

-Anime (I watch it or follow the communities at times, but I'm not one to talk about it in public like a passionate nerd, just considerately, just pointing that out).

Location A Duck Pond w/ Wifi

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Minecraft EvilLink14 Twitch SuntannedDuck2

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