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    posted a message on Swimming mobs
    Quote from SVGK

    They are still hostile and still trying to follow you, there is a bug though that makes them swim impossibly slow.

    Yeah I was messing around with it, and it seems kinda inconsistent now. Some mobs are following me, others are not... Getting really strange. Spiders seem to be really freaking out when struck by this bug, they just spin around really fast on the water.

    Quote from Immallama22

    I'll have to check this out. I haven't seen any in water yet.

    I've only found this happening so far on Ocean Biomes, I was doing a survival island run on the new snapshot when I noticed that mobs just weren't attacking me when they wandered into the water. (Day or night).
    Skeletons still fire at me though.

    I'd like to know if this still occurs in other biomes, such as rivers, lakes and the small water pools that crop up.
    Heck, even on player-made lakes would be interesting to know. Because as far as I know, this could be exploited into one heckuva mob grinder...
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    posted a message on Swimming mobs
    Hi guys, just wanted to check if anyone else has noticed this issue so far.

    Enemy mobs such as Creepers, Spiders and Zombies which end up in the water are non hostile.
    They just bob up and down and cant move, they don't even noticed me or react when I hit them either, although skeletons seem unaffected and can shoot normally. They still play it smart and just camp in the water, which is fine by me.

    The other mobs not reacting to me, is not though..

    EDIT: I just tried luring a passive mob (chicken) into the water and it gets frozen in a similar fashion, it wont follow me while I have seeds. Though if I push it back on land, it resumes normal behaviour.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w17a Ready for Testing!
    There is one thing I'd like added to the Terrain Generation. A new Biome.

    Simply put as "Island"

    Would make for great Survival Island map creation if you could generate an ocean world with only one or a handful of small islands populating the map.
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    posted a message on Thursday snapshot terrain gen preview
    Well here's hoping the new snapshot fixes this error in world gen. I've been seeing this more, and more often everytime I create new worlds in this snapshot. It's getting out of hand now.

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    posted a message on [SP/LAN/MP]Lantern mod 1.47 - carryable dynamic light
    Found a small bug, not sure if its been mentioned before.

    In creative mode, if I carry the lantern while flying and drop out of the sky and land it places a permanent light-source on the ground roughly where I land. Not always on the exact block, but nearby. Its as if an invisible torch were lighting the area up.

    I only just noticed this when I had my first night with the lantern mod, and saw all these glowing spots around the map. Took me a while to figure out how to recreate it, but yeah its caused from landing after flying. (it only worked if I "dropped" out of the sky rather than "land" if you get my meaning)

    Check it out on your end to see if it occurs for you. Its not game breaking or anything just a little strange,
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    posted a message on BiblioCraft [v2.4.5]-Bookcases, armor stands, shelves, printing presses, seats, clocks, the Atlas and more! Updated 06/21/2018
    I just tried this mod and i'm completely in love with it. Even with the John Smith Text Pack it looks incredibly detailed.

    Seriously... I don't how I did without this, its made my homes not only more functional but look a LOT better as well, many kudos to you.

    I do have one problem with it though, and that's with my chairs. Dismounting the chairs sometimes teleports me to strange locations, such as several blocks away, sometimes even porting me outside my home, which is rather annoying. I've had to resculpt my dining room because of this.

    I hate to ask, but is there something I missed? Can I aim at a location like say left/right then dismount where I aim? If not would you consider maybe adding a similar function where possible? If it's too much work forget about it, just asking if there's any way I can get past this lil bother.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][Forge][Universal] Sweet Tea! Mod(SMP Tested)
    I've just tried your mod and unfortunately it seems to crash for me when I approach a tea plant, I don't get an error report sadly to offer any details on what might have gone wrong behind the scenes, Minecraft just closes.

    I only have two mods and a texture pack running at the moment. Have there been any known conflicts with this mod and others?

    EDIT: Just tried again to see if the problem would replicate with an error report. I just got a Blue Screen of Death within moments of moving around in MC...
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    posted a message on John Smith: Legacy [JSTR - Mod support (FTB, Tekkit, AT .etc.)][Community GitHub Project]
    Hi there,

    Just wanted to ask if there has or would ever be a consideration of including mod support for Bibliocraft furniture.
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    posted a message on Snowing Disabled?
    Hi guys,

    I've settled down in a Snowy Plains Biome bordered by Snowy Taiga and a Jagged Ice Biome (or whatever it's called)

    However since being there it has not snowed even once, and I've been playing this world for a couple of days now.

    My particle effects are still in effect, and It rains pretty normally in my other world saves. Just wanted to check with anyone who has been using the recent snapshots if Snowy weather has been disabled or is much rarer now?
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    posted a message on Villages spawn incomplete now
    Quote from beansauce420

    So I spent a good half of last night creating new worlds to find a village to settle in and call my home. With the new snapshot adding cobblestone under the gravel, I think this caused the villages to spawn weird.

    I've created like 40-50 worlds trying to find a suitable plains village.....here's what I've found

    ---Not one village I've found spawned a blacksmith

    ---There's a lot more "consolidated" villages now. Usually only spawning 3-5 buildings without crops

    This does not apply to the desert villages....they are fine. Logic tells me that this only effects plains villages, because of the cobblestone update.

    Anyone else notice this? or am I just failing?

    If you find one WITH a blacksmith in the plains biome, please provide the seed for it.

    Thanks :)

    Seed 2283801518510660286

    I had to fly around for a while to find a village. But I found one in the Savannah Biome which has a blacksmith.

    The seed itself might not be worth much to you, but at the very least I can confirm that Blacksmiths DO spawn. Quite possible you've just had a string of poor luck in finding one.

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    posted a message on Basalt, not 'Andesite'!
    Quote from Crimsollite

    What bothers me about the new stones is not the names, but the fact that two out of three of them are just grey and ugly. We need more colours; why not a green or blue stone variant?

    Microcline would probably be your best bet for a bluish/greenish stone, much of it has a mottled sort of colour.

    And yes, I've heard of Andesite, though that's mainly because I'm a long time DF player.
    To be honest I see no reason why Basalt cant be added as well, While too much variety might cause some problems in getting anything built without it looking like multi-coloured barf, we're currently at the stage where new stone types are in their infancy, options ARE possible right now without causing clutter.

    If I had to guess, since the new biome update hit with localised plantlife in each zone, they might do the same with stone. Volcanic Stone could be an indicator of magma pools, veins of stone which carry high volumes of gems in reality, might visually hint that a layer might contain diamonds or emeralds. Visual cues of that nature.

    Or they could just make the stone available in certain biomes as a standpoint. (Or just randomly throw it around like they have so far.)

    I think this might be where they're trying to direct the updates towards, but only time will tell. Could just be an update with randomised additions like a mini patch pack etc, etc.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w02a Ready For Testing! YAY!
    I see a lot of people complaining about the new stone types. Personally I think it's great, more variety and more options for building is always good, though yeah, I do agree that they could do with a make-over in the texture department, but then I use a variety of texture packs so it's not the end of the world for me.

    I don't see an issue with mossy stone bricks being more accessible either. People complaining that they should be rare will find PLENTY of them inside Strongholds, which are easy to locate. (At least now i'm not hollowing out the entire Stronghold just so I can have Mossy Bricks.)

    Considering this is a Snapshot, I'm eager to see what else is in store for the new update.
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    posted a message on John Smith: Legacy [JSTR - Mod support (FTB, Tekkit, AT .etc.)][Community GitHub Project]

    Much obliged on the update.

    I will say though, that the Sunflower head looks a tad larger than I expected >.> I turned the corner of my garden and found this staring at me..

    Got quite a fright from that hehe,

    the font also appears rather glitchy during the initial loading screen, but other than that. Everything looks A-Okay!

    Good Work!
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    posted a message on Wolves harder to find in 1.7 snapshots?
    I've found plenty of wolves in my time.

    Cats on the other hand are nigh impossible for me to find since Jungles have all but vanished in my world. I seriously spent an hour each travelling North, South, East and West for one and still can't find one in the new terrain generation.
    Still get Deserts and Savannah, but mostly acres of Birch Forests and Taiga cover the landscape now...
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    posted a message on Combine Potions
    Quote from 7eggert

    In D&D, you'll get sick from combining two potions.

    And then you vomit flaming rainbows which open blackholes to the endtimes.
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