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    posted a message on Problems With Magic Launcher, Optifine, and Minecraft Forge
    Right now I am using magic launcher 1.1.0 and am having issues also...I tried doing the mods manually but that didn't work so I decided to use magic launcher I downloaded Optifine HD first and it said it was ok so then I tried Minecraft forge in various versions for minecraft 1.4.7 and it keep saying not compatiable so then I thought maybe if I took out Optifine which I did then added mineforge and I got 1 error messages on all so I am stuck as many of the mods require you to download minecraft forge as a requirement...I need advice cause I would love to be able to add mods like mo creatures, better farming and single player commands, too many items, etc...I have no issues with the texture packs that I got from here and am enjoying those....wanted to thanks the developers for them...
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