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    Do you have a seed? I actually want to do something similar but I found a really cool world to play on as well. I'll link my original post on discord if you'd like to look, but I'd love to play with yall (and I have an application attached as well, I'm Stun on discord). Thread here

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    Hi, I've been itching to create a multiplayer community of people who have the same passion as me to make insane bases and obviously love Minecraft. I've been wanting to do multiplayer for a long time, but with Better Together and the release of Update Aquatic, I thought this would be the perfect time to perhaps give this opportunity a try. As of right now, I have the anticipated world I want to use on a save in Minecraft Xbox One as an Amplified world, but once the aforementioned update moves in, I want to port it into Minecraft Bedrock and open it to people to play alongside me and create a fun community. Some details about what I want to start up:

    • The name of the server and the community is TBD (I'm totally open to suggestions)
    • The seed is: -9095450570362222980 (This is not my seed, credit goes to x_DannyBoy_x for finding this, it's awesome. I'll go into more detail about it below)
    • I'll set up a discord so we can stay in touch and chat outside of Minecraft (it also allows for actual calling, which if we ever want to make videos or something, may not be the worst idea in the world)
    • I don't intend on making this world/server huge, I just want to do it with a small community of people (preferably capped at 10 maybe)
    • So a personal aspect can tag along this, I wanna handle this via application, just so I can get to know who is it that wants to play. A good way to format would be, for example:
    1. Name: Stun/DormantCoder171 (my Xbox live)
    2. Real Name (if comfortable): Cameron
    3. Age (if comfortable): 19
    4. What would I like to do on this Minecraft world: It's been a while since I've played survival, mainly since I've been playing creative to get more progress done in a shorter amount of time due to my commitment to school. So far, I've played Minecraft for roughly 3-4 years now exclusively on Xbox. To make this not only easier, but fun, I want to play on here to make an awesome base (and attempt to make it better than some of my creative bases) and help create a community aspect where we can maybe work together on community projects, gather resources, pranks, and other fun events. I've never played multiplayer, and I've been jealous watching stuff like Hermitcraft, Let's Play Minecraft Together, Vintagecraft, etc, and I wanted to have the opportunity to give it a try. Though Bedrock is buggy (and Redstone/flying sucks lol), it's the best way to connect with other people through other consoles or even PC. On a separate note, I want to play on a mushroom biome and build a base different than ones I would normally build (which tend to be either rustic themed or castle/fort-like). I love making serene scenes, epic structures, and occasionally grind on making efficient farms.
    5. Pictures of works you've done in Minecraft:

    This is my castle/manor-esque base I've created in an Amplified Mega Taiga biome. The interior is unfinished, but the base area includes that, an ocean temple converted into a guardian farm (gnembon's design) only 100-200 blocks off the port at the bottom, a Woodland mansion west (also very nearby), and a 4-way completely intersecting underground ravine system with a mineshaft (this also houses my Quintuple cave spider farm that's insanely efficient). This base is largely incomplete in terms of interiors and other possible farms, that's all currently a WIP. But, this is probably the best base I've created thus far, I love it to bits

    6. Discord: Stun#0332

    7. Any other interests/cool facts about you: I'm currently a full-time honors student working towards my degree in Elementary Education with a Special Ed certification. For work currently, I actually work as a coach at an Axe Throwing venue (which is absolutely awesome, it's a literal dream job). I'm also a singer; I've taken lessons on and off for the last few years as a Tenor II, and I love to do theatre (my favorite production being my HS's award-winning production of Les Miserables, where I was casted as Enjolras). I also am a bit of a nerd when it comes to Pokemon, feel free to talk to me about that lol.

    (Feel free to copy paste this and replace my jabbering with your own details)

    The Seed:

    This seed has a lot of amazing locations to make base. As mentioned above, I created it on Xbox One as a amplified world set to the large biome scale and large world size. The cool thing is once this is imported, the initial terrain will stay amplified, while any new terrain from Bedrock will create flat normal terrain, a great variation to get the best of both worlds! Apparently this is the same seed that hermitcraft Season 5 is being hosted on I found out. (although apparently my version of the game spawned a lot of biomes and structures a bit differently) Here are some of the cool biomes/spots I've come across before porting it into Bedrock:

    • The spawn is a moderate-sized flower forest, which looks especially epic and beautiful in amplified terrain. (This could be great for a paradise-themed spawn town we could all work on together)
    • A moderately-large swamp biome with quad witch huts all in range of each other (nearby spawn)
    • A towering woodland mansion (in the other direction of the swamp from spawn nearby)
    • 4 large Mushroom biomes, every single one having an Ocean Monument nearby (two are right across from each other, one has a mineshaft with a couple cave spider spawners and a couple of other dungeons scattered nearby, and the last one is on the edge of the world with quite a few dungeons and a possible penta-cave spider spawner. This is the mushroom biome I reserved for my own base)
    • Two insanely gorgeous Ice Spikes biomes (both of which are relatively near each other)
    • A spot in the ocean with two Ocean Monuments extremely close to each other (I'm almost certain they're close enough to create a Double Guardian farm, which would be insane)
    • A couple relatively large Extreme Hills biomes
    • A couple majestic looking Savanah Plateaus

    Here's a rough idea of what the world will look like (ignoring the infinite terrain it'll have when ported into Bedrock, this will be the entire Amplified area of the world):

    (The Mushroom Island I intend to reserve is on the bottom right, the purple arrow, if you didn't know already indicates the spawn)

    If you are interested, please let me know in this thread, I'd love to create an awesome small community playing together on a game we all know and love! :)

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    I do have one currently set up much closer to my base, it does seem to be working like normal (however I doubt it's at max efficiency, there's still probably some cave lighting that needs to get done I'd imagine, that and I'm playing on Xbox one before the better together update). In that middle area of the two temples I aforementioned, yea I do probably intersect those spawning spheres, but there's a couple things I'm still trying to figure out for certain: 1) how deep underground I'd be able to make the killing chamber, and 2) there's a possible 34 dead blocks of space in the latter ends of each temple, even with that would I have more available spawning spaces (thus better efficiency) with the double set up? Id test it if need be, it would just be a massive pain to clear 2 temples worth of space without knowing for certain.

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    Hi I've been looking all over the place for an answer to this, and to my surprise I don't think this has ever been done. The reason I say that is because in my world that I've been playing on I actually found 2 Ocean temples extremely close to each other (they're only 68 blocks apart, and they're still on a very similar lateral plane). My question is, if I was to clear out both of them and gut the temples to make room for farms, could this set up be more efficient than a single guardian farm set up? (despite the dead space).

    As of now, I actually cleared out an ocean temple very close to where I was building my base (I'm using the Gnembon exp set up), and not much further away I found the pair of temples (there is actually a 3rd that's 102 blocks from the middle one, and they do make something like an L shape, but I think that would be too far away to work given guardians spawn at a 128 radius around the temple). If the double set up in fact could be more efficient, I would totally take up the opportunity bc of how rare of an occurrence something like that is as is.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    (Image #1 shows the 2 temples together in perspective, Image #2 shows all 3 with the 3rd one far away in the distance, Image #3 shows the distance between the 2 temples and the midpoint of 34 blocks, the likely killing area)


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