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    I am New to Minecraft but not to modding in general as I come from the "old school" Quake 3 engine modding communities. I really liked the guide was extremely helpful but did not answer some questions I had when the google search found this thread.

    I am currently doing my very first texture pack for minecraft, initially it is for my own use, I may share it later but it's suited for the current build I am doing. I have done some research but I am looking for an illusive answer.

    The questions I have are these: (and you may include them in your guide if you really wish it to be all-inclusive).

    • Can you include any differences in your guide for Bedrock version. Most are simple conversions, the odd file, different folders etc.
    • Redesigning textures is easy, simply following the naming and folder conventions already in place is simple enough and adding a mcmeta or in the case of Bedrock (manifest.json) to get the game to read your textures is pretty straightforward . What I would like to know is how or where the game is being told how to handle some textures. For example in Bedrock the image used to display the paintings is a large grid image (textures/painting/kz.png )(attached below is my version of the template to edit the paintings image) with all the painting mapped onto it. The game is being told which grid squares or image coordibates have the paintings in them. Is this hardcoded or through some scripting or json file? What if I want to add additional paintings in the white spaces to the file, what would I have to change for the game to reads them? Currently it ignores any additional images.

    Paintings Template

    Thanks for your guide again and any help appreciated.


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