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    Hello! I heard about this server and i wanted to join it! Due to the fact that chandler Riggs owns it :). I put the IP in and it seems to not be working. Im not sure that maybe the server is down because thats whats its telling me, or maybe i am too far away from the location. But if someone could clarify why it isnt working that would be great xD. Thanks, see you on the next episode of The Walking Dead Chandler!Well due to the fact that i have run through all the comments lool. I guess the server is down.

    Quote from Sklipnott»
    Hey, i want to go on your server, can you whitelist me? I would like to play with you and so much fun :D , if you want to whitelist me, my IGN is: Sklipnott, and btw, looks like i am your twin brother, people says to me a lot, so see ya in the server, and your a good character in The Walking Dead, keep surviving like a boss, bye :)

    If both of you boys haven't read my post it's been down for more than a year now. Just clarifying.
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    posted a message on Looking for groupmanager coder, and reliable staff.
    Quote from xchoix
    Hi there. I'm Nicole, a random stranger here. Nice to meet you.

    I guess all I can really say about myself is that I'm a 17 year old girl that loves to play Minecraft. I may not have played Minecraft as long as "hardcore" minecrafters but I do know that miencraft is a fun game to meet new people and express my creativity.

    I live in the US and I'm an only child. I've been staff on multiple servers but somehow they always end up corrupted in the end so I'd like a new experience with a new server instead of old servers that are slowly diminishing.

    I like having fun but I can be serious and mature if necessary. I've made many friends through minecraft that I probably feel closer to than people I know in real life. I would like to experience new things with new people.

    It's probably easier to contact me through Skype. My Skype is xchoi16. (:

    I'm taking you and Blaizius into consideration. Please accept my skype contact request and we'll have a talk.
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    Still looking for people. I'm quite desperate at the moment
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    posted a message on Looking for groupmanager coder, and reliable staff.
    Quote from junkmailman245
    evry day around 2 hours to be builder 2 hours aprox

    im experanced whith world edit

    You provided absolutely no effort into your application, and you also didn't read the requirements and who I was looking for.
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    posted a message on Looking for groupmanager coder, and reliable staff.
    Quote from baobei07
    IGN: baobei07
    Age: 12
    Skype: alwis001

    Position: Co-Owner / Plugin-Manager
    Years Played: 2 and a half years now.
    Average daily on time: Well, due to the fact that I am in primary school, I can try for 4 hours during the week, because of homework, I may will be on everyday. On the weekend hours I can play vary from 8-12, give or take.
    Previous experiences on other servers:I CoOwned a Factions server for around a year, it then closed but came back up a year later and I moderated it. I have heard nothing but good comments on my management skills. I have also administrated a survival server for around 7 months. Along with this I have personally owned 3 servers, my most recent grossed around 400-500 dollars in profit. None of the money went to me or staff all money was dedicated to the server. (advertising, website, more player slots, etc) Unfortunately my server came to an end, I was unable to play non stop like I was because of school, and my staff were unable to handle things themselves. So, it died out. The remaining money was refunded.
    If so, names of these servers: The creative server had many names, those names were, NukeUSA, NixtCraft, and Create System. I do not recall the name of the survival server, sorry. When I become staff on a server I tend to stick with it for awhile, I do not like to move around to different servers and see how many servers I can become staff on, I prefer to stay loyal to 1 or 2.
    What happened to these servers?: The Factions server has died twice now unfortunately, due to the owner just leaving randomly. The survival server died due to constant ddos attacks.
    Are you currently staff of any other servers?: I am a head-Admin on ArcadeCraft and HulkCraft. Do not worry my work on this server will not affect my work on your server.
    Why are you applying for another server?: I am applying to make sure my time on minecraft is fully occupied, because I always love doing something to help.
    Building skill (1-20): 18, to be honest, I am not that great of a builder, sorry. If you are going to hire me hire me for server management or permissions management.
    Plugin Knowledge (1-20): 18/20, because I am good with plugins, but there is always more to learn so I do not think anyone, can give themselves a full 20. I must say, however, I am an expert with GroupManager, I have set up GM permissions for around 3 server now, including my own. I can have full permissions up and running perfectly within mins, although I prefer to take a day to perfect everything. I also configure Plugins Well like how i blow my candles.
    Coding Knowledge (1-20): 13, I have tried coding once went horribly wrong, just about destroyed my server.
    Basic Command Knowledge (1-20): 20/20, I love my commands.
    Fluent Languages: English and I am currently learning Spanish, I currently know very little Spanish.
    What do you hope to accomplish for the server?: I hope to help, what ever server I get accepted on, reach its peak. I am able to manage the server smoothly even if there are no other staff present. I am independent. I can eliminate and dangers that may present themselves to the server. With help from all staff and especially owner I believe we can keep this server up and running for years. I am able to advertise, and keep a steady flow of new players coming to the server. Along with this I can find donors that will help keep server running.I am quite good at making donor ranks appealing and making people want to donate themselves. If given a chance, I believe with help from all we can work miracles for the server.
    What can you bring that others can't?: I can bring my wide range of server experience, from Creative to Survival to Hunger Games servers. I have yet to let down a server. I can bring the much need audience and donors to the server to keep it running for years.
    Anything else you may want to add?: That is pretty much it. Thank you for taking a look at my app to those who did. Hope to see you soon.

    Donation Ability - I cant really donate and i dont need to be paid

    Again, denied. Constantly copied and obviously didn't read the requirements. Why so many slobs?
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    posted a message on Looking for groupmanager coder, and reliable staff.
    Quote from Blaizius
    First name: Blaize

    IGN: Blaizius

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Age: 17, turning 18 in August

    Time Zone? Australian Eastern Standard Time

    Skype: Blaizius, and f that doesn't work bjcavis

    Maybe an Admin/ Head Admin, though you might want to see what I can do before you go that far :)

    How long have you been playing minecraft for: I have been playing for 4 years, and have made many friends along the way :)

    Have you had and previous bans: Yes, once recently.
    If so reasons for previous bans: I want to be truthful. I was recently banned from the server I was playing Admin on. I was about to leave the server for good, but the the owner banned me. Don't know why.

    Are you good at keeping people intact: I consider myself a person who makes friends easily, with good humour yet an assertive tone. I can crack the odd joke but I consider myself to be a pretty mature person.

    can you recruit any players
    I know many guys from school that would be happy to hop on,including a few newbies. I can definitely help in advertising, as I know my way around basic and intermediate photoshop (Picture of a logo I made for a server below)

    Are you good at making sure mods don't break rules? With Moderators, they tend to go overboard when someone mucks up, or often kicking or banning for minor issues like swearing or accidentally breaking a block. I endeavour to hold a firm yet gentle grip on whom I work with, making sure hey don't go over the line yet making sure they do the necessary things to get the job done.

    Why do you want to be a part of this server: I would like to be an overall Admin or Moderator. Having a part in every aspect of the server really makes me feel like I've contributed to something special. I would like to be staff, because it gives me an opportunity to do something great in todays community. It gives me a chance to express the love an dedication I like to think that I put into my work, big and small.

    Experienced? if so write how experienced you are: First of all, I'm not begging you for this position. I see that you have every right to decline my application, and I will not detest you for that.

    To be an Admin again, would be a dream. In my last server I worked on, The server died due to the Owner losing interest in his project. I don't want that to happen again. I think I have the skills to be able to build, being knowledgable in the genres of Modern, Fantasy, Medieval and more. I know plenty about World Edit and VoxelSnipe, and about mako and minor commands used throughout common servers. I am also skilled in Photoshop, which means I can creat a banner or poster if the need be.

    I also fully recognise what it means to be an Admin. Being an Admin isn't about playing around with the god command, giving yourself items, playing around with WE. If you look at a real life aspect being an Admin "in real life" means that you have to help others so they can enjoy their experience as much as you can. Almost in every server I play in there is always someone that joins and asks, "Can I be OP?"

    People think that becoming OP means your "better" than the builders/members or whatever you call them. Really people should want to stay away from the OP position because it should mean work. Making sure the server is working properly, making sure people are enjoying it, and most of all, making sure people are reading and following the rules.

    I can bring experience and Loyalty, to help make the server a better place for all. I know tips and tricks on building to share, like making any block into a chest. I am young enough to understand today's youth, yet mature enough to moderate and control a hasty environment.

    -Building: In Building, most servers I have have worked on started out with me as a Builder. When I started applying for positions, I thought of a Builder, because I thought to use my creative skills to the test. I have since built multiple spawns, structures and buildings, and have been promoted twice to Head Builder over that time. I am skilled in the genres of Medieval, Modern, Fantasy and others, though I prefer the medieval and Fantasy genres. I've been switching between servers a lot because they simply didn't need any more builders, so I was kicked. I can use many different plugins like World Edit and VoxelSnipe, both of which I've used before, though there are some things I still want to learn.

    -Moderating:On two servers previously, I started out as a Trial-Moderator, and learned many of he basics in Moderating Commands and how to talk to people in a way so that I can see how the person talks and reacts, so I can create a better outcome suiting to both our needs, most of the time.

    -Administrating: As I said above, The last server I worked on was the Minecraft Addicts (IP if you want to check: play.minecraft-addicts.co.uk ) as an Admin. I started out as a Trial-Moderator, then surfaced to a Builder. After some hard work and dedication to the server I was promoted to an Admin, where I helped create most of the maps and buildings. I was then demoted because I could keep up with study and work.

    How much time could you contribute to the server (Per day): I can work close to 3-6 hours week days, and possible 4-9 hours on weekends, depending on what I have at the time. I also stay up late doing study, so I can do extra stuff. Like everyone, real life should come before gaming, sadly. I, and I'm sure others, all need to complete homework and school related stuff, so don't go all negative and 'over the hedge' because we can't be there when you want it.

    If I am Accepted , Please notify me via Personal Message or E-Mail (If you didn't catch it above:[email protected] )

    Blaizius i'll take you into consideration. Please add me on skype.
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    posted a message on Looking for groupmanager coder, and reliable staff.
    Hey everyone. I recently made my own server, and it's still in development.

    Currently I am mainly looking for someone that is experienced with group manager and can make some groups for me.

    But, I am also looking for some staff. Staff is required to be 16+ and mature. I can always tell when someone is lying.

    If you are interested, please pm me or post below, tell a little bit about yourself and why you want to help a random person on the internet.

    Thanks, -Strog
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    posted a message on Looking for help for a server. Staff, and builders and such.
    I guess the server's not happening any time soon.
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    posted a message on Things That Make You Cry
    Quote from CreATiveHippo

    This thread


    The saddest movie on the face of the planet.
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    posted a message on Just got chickens, already getting tons of eggs.

    Well, I lost literally all of my chickens last night. A fox got in and ate all of them, and the ones it didn't eat left them beheaded. ;~; I'll have to start all over.
    Any idea on what breed I should try this time?

    Try Barred Rock chickens
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    posted a message on Need Builders / HUB / PiDi Community / WE ARE PAYING FOR DEVELOPERS
    Quote from Paperjam300

    Hamster I would like to disagree with you I would love to build on a faction server and I will work for free as a developer I know how to work with perms for config and groups/ranks.

    I said 90% of expertise builders. And I don't know if you're expertise but if you are you're one of those 10%. Please don't say anything until you understand what people mean.
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    posted a message on Need Builders for New Minecraft Server
    Quote from Dan_The_Gamer


    be honest becuause this doesnt really matter to me):14

    Screenshots of past work: Suprise

    Why you want the job: I love to help people

    How you would help the server: With g works of redstone and builds

    You can't even spell surprise.
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    posted a message on Need Builders / HUB / PiDi Community / WE ARE PAYING FOR DEVELOPERS
    Quote from MrDeepSoul

    We need builders to build a faction spawn for us .

    Please contact on skype : MrDeepSoul

    - MrDeepSoul

    Just a little tip, 90% of the good builders don't build for factions.
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    posted a message on DIG MineCraft Now Accepting Staff Applications
    IGN: Stroganoff01

    Languages: English, I can read German words most of the time

    Have you been staff on any servers? If so, please address your rank: Multiple servers, most of the time I was a moderator, but I got lucky once to get administrator.

    How many years have you been playing MC: 2 and a half years or so. I started playing around the middle of beta. I've been playing DIG minecraft server for quite some time. I was also one of the beta test players. I was the hamster-skin guy in the horse racing picture.

    Time zone/Country: EST, United States

    Most active time on MineCraft (days and times): Every single day except Sunday. Hours: 9:00A.M.-9:00P.M.

    Name your skills(coding, plugins, design,etc): I'm not too skilled with design, but I am familiar with how to use plugins and know a little bit of java.

    Thanks for all of your suport -Stroganoff01
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    posted a message on Is your server not doing well? Look no further!
    Quote from DeeeM508

    Hey man i got my server set up real good the way i want it. Everything works well with eachother and it keeps the spirit of vanilla. Also i get a couple applications each week but it seems like most people dont stick around.

    I need help getting some solid, long term players on my server.

    Do you have skills in advertising servers? It is a whitelisted server so it may be harder since i dont want just anybody playing.

    18+ preferabbly people willing to youtube or stream... I know its alot to ask. Haha.

    Hit me up on skype if you can help :)


    DeeeM508 <<Skype

    When are you going to accept my skype req?
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