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    posted a message on Is this HDD LEGIT?
    I do not understand your question. Legit means real, so yes, I suppose it is legit.
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    posted a message on Running and accessing server on same machine
    It's not that. I know that for a fact because I run and play on a 2GB RAM Compaq Laptop and I have no problem at all.
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    posted a message on Lag Machine!
    This tells you how to make a lag machine. (Works best on servers!)

    1. Place down 9 dispensers next to each other.
    2. Put Redstone Repeaters down behind each, then a layer of Redstone Dust behind that.
    3. Connect it to a mechanism like this:

    :Logs^: :Leaves: :Logs^:
    :Leaves: :Leaves:
    :Logs^: :Leaves: :Logs^:

    Log = Redstone Dust
    Leaves = Redstone Repeater (each facing a different way.)
    Torch = Lever

    4. Fill each dispenser with as much Bottle o' Enchanting as you want.
    5. Cover up the dispenser above, in front and to the sides.
    6. Double flick the lever and you get a gift... LAG!
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    posted a message on Closest call to dying?
    Spawned in lava, made it out with 0.5 hearts.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Hamachi Server ( Survival Island )
    I'll come on eventually! I love SI.
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    posted a message on The Minecraft quiz
    1. You can craft 9 Golden Apples with 8 gold ingots and 9 apples. (Hint: split the gold ingots)
    True or false? True

    2. Ghasts are passive in creative mode.
    True or false? True

    3. With the Too Many Item mod, you can acquire the quiver.
    True or false? False

    4. Blazes only spawn from Spawners.
    True or false? False (spawn eggs!)

    5. Cave Spiders cannot swim.
    True or false? False

    6. Diamond cannot be found in Bedrock Layer.
    True or false? Layer 1: No. Other Bedrock Layers: Yes.

    7. Endermen can climb ladders.
    True or false? False

    8. There is no Bedrock layer in the End.
    True or false? Layer 1 exists but no bedrock.

    9. 1 lava bucket can smelt more than a full stack of items.
    True or false? False

    10. Guess: the only block that will escape the fate of being mined. Bedrock.

    11. The guy in disc 11 is being chased by Herobrine.
    True or false? False (Enderman)

    12. Guess: an important component for Minecraftian Computers. Redstone Repeaters

    13. Mobs can ride boats.
    True or false? False

    14. Guess: these 2 mobs share the same skin. Zombie & giant.

    15. Guess: this mob has the most complicated skin. Blaze.

    16. Guess: this undead does not take damage from sunlight. Zombie Pigman.

    17. Guess: the lost mobs. Rana, Steve, Beast Boy, Black Steve

    18. It is impossible to destroy Obsidian while underwater (without hacking).
    True or false? False

    19. Villagers will not respawn once killed, a village will eventually die out.
    True or false? True and false.

    20: Mining Obsidian with anything other than a Diamond Pickaxe will destroy it.
    True or false? True.

    21. Endermen does extra damage to Iron Golems.
    True or false? False

    22. Endermen were never updated again since 1.0
    True or false? False

    23. It is possible to punch an underwater Iron Golem onto land, without using blocks or mods.
    True or false? True

    24. Ghasts can ride minecarts.
    True or false? True

    25. It is not possible to kill Herobrine (if you have the mod).
    True or false? False

    26. Villagers can live in player built homes.
    True or false? True, they must be spawned by spawn eggs though.
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    posted a message on NEW Bronies v. The World
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    posted a message on Going to start a Hunger Games server. Need staff. Details below.
    1. Minecraft Name:tonei39
    2. Skype and working micY/N:N
    3. Skype Name:N/A
    4. Would you be willing to donate so much per month and if yes how much:No, I don't have any money to give.
    5. Location (not looking for specifics, country/state will be fine):Queensland, Australia
    6. Previous MC server admin/mod experience: I own my own server, admin on multiple.
    7. How much time do you spend on Minecraft per day: To long (10 hours)
    8. Which would you like to be President, headgamemaker, or leader of peacekeepers: Head Game Maker
    9. Other information (Age, personality, etc.): Age:20 Personality: Nice, relaxed, like to help out.
    10. Why should I choose you to be Admin: Because I have large experience and could be a real help.

    Hope you choose me! :)
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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread VI - Banhammer Special Edition
    I am chatting in the chat thread about what to chat about in the chat thread.
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    posted a message on You come back to your house and find your wife cheating on you with another man. What do you do?
    I'd cry... depending on how ugly my wife is!
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    posted a message on Be the last poster to win!
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    posted a message on Go Through The Alphabet Until A Coal Miner Posts
    I don't know what I am but either N or back to the start!
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    posted a message on Best Antivirus?
    Norton 360 is pretty good.
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    posted a message on Biggest topic ever.
    Quote from Entophobia

    Did you know that bugs are actually a small subspecies of insect?

    Yeah, I did.

    When your mum goes dad and your dad goes mum then you put them together and they form 20 bum.
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