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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Advanced HUD 4.8.1
    I love being able to make elements of my hud fade when not needed... that was amazing and for that i give you praise.
    Is there any hope that in the future we will be able to make the XP bar fade without our level also fading?
    Its honestly not a big deal, just a personal preference.
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    posted a message on Desired Blocks v 5.4 Finally Updated!!
    Overall this mod is wonderful! Its been a welcome addition to my server and all my players have loved it.

    A few questions now.

    Will there ever be charcoal blocks?

    When can we hope for a Minecraft 1.5 compatible version?

    And will there be any more uses for barrels, because i love those things... maybe liek for liquid storage (water, milk, not lava... that's silly :/)
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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)
    I have a request. PLEASE add ironwood and steeleaf blocks!
    Ill even make the texture i just need the ability to compress those items and it would be sweet to decorate with them.
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