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    You saved the start file as RTF, that's not right. I just tried TextEdit, it doesn't let me save as a basic no frills text file so don't use that. Delete the file you made. I don't know OSX well. I have a Macbook Pro, but I only use it occasionally for work stuff. I just went through the steps keystroke by keystroke to make it work. This assumes you want 1 GB of RAM for the server and that the folder on the desktop is named "Server". Don't assume new line = press enter, only press enter when I say. Things in { } mean hit that key, don't actually type that. Open terminal and type:

    cd Desktop/Server {ENTER}
    vi go.command {ENTER}
    #!/bin/bash {ENTER}
    java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar minecraft_server.1.16.5.jar nogui
    wq {ENTER}
    chmod +x go.command {ENTER}
    echo eula=true>eula.txt {ENTER}
    ./go {TAB} {ENTER}

    That should work, assuming your jar is named minecraft_server.1.16.5.jar and you have the Server folder on the desktop with said jar in it.

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    Forty six here. I got my start with computers with a VIC-20 (the Commodore 64's little brother lol) then got the C64 then an 8088 PC and from there it was PCs only. I miss the days of DOS. I liked when moving a program from computer to computer was as simple as just copying one folder; no worries about data all over the place in the registry and filesystem, heh. I still use the command prompt all the time on my Windows 10 box. Text interfaces are still the most efficient way to manage systems IMO. I also miss the days when building a computer actually meant something; anyone can do it nowadays. I remember back in the day one had to even wire up power switches manually, four wires and if you get it wrong, you're gonna trip your breaker. I learned that one the hard way when I knocked the lights out in the shop I worked at cuz I didn't pay attention when wiring it lol. Remember when you had to configure a bunch of jumpers on the mobo to tell it what CPU and such? Multiport I/O cards, having to remember base addresses and IRQs? :)

    What I really miss are BBSes. When I was a kid I ran a WWIV BBS on my 386-25. The 5.25" drive was the OS and BBS and the 3.5" was the file repository and the doors lol. I eventually upgraded to Renegade and a whopping 40 MB hard drive. I was ecstatic when I installed that and my suuuuper fast 486dx2-80, hehe.

    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    I don't want to give out my personal information about this but I do agree with what your thread says, Minecraft isn't just a kids game.

    It's just age, they aren't asking where you live or anything ;)

    Quote from T1Cybernetic»

    To be fair, Age has got nothing to do with anything, Gaming is just entertainment and entertainment comes in many forms ;)

    Agreed. Another form of entertainment I get a lot of guff over because of my age is anime. I love anime, as one can guess from my av heh. Every time my buddy gives me grief over watching anime, I remind him he's a fan of Jersey Shore. At least MY choice of entertainment has an actual story and character development lol
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    This is why you don't buy third party accounts. They can always get it back as they have the purchase confirmation, not you.

    Chalk it up to a lesson learned and move on.

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    Quote from Noku»

    Sup. Been a while since I was last here on the MC Forums. Though it does appear to feel more quieter now here on the MC Forums.

    No doubt. I was pretty active here a few years ago, but the draconian moderation here disgusted me so I moved over to Spigot's forum. Just for grins, decided to pop in and check on this forum.

    It's amazingly dead compared to three or four years ago.

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    Quote from akashdeb3»

    It comes with a FREE Ip (my server.my.pebblehost.server)

    That's not an IP, that is a domain name.

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    Fireflies would be cool, but not rideable lol. Fireflies are tiny bugs IRL, I don't think we need them to be massive. Besides, if it's so huge you will see the bug so the effect won't be as cool. I'd prefer them be tiny, basically just particle effects that show in certain areas at night.

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    Some people don't want those, but honestly there are other problems with this - wouldn't it wear out your hardware? Also, I don't know what version people are on for Far Land trekking but isn't hunger going to become a problem at some point even if you start off with a full stack of steak?

    True, I forgot hunger. They'd have to do some hunting at some point I suppose so probably take a little longer.

    As to wear, nah, that wouldn't be a problem. Aside from when there are storms that knock the power out, my computers are all on 24x7. Back before my UPS bit the dust several of my servers had been running for three years nonstop. Alas, the battery went bad in my UPS and I haven't replaced it yet so it has suffered downtown due to storms since then.

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    3 hours a day isn't much for regular gaming, no. I've spent over 10 hours working on building bases, lol. But three hours of only travelling in one direction? That's a bit much. Just travel, not exploring areas or fighting mobs or any sort of actual game play. Just walking. That'd be insufferable drudgery lol.

    I doubt casting to long will achieve anything. If you do (long)Player#getStatistic(Statistic.WALK_ON_CM) yes, you will get a long but if the value it retrieves is a rolled over int, you still get a rolled over int's value. Internally, it will still be using int when it increments the statistic so no matter what you cast on retrieval, it's already too late unfortunately. Also I was curious to see it do that so I set my walk_one_cm to 2,147,483,600 then walked and instead of rolling it just stayed at 2,147,483,647. They must have changed the behavior in later versions.

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    Windows 10. Aside from the annoyance of forced updates, everything else it does, it does well.

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    Nope. You'd want armor based on whatever task you are doing. Like if you are blaze farming, a set of fire protection would be what you'd want vs regular protection. See the chart on this page for details.

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