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    I am VERY picky About who I choose and will only chose those who 1. know what they're doing 2. Want to see a community grow and 3.I will only be choosing those who give good detail about being staff or why they should be staff.




    What Other if any experience do you have being staff?:

    What do you Enjoy about being staff?:

    Why Do you Want to be staff?:

    What do you think you can bring to the server?:

    When Are you Available to get on?:

    What assets do you have that may be more valuable than others?:
    What part of staff do you want to be? (mod,admin,helper ect.)
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    1. Ign:stoneyplanet56
    2. Age:14
    3. Time Zone:eastern
    4. Time available to be online daily:4-8 week days all day weekends
    5. Have you been staff on a larger server before? If so witch not a large server
    6. Specifically what unique qualities can you bring to Ethos Economy? I learn easily so I am able to pick up on staff and how to use plugins im good with
    \[b][i]Server Signs[/i][/b]
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