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    No pics no clicks

    Created a minor fix for only a few issues for the Pixel Perfection V4.0_Test2.zip found on Page 93 in XSSheep's post.

    PP V4.0_T2 - P2.zip 18.2 KB ( Download Link )

    • Fixes Black Grass in Plains Biomes.

    • Returned the Zombie Villager's arms.

    • Opened Oak Fence Gates no longer have a missing texture.

    • Nether Brick Fences no longer have a missing texture.

    • Fixes Powered Rail animation

    Make sure this pack is loaded after the original Pixel Perfection V4.0_Test2.zip


    This pack has been my go-to pack for every instance in the past couple years. I'll be happy to see it get picked up once again. Anyone is more than free to modify, improve or re-host this file.

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