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    Hey Guys! :D
    My name is Stick, and this is the first ever of my many secret mods to be published. It is still in progress, but I bet you, it will be awesome.
    Here are some details I've come up with for the mod. Enjoy!


    • Once in a new World, you will spawn in front of a chest containing the rocket. All you need is only to place it down anywhere you like; I recommend placing it near the chest. Placing the rocket down will spawn a gigantic iron rocket which you would be able to enter.
    • Inside, you will find an Ender Chest ready for you. Store basic needs you need in it for surviving on the Moon.
    • Will add the Moon. Air is not breatheable.
    • You can craft a full set space suit as armor. This is essential for Players to be able to breathe on the Moon.
    • There will be a lever in the room in the middle of the rocket. It is called the "Launch Room". When you pull the lever, it will instantly launch the rocket and land you on the Moon.
    • You can trade with random astrounauts that spawn on the Moon for cool stuffs.
    • There will be a structure spawning on the Moon, called the "Space Station". There, you can meet more astronauts to trade with; they offer you better items than wandering astronauts.
    • New mobs will spawn all over the Moon. Kill Space Endermen, Space Creepers and loads more to collet their amazing drops.
    • I will add new ores to the Moon which you can mine for crafting new armor.
    • Moon rock!
    • Adds new Achievements!
    • Creative inventory tabs for better organization.


    As you may know, this mod has many new items added to Minecraft. And therefore, there will be many recipes in this mod. I will add the list after its first release.


    Unfortunately, the mod is not compatible with other mods. This is due to the test mod failing when mixed with other mods. Although, after the release, I will add a list of mods that are not compatible with this mod. If you have knowledge of any mod uncompatible with this mod, then please do tell me through Private Messaging so I can add it to the list.


    This mod is ORIGINAL and is NOT a fraud.

    Not to be egotistical or anything (or even a primadonna), but I would like to strictly inform you that this mod wouldn't be the same as Galacticraft, not as bad or good as it is. This mod is also uncompatible with it, so, yeah, can't play with both installed. Every features present in this mod is of original idea creation, for now, as soon fans' suggestions would be accepted and added.

    If you happen to know any other mod by the same name, please inform me so I can rename it immediately before its release.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions, anyting at all, please do not be shy to ask me in PM (private messaging). Because if you post it on the thread, I might not have time to read it, or even notice it. Besides, in the PM, we can talk with more details.

    And please comment something nice. I might take your suggestions, too. As long as I understand it, and able to implement it. So please leave kind reviews. Or even give me some suggestions, as I now accept readers' ideas. I will try my best to add your suggestions into the mod. If your ideas are accepted, you will be given the credits for the creation of the features once I've implemented them.

    Please tell me if you like it, and if you don't, then fine, I won't judge your...judgements, and so at least kindly inform me the lacks of this mod, thank you.

    If you'd like to make a mod review, or even a modpack, then please do so! As long as you kindly give credits to the real owner and link up to this thread here. Thanks! :3

    I may be putting up a server; one in which players could compete on the moon, hmm? Let me know if you'd like that. (Don't worry, it's also for cracked players).


    Here's some descriptions on the early screenshots, because you would probably not understand what these new blocks are:

    *Moon Rock (the white Endstone): Main block of the Moon's hilly surface. Mined with a stone pickaxe. Drops 7-10 Moon Rocks (item).

    *Reinforced Iron Block (the Iron Block): Harder version of Iron Blocks. Used as the main material for the Rocket's wall/body. Acquired through the smelting of a regular Iron Block. Earns the Player an achievement upon first acquirement.

    *Red Iron Block (the red block): A not-so-useless part of the Rocket; builds up the top. One of the blocks that builds up the Rocket. Crafted shapelessly from an Iron Block and a Red Dye.

    Future Plans

    • Will add Mars
    • Add Flags; colourable
    • Aliens!
    • Maybe other planets, like Saturn
    • A more complicated way of getting a rocket; craft part by part
    • (Probably) more realistic launch
    • Moon buggie
    • Satellite (ooh!)
    • More cool ores!
    • More achievements!
    • Most importantly, more new mobs! :D
    • LOADS MORE!!! (because I literally forgot most of them, sorry)
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    posted a message on Dangerous Depths: a coop mining mod
    Hey, have you found someone yet? (To make this Mod)..
    Because, I can help you..it's a great and cool idea!
    Oh, and..um, I've already started, lol..it's already 25% now, mate
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    posted a message on Looking for someone who can mod for long term idea
    WOW! Nice Ideas! :D
    I totally get them! I know what you mean! :D
    I'ma try and help you, brother. Because my Mods have these features, too. :/

    PM ME! :D
    I'll help! ..... :D
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