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    posted a message on 1.5★★ TITΛN ★★ Griefing ✔ PVP ✔ Factions ✔ Craftbook ✔ LVL ✔
    In game Name: StevenT
    Why you want to play here: Griefing is allowed and it doesn't seem like a carebear server.
    What you expect of this server: To be fun and interesting.
    How did you hear about us?: Forums.
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    posted a message on Blitzcraft [Whitelist, PvP, FFA, Teams, Anti-Grief]
    Dear retard up above, if you even BOTHERED to read the "pointless rage", you would've gathered the information to answer your dumb ass post. First of all, look at the second paragraph, I think that's enough to make someone rage. Second, how can I solve my own dilemma when he INSTANTLY JAILS ME WITHOUT LISTENING TO WHAT I'M SAYING.
    Dumb kid.
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    posted a message on Blitzcraft [Whitelist, PvP, FFA, Teams, Anti-Grief]
    Before you continue reading on this rant is full of profanity, it is not suitable for " people who don't swear" or little children. If this violates the rules please feel free to take it off. You have been warned, what you see here is your fault if it affects you in any way.

    I have read the rules about posting but this is something I just gotta let out.
    This server, when I first joined I thought it was pretty nice and organized. But then things started to decline the second day, all because of this one dumbshit called Nifty. It is full of retarded admins, cry baby players and stupid **** rules.

    NIfty, what a kid. He contradicts himself all the ****ing time. The problem was that my friend was pushed out of spawn and killed. Nifty told the person who unfairly killed my friend to drop the items in spawn. Nifty decided to pick them up cause no one was going to. He even SAW MY FRIEND DIE. First he says he robbed someone, then changes to I picked them up, then says I DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE HIS. ARE YOU ****ING DUMB? YOU CLEARLY SAW MY FRIEND DIE INFRONT OF YOUR ****ING EYES, GET THEM CHECKED YOU DUMB KID. I asked for the items back nicely, a few seconds later he told the admin I was "Camping spawn" that brings us to the dumb **** admins.\

    There is the admin who "tried" to solve my problem, and he is the owner.This admin, one of the thick skulled kids. The admin told me to get out of spawn, which is like a ****ING BOX the size of like 5x5. I went out way farther then that box and he still said I WAS IN ****ING SPAWN. ****ING MENTAL KID. He told me not to kill "new players" well that new player had a MOTHER ****ING DIAMOND PICK IN HIS HANDS BUDDY and I WASN'T EVEN ATTACKING HIM. This is the most retarded admin I have ever come across, EVER. He also calls this piece of **** "Hardcore PVP". Hardcore PVP MY ****ING ASS, IF THIS WAS HARDCORE PVP THEN YOU MUST BE THE DUMBEST PIECE OF **** TO THINK THAT. This PVP doesn't even deserve PVP to be in the name. A suitable name for this trash is "I cry to admin when he wants to kill me PVP" This ***** didn't even listen to my side of the story, he INSTANTLY JAILED ME AND TOLD ME TO "LISTEN CAREFULLY". ***** I WAS LISTENING CAREFULLY, MAYBE YOU'RE JUST STUPID AS ****. He wants this server to be "fun" and told me that there is only one type of "fun" from the players in this server and that is building **** and not dying. THEN WHY IS IT A ****ING PVP SERVER? This dickshit probably didn't pass middle school, **** even elementary hes so dumb **** retarded. "Four people per town", FOUR ****ING PEOPLE? THATS NOT EVEN A ****ING TOWN, MORE LIKE THE SIZE OF YOUR SMALL **** VAGINA. I tried to have a nice conversation with this little piece of ****, then he says that I'm a ****? "Respect others and you get respected back" BULL **** FAT ****. YOU CALLED ME A **** AND YOU WANT ME TO RESPECT YOUR ***** ASS? The only ****er who should be called a **** is your fat ass. He also says he doesn't "like" my attitude because I typed in all caps for one sentence in game. HOW IS THAT ABOUT MY ****ING ATTITUDE, CAPS ARE THERE TO EXPRESS YOURSELF CLEARER. I can write a whole ****ing essay about this ***** ass kid you call "admin" He told me to re-apply in a week, re-apply to this GARBAGE SERVER? **** NO. You must be out of your ****ing mind if you want me to re-apply to this ****. He can't even ****ing think, I say "I am out of spawn, as it says you have left the SPAWN AREA" He says the spawn area is ****ing half the map. DEFINE THAT **** ***** OR ARE YOU TOO CHUBBY TO DO IT? Earlier when I was mining obsidian he ported to me and said I was "duping" HOW THE **** AM I DUPING WHEN I'M MINING THIS **** RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR ****ING EYES and I only got FOUR IN MY INVENTORY. I swear this kid doesn't speak proper ****ing English. I can go on about this **** forever.
    This server is NOT RECOMMENDED , it's the biggest trash you will ever see. It is filled with cry babies, retarded admins and a dumb kid called "Nifty". It isn't even a ****ing proper server, more like a shitty **** server.
    My two cents. If this was rated out of 100, I'd rate this piece of **** -100 out of 100 -100/100
    Summary- Trash don't join.

    Mod edit: A warning was issued for flaming. Really, there are nicer ways to state a grievance.
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    posted a message on [✔] The MMORPG Project 2.0 [Global PvE & PvP][75 Slots] [✔]
    Minecraft Username: StevenT
    Age: 15
    Do you speak good English? (Y/N) Yes
    What's your native language? English
    Why do you want to become a member on this server? To be able to enjoy the benefits obtained by being a member.
    You will be given the ability to use fire; do you understand it's not a toy, and should not be used to burn the leaves off entire forests? Yes, I do. $$$
    Give a good example of a way to use fire that is not server-destructive: To burn leaves off your private tree farm.
    Have you read all the rules? (Y/N) Yes
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    posted a message on Jeranamo's Survival PVP
    Not recommended -1/10 Power Hungry admins, dupers and hackers. Message me for more information.
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    posted a message on God Wars- [24/7][RP/PVP][Races][Friendly Community][Economy]
    IGN- StevenT
    Why do you want to join- I've always wanted to try a pvp server and it seems this server is well maintained and organized.
    How much experience do you have- 5 months
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