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    Hello. I have some suggestions for the mod. One of the things I was thinking about that would be great about this version is elytra. Flying around the amazing mountains would be simply stunning. I suggest maybe for them to generate only in dungeon chests. A much easier option would be crafting them with weathers but i'm not sure how balanced that would be. And the other idea I thought of was crying obsidion. A scrapped item that's being used to set the world spawn point. I'm suggesting it instead of beds because skipping the night isn't something that I would want in this version, but setting the world spawn is. There are so many worlds that had a spawn that sucked but I won't mind just exploring a lot to find a great location. I just can't do it because i'm limited to the world spawn. Thanks for reading.

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    Hello there. For the longest time I have been trying to make a resource pack that brings back the old textures of MCPE pre the 0.8.0 update but no matter how much I try I always end up messing something. I have only very basic knowedge of MCPE texture packs so I can never tell what's causing issues (the latest one was that the game crashed whenever I open a world). So I decided to politely ask for someone to do it. To be honest I didn't find any such resource packs on the web so hey, it's a new idea. Here are some things that I can't do myself for sure: Bring back the old water and sky color. I really like these old colors and I would appreciate very much if they were included. I have the 0.7.6 resource pack with the old textures right here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B5Wk5mAYt4ru8P3Jjw1E1bYdIFSr0k89/view?usp=sharing And if you need more guide, I do have pictures of the grass, leaves, and sky color right there~

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