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    posted a message on ♣ → InfinitySMP ← ♣ 16+ | Accepting people from all Timezones/Countries! | Youtubers welcome!

    What is your in-game name?: StatedSaturn
    What is a name you would prefer to be called?: Stated or Saturn whichever you guys like

    Age(16+) & Year of Birth?: 18, 1999

    What is your Discord ID?: StatedSaturn

    What timezone / country do you live in?: Venezuela UTC/GMT -4hours

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: Benn playing it since around 1.4 but I just started to paly again, like 2 months ago, but got bored of SSP and wanted to join a SMP again, and I've been looking for a server for sometime now and this one looks pretty good/organized.

    Do you agree to abide by our rules?: Yeah and agree with them all

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Well like I said I'm from venezuela so maybe my english isn't the best in terms of grammar, but speaking and understanding is pretty good, I also know how to speak a bit of german and speak spanish obviously. I like music a lot, basically any genre really, but rap it's my favorite one, I also play sport, like tennis, basketball and football/soccer, but I only like watching basketball. I don't really play a lot of videogames but I do play a lot, on pc I only play MC and League of Legends, and on ps4 borderlands,fifa,nba, bf1, etc.

    Why do you want to join Infinity?: Well like I said I was looking for a server for while and this one caught my eye, and looks pretty dope.

    What can you bring to the Infinity Community?: (Builds, Redstone, etc) Building it's not my strong, I like redstone more, tho I'm not like etho doc or any of those guys haha, but I am prrtty decent with it.

    Anything else?: Not really that was all, I want in!, hope I get accepted

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    posted a message on FailCraft Amplified SMP (a Private Whitelisted 1.10 SMP)

    just sended my app, hope I get accepted!

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    posted a message on 1.10 Release | Survival Server | Mature members | 24/7 Uptime | New world!

    InGame Name: StatedSaturn

    Age (17+ No exceptions): 17

    Youtube/Twitch Channel ( If you have one): none

    Why you would like to join: I've been looking for a server to paly in, since I recently started playing mc again and I got bored of my survival world, and this server got my attention, I really hope I get accepted, I'm really friendly and likeable. Hope to see you in the server!

    Where you ever banned from a server:No never, either I leave because the admin is not doing a good job administrating the server or the server closes out of nowhere

    P.S Right now it's gonna be a bit difficult for me to paly since I've been having a lot of homework, but in 2 weeks I get vacations and I'll be able to paly every day

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    posted a message on Neubrite Kingdom {A Hermicraft & Mindcrack inspired community} {Friendly & Mature}

    the link doesn't work

    Edit: Never mind

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    posted a message on SquareDevils SMP - Survival - Amplified (currently) - Teamspeak [APPLICATIONS OPEN 16+]
    1. IGN:StatedSaturn
    2. Age: 17
    3. Skype**:statedsaturn2
    4. What version of Minecraft did you start in? I don't remember it was really long ago, but I think around 1.4
    5. Approximately how often do you play Minecraft (hrs/week)? the next week I'm not gonna be able to paly due to a lot of homework, butthis is basically the las week of school for, so as soon as I'm in vacation I'll play daily but right now I think I'll play max of 5 times a week for about 2 hours
    6. What would you say are your strengths or skill set within Minecraft?caving, redstone and exploring(which I think it's going to be a bit harder in amplified lol, but I like challenges) I don't do to well in building, and that's the reason why I build underground most of the time.
    7. If you follow any specific Minecrafters or specific servers (Hermitcraft, Mindcrack, etc.) or series, what are they? I follow Hermitcraft(Mumbo, Impulse sometimes Xisuma, and Etho) and singleplayer series just Etho
    8. Where are you from? I'm from venezuela, tho I can speak english really good, but my grammar kinda suck as you can see lol, but I always got room from improvement.

    P.S: I don't have any picture of any build because I broke my laptop screen and I'm using my brothers laptop

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    posted a message on HUMMINGBIRD HILL- 1.9 VANILLA MINECRAFT SERVER- 18+
    1. Age:17( I know you said 18 but I consider myself very mature, can take jokes and I know when to stop joking around)
    2. What is your IGN: StatedSaturn
    3. Write your whole application as a paragraph and add some details about yourself
    4. My skype is statedsaturn2 so you can contact me, and I guess I'll everything you need to know form me now, lets start: I live in Venezuela, but I can speak english very well, even tho my grammar isn't the best( hope you got no problem about that) I like sports a lot, mostly basketball but I practice tennis, and also go to the gym, I also like music a lolt hip-hop being my favourite genre, and also MC is not the only game I play, I also play League Of Legends, and destiny(when I pay for PS+ again) and other games but not too much, MC and league are the games that I play the most, also blue is my favourite colour. I've been playing MC for 4 years nowI think, but I stopped for a year and recently starting playing again, so 3 years I guess. The reason you should White-list me is because I'm a really friendly and funny guy, I can make friends easily, also I love to help others in any way possible, If I'm able to help, and like I said before I know the server is 18+, but I'm really mature. I really love doing redstone, but I really like caving and exploring a bit aswell. I'm not really good at building so that's why I tend to do my bases underground. Slime is my favourite mob because ofhis drops, which basically It's all redstoners use. I've nver been banned from any server I've been in, either those server close or I leave them for innactivity, or the owner It's not doing a good job admistrating the server. If I get accepted(and I hope I do) The first week I think I'm not gonna be able to log on the server, since It's like my final week of school and I have to prepare for my thesis and It's just a big pile of homework, but as soon as the week is over, I'm gonna be able to play as much as I want

    Hope to see you guys in the server!


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    posted a message on The Secret SMP - whitelisted SMP

    What's your IGN?: StatedSaturn

    How old are you?: 17

    What timezone (or country) are you located in?: Venezuela, South America

    What's your Skype username?: statedsaturn2

    How active will you be? for the moment I might get on the server twice a week since I'm about to finish school and It's been a pain with homework, but once I'm on vacation (at least 3 weeks from now) I'll star playing daily

    Why do you want to join?: I just started playing MC again, I think after about 1 year, I have my own world but I got bored since I already did everything, and I wanted to try a vanilla hermitcraft like server again, and this one got my attention

    Why should I accept you?: I'm a really friendly guy, I'll try to help people as much as I can, maybe do projects with others and I'll be really attached to the comunity

    Tell me a little about yourself: As I said before I'm from Venezuela, and that means that my english might be a bit bad(Grammar) hopefully you got no problem with that, I do have a good pronunciation. I like sport a lot, mostly basketball, and I practice tennis, I also play other games like League Of Legends, and other ps4 games like destiny and stuff like that.

    Used the wrong skype, just updated it btw

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    posted a message on [Vanilla] [24/7] [Community] [Whitelist] [No griefers] The Insidious Gamers of Every Reality

    Username: StatedSaturn

    Age: 17

    How long have you played minecraft?: Since 1.4 so I guess about 3 years now

    What is your strength?: Redstone, caving, exploring and working in community

    What is your weakness?: Biulding and bit of PvP because of internet issues

    Why you want to join (At least a paragraph): I've been looking for a fresh/new server for a while since the one I was it has a lot of inactivity and you already have a community, not a big one too, so this is server has everything I'm looking for, and I like that you actually read the apps, some owners just accept every app without reading them and the server eventually gets griefed, I hope I get accepted this server looks really organized and fun to be in

    Skype name (required):statedsaturn2

    Do you realize we DO swear?: Yeah, I swear too but not a lot, I try to not abuse of it lol

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    posted a message on WHITELISTED VANILLA SMP SERVER- 16+ ONLY

    1.How old are you?: 17

    2. Whats your skype username?: statedsaturn2

    3. What is the time zone you live in?: South

    4.Will you use the servers teamspeak?: Yes, but I'm not familiarized with it tho.

    5. What will you bring to the server?: I'll be making community shops and games too, I'll help as much as I can, I want to do as much as I can with a comunity

    6. What excites you about playing minecraft?: It's a never-ending game, there's always something to do, and playing it with other is really fun too

    7. Whats your favorite mob in minecraft? pigs and slimes

    8. How active will you be on the server?Everyday in the mornings, unless I have to do something (Which I'll give you a heads up so you know why I didn't logged in)

    9. Have you been banned before?(be honest):no never, I was banned from one but that was a friends server and he was doing it as a "joke" but he un-banned me

    10. Tell me a bit about yourself in a few sentences: I'm form Venezuela which means that English is not my main language but I can speak it really good but my grammar isn't the best tho. I like sports a lot I play tennis and bball and I go to the gym 4 times a week (I'm very athletic). I like music obviously basically every genre actually lol. I also speak a bit of German and Spanish and play other games like LoL and PS4 games (destiny mostly)

    11. Do you agree and accept all of the servers rules?: Yeah I agree to tham all, and I really like all of them.

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    posted a message on Brand New Private Server - Looking for Some People to Play With

    1) What is your IGN? C9_CMEG

    2) How old are you?17

    3) What is your Skype name, if you have one? statedsaturn2 (please msg me in skype if Igot accepted)

    4) How long have you been playing Minecraft? since 1.4 came out, so around 4 years

    5) Why do you want to join my server?I just want to paly in a friendly server witha a small community with no griefers, and an organizedservertoo, and this one looks like the one for me!

    6) Have you ever been banned from another server for grief or stealing? Or for any other reason? I've never been banned from any server.

    7) Are you a builder, adventurer, or a mixture of both? I'm a little bit of a builder but I'm more a redstoner

    8) How active would you be if you were added to the whitelist? Everyday in the mornings and some time late night, (I'm in vacation right now)

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    posted a message on Dream Vanilla SMP Private Server [APPLY]

    1: Age: 17

    2: In Game Name: C9_CMEG

    3: How active will you be?: Everyday only in the mornings, sometimes in the afternoon and late night

    4: Skype: statedsaturn2

    5: Why Do You Want To Join?: I've been looking for a mature vanilla server for a week I think now, This one looks really organized and It's one of the main thinks I'm looking for, Hopefully I got something that you're looking for too.

    6: Tell Us A Bit about yourself: I'm from Venezuela meaning English is not my best language but I can speak it really good but my grammar is not the best (You may see some errors here, sorry) In MC I like exploring for a base area and make my base as much redstone friendly as possible, I also like to do thing with other players such as exploring, caving, play games with them etc. I also play other games like LoL and TF2, and I'm athletic, I like tennis and bball

    7: Do you have any experience about Vanilla SMP from the past? Yes, I've been a member of a few servers now and I understand what you can and cannot do
    (Optional but bigger chance if answered)

    8: Do you have any social media? (youtube, twitter etc) (Optional) No, sorry.


    Thanks for reading


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    posted a message on WHITELISTED VANILLA SERVER, SMP- 16+

    1. How old are you? 17
    2. Will you use the teamspeak? Yeah, I use it to play LoL with some friends so yeah
    3. Whats your skype username? statedsaturn2
    4. Whats your favorite thing about minecraft? Redstone! and caving
    5. What will you bring to the server? Community build/farms, I would help a lot! well only if I can tho ;)
    6. Write a few sentences abot yourself: I'm from Venezuela meaning my english is not the best but it is good, I like music basically every genre actually, I'm also athletic I like tennis and bball and I go to the gym almost every day(This won't affect my activity in the server) I play other games such as LoL like I said before and TF2 and I also speak german :) and sometimes I like to think I'm hulk.....
    7. How active will you be on the server? Everyday in the mornings and few times latenight
    8. Do you agree and accept all of the servers rules? Yes, I agree to all of them

    Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in the server


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    posted a message on VanGuard SMP APPLY NOW

    In-Game Name:

    Your age:


    Why do you want to join our SMP?
    It looks like areally organized server jsut what I'm looking for, and obviusly with a mature community, and I've been looking for a good server to play in, + this server looks really nice :)

    Have you played on this type of SMP before? Yes, afew times

    What can you bring to our community? I'll help whenever I can, build shops community builds like enderman farm, etc

    Do you understand and agree to our rules and do you agree if you don't obey the rules you will be kicked? Yes I agree to them all and I understand

    Are you good at building or redstone? Redstone mostly, building not so much but I don't suck at it haha

    Skype? staedsaturn2

    Do you have a good mic? Yeah, I'm using a headset: SkullCandy SLYR

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    posted a message on [New] [Survival] The Pixel Pack [Community] [Epic Spawn]


    Answer: C9_CMEG


    Answer: 17 (I know I'm under age and I'm pretty sure this lower my chances of getting accepted by a lot, but I'm very mature P.S I've joined other age restricted servers and Owners normally say that I a mature [the reasonI left those servers was because of innactivity] But i really hope you make an exception for me) I wont be offender either


    Answer: Venezuela


    Answer: Skype: statedsaturn2 CV: StatedSaturn2

    Why are you interested in The Pixel Pack?

    Answer: It look really mature players and the owner (you) picks It's palyer carefully eaning you wont accept anyone who applies here which reduces the griefers by a lot, and seems like It's gonna be really united community.

    Why should we choose you?

    Answer: I know I dont have the age to join the server but like I said before I'm really mature. I know when to be funny and joke with people and when not, I don't get offended easly so you can joke around me about anything, I don't curse a lot either, (I don't abuse of it)

    How active will you be?

    Answer: everyday but only in the mornings which is when I have a good connection

    Have you read and do you agree to the rules stated above?

    Answer: yeah, and I agree to all of them;

    Hope to get accepted!


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    posted a message on [Applications are now Closed] [ DreamCraft ] Whitelisted 100% Vanilla Server Looking for Mature Players 15+ Cube SMP like!

    Name: Carlos

    IGN: C9_CMEG

    Age (15+) : 17

    Skype *Required*: statedsaturn2

    Time Zone: South

    why do you want to join the smp:been looking for a really organized server with an owner that actually picks It's member carefully and actually reads the app, the last server i was the owner accepted everyone that psoted and it got too crowded (like 50 people) and eventually got griefed a lot. Also since the server is a Cube SMP like pretty sure is gonna be really good server P.S I haven't watch a lot of Cube SMP just a few episode but I've heard the server is pretty good

    Youtube or twitch if you have one?: None sorry

    What is your biggest strength In Minecraft?: Redstone and caving

    What can you bring to the community? : Redstone farms and redstone contraptions ;) and also I would help other people if they ever need any help

    Tell me a bit about yourself : I'm from Venezuela yes this means my main language is not english tho I speak it really good and understand it perfectly as you can see. I like sport such as tennis, basketball and soccer(footbal what ever you prefer to call it). I also like music... basically every genre especially Hip hop rap. I'm really friendly and helpfull like I said before and I also like other games like League of Legends as you can see by my name haha.

    Thanks for reading, hope to see you in the server!


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