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    IGN: LilSeven

    Age: 22 i think i stopped counting after 18 xD... nah but foreal 22 :)

    What can you contribute to our community?: i can contribute with cool buildings, i have been following bdubs for a while on youtube since he was on mindcrack so he taught me alot thru my years of playing minecraft, i have been building on many servers rpgs and such, but nowadays im mostly into survival, you can basicly call me a builder.. :)

    How long have you been playing MC?: good question... i have been registered since before survival was a thing, i played alpha, beta.. and all other versions. i would guess i have around 10k hours in minecraft

    How often do you think you'll be playing on the realm?: its hard to say but i dont have a job, and depends how much fun i have, but i like to finish what im doing and in minecraft things never ends realy ;) ;)

    Discord: Chansir#7664

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