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    Applying for Head-Admin
    IGN: Leenah_
    Proof Of Work: Well I have no way because the YT channel of insidecraft deleted all the videos, but I could do a deep research if needed.
    Maturity: I take things seriously
    Reason For Wanting Position: I want to be helpful in some server that needs it
    Experience [Minecraft]: More than 6 years playing minecraft, I know lots of technical things
    Experience [Servers]: I was Head-Admin on InsideCraft like 2 years ago, and worked with the owner to keep the server good
    Contact Info: Discord: Leenah#3939 Email: [email protected]
    Dedicated Time: A lot of. Every day I can spend like 5 hours
    What can you bring: A lot of dedication, and I will try to get more knowledge of plugins to bring it to the server
    Will you donate: I thing I could, but not every month, sometimes if needed
    Do you know any servers that will recommend you: InsideCraft, but Im not able to contact the owner
    Skype: live:marioquik360_1
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    posted a message on FrostyCraft [NEED STAFF] APPLY NOW!

    IGN: Leenah_

    AGE: 16


    REASON: I am interested on helping in a server and have a good time doing it. I am also very active player

    EXP: I was Head-Admin on InsideCraft during 1 year, but server closed

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