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    In game name: Squirmles256
    Age: 25
    Timezone: Eastern

    About You:
    Describe your Minecraft experience: I go through spurts and plan on and off. I'll get a desire to catch up on the new content and have fun hanging out with some nice people. I've been going through that for about 4 years now, and I have a lot of experience running my own servers. I can appreciate the concept of playing with members, not above. Very important concept that says a lot about a good owner :)

    Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: Good. I typically like an older crowd, but get along with all ages. I most likely will be a kid at heart for a long time; who doesn't like to play with video game legos? :)

    Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: Never.

    Would you be interested in participating in our Community Projects (villages, towns, cities)? Of course. I love seeing what combined creativity produces.

    If yes, would you prefer to be a resident or a leader? Resident. My career involves a lot of leadership, so it's nice to come home, have a beer and follow instructions sometimes!

    Would you be interested in participating in Skype voice calls? I would consider it - especially with a fun group project.

    What attracted you to this particular server? First interesting one that popped up in the forums, honestly. I wish I had a more elaborate answer :(

    Reading Check!
    When is PvP allowed? When both parties agree and understand the risks of dying and losing their items.

    What is z2liion's title? Empress (Community manager, user support)

    Finish the sentence: "Act your age not your shoe size."

    Anything Else?
    I'm very excited to hopefully be a part of a nice, tight-knit community. These server experiences are always much more enjoyable with nice people :)
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    Not a problem, always willing to help :). I'm actually out of town today and tomorrow, but I have the server console forwarded to my phone...so I can people to the whitelist or do any other admin tasks from anywhere. I just won't be online as a heads up to everyone.
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    Nathiano07, I highly recommend you look into some punctuation. It'll go a long way in your writing skills.

    That being said, I appreciate your politeness and effort. You've been whitelisted. Welcome to Dalencourt!
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    Very impressive, Fail_NNJA.

    You missed the portion about what to put in your application, but I'm impressed none-the-less with your writing ability at only 13. I hesitate saying only since you seem more mature. I'll whitelist you right now. I have to go out and grab some lunch, but I'll meet you online when I get back in ~ 30 minutes. Free free to explore in the meantime.

    Welcome to Dalencourt!
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    Well I need to get my own character profile out there for everyone, so yup. Here an app just to be fair:

    IGN (In-Game Name): Squirmles256
    Your Age (you will never get turned down for your age): 24
    Character Name: Balroth
    Character Home Land (fantasy, not "UK" or "USA" please!): Ralenfal
    Character Profile:
    The cold iron beneath the back of his legs wasn't always comfortable, but it was always something he was willing to sacrifice so he could see the Templars march in formation. Sitting atop his father's armor-clad shoulders was a frequent occurrence as a child, but what came at a higher frequency was how many questions Balroth asked about the marching mages. By his third time watching them parade down the streets as a child, he was certain; he would done the silver-and-orange metal garb when he was right of age.

    Upon his 14th winter, Balroth enlisted in this fraternity of armor-clad, blade-wielding sorcerers. His 10-year journey to find self-worth and his purpose went smoothly. He would typically lie to his friends claiming all forms of hardships and tribulations, however he was fortunate; he was born to do this. He was not, by far the most gifted of his rankings, but he had enough vigor to stand on his own and make a name for himself. The ability to wield a short staff-like scepter and blade all at once astounded many, but he just saw this training as overdue. Many-a-night he thanked the Gods for his fortune.

    One dark evening, everything changed. One minute, Balroth was sleeping cozily in his chambers, and the next he is being dragged out of bed...attempting to get his hands on something - his wand, a blade, a piece of armor; anything. Wrenching and thrashing through the town, his brow narrowed heavily at what he could see: all of his Templar brothers experiencing the same fate. At least two soldiers carrying and binding the sorcerers. After a minute's journey, he had been taken to his destination; the roar of the crowd was maddening, something he would never forget. Hundreds of Templar lay piled upon one another, perfectly alive and well, however bound with ties and shackles. Though not tied to anything grounded, soldiers of Ralenfal were keeping them in place by blade-point. With a loud thud, he was merely tossed upon the pile and felt his elbow strike the nose of another. His apology was quickly met with inquiry about the circumstances.

    What was happening? Why were we bound, and where is the sanity about throwing your land's most prized warriors hopelessly into a pile? It then became obvious; the smell of smoke. They intended to burn us all alive.

    Panic immediately set in. The Templars begun shouting threats, attempts at curses, but nothing worked. Balroth, being level-headed, began to softly chant words in a foreign tongue. As soldiers laid down their torches, the flames began to build. The cries of agony drowned out the soft chanting, until others began joining in recognizing the ancient language. A rhythmic chant broke out by the Templars as a soft orange glow surrounded the pile of live, and now increasingly dead, bodies. By this point, the base level of Templars had already met their fate...it wouldn't be long until the fire reached his own defenseless body. The men and women were cheering, but the children were crying. Perhaps they knew the truth?

    As some moans and cries for help began to fade, others would emerge as the flames climbed higher and higher. The soft orange glow grew until it peaked into a blinding flash of light, and in an instant, the pile of bodies was gone. A group-channeling teleportation spell had allowed them to escape from the city. Everyone had been thankful in their teachings of wandless spell casting in times of need. Upon landing on Ralenfal's outskirts, the smell was nauseating; charred remains of friends - a scent no Templar ever wishes to come by. Not many survived, and everyone seemed weak, as if everything they had worked for had been stripped from them. All of the Templars rallied to fight back to the city, however Balroth knew that without their wands, they didn't stand a chance. Balroth defected from the group after an attempt to change their minds. To no avail, he watched his comrades march to their death. As the last Templar, he decided to seek refuge elsewhere. Perhaps other sorcerers were experiencing the same trauma. He would journey into the lands of Dalencourt in search of food, shelter, and answers.

    How often are you typically online?: Usually evenings as I have a career. Usually later (between 6pm and 1am).
    What intrigues you most about this server?: That (hopefully) the server will run itself! And a pillow doesn't count, of course.
    Do you have any suggestions about what you might like to see?: More things to stimulate/encourage the economy.
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    Server IP Address:
    Whitelisted Server - Application Required
    Server Version: 1.6.1 Dev Build
    Server Type: Hardcore Survival Medieval Wizard RP
    Plugins: ChestShop, CookieMonster, Essentials (Eco), Lockette, MagicSpells

    Dalencourt - What is it?
    Dalencourt is a revitalization of a previously successful sorcery-based RP server. The concept is pretty simple in terms of gameplay - standard survival minecraft, however we aim for a thriving economy as well as heavy role-playing elements dictating everything else. We also will be having scheduled events to further the overall storyline. However, there is ALWAYS room for your character's line in a side-story! How do we hope to accomplish this? Keep reading through the rules to get a better idea of what the server is all about :)

    Lore - Server Backstory
    For ages, lands across the realm boasted armies, brotherhoods and guilds of highly-respected sorcerers. These magic-wielders came in many forms depends upon the land from which they hailed. Some of these men and women fought to protect their land; some for honor. While the rare breed would seek this lifestyle for the fame and glory, others sought it out for a more devious purpose; power, destruction. Greed and fortune did not tame the aggressive attitude of some breeds of darker magics.

    While the age of magic was indeed thriving, it wouldn't take but a single nightfall to change the course of history. In what seemed like a blink, and an eternity all in the same, sorcerers all around the world were being stripped of their power, humiliated in the heart of their towns, and excommunicated from their homelands. Every individual across the lands seemed to have their livelihoods and their luscious pool of knowledge forcefully taken away from them.

    Please put "a pillow doesn't count" in your application. Skipping the lore is an automatic denial with no retry on application. Sorry to be strict, but we need patient, detail-oriented players willing to commit to the story.

    What next? Where do we go? Small bands of brothers and sisters would travel the lands together, searching for refuge. While some archetypes of sorcerers were keen with a blade, others focused strictly on their studies; these wizards did not last long in the wild. The murmur of the magic-wielding community was that our strength was not gone! It was merely dispensed back to the heart of the lands. All over the realm, spellbooks lay in the grass, hidden in the jungle, resting under water, and shrouded in the darkness of caves and chasms.

    This was not the only word spreading like a plague. A new town, a new society is building. We ought to seek it out, perhaps the members of this new magic brotherhood will know where to begin. Where to look...to rebuild the knowledge of Dalencourt.

    Server Specifics - How it all Works
    MagicSpells is the main plugin we use here. You use a blaze rod as a wand, however the nether is closed - you cannot make your own. We want your wand to be sacred and something that you will curse yourself for losing. An "Admin Shop" has been set up in the main town that sells wands for $1,000. Don't worry, you start out with $1,500. You right-click to scroll through your spells, and left-click to cast. Spells will cost Mana, and sometimes reagents (i.e. you need 2 bones to summon your minion). This is how we plan to boost the economy a bit - every item will have some kind of worth to someone!

    Economy Specifics
    We use CookieMonster as a stand-in for "Mob Bounty" or "Mob Bounty Reloaded." Those don't seem to play well with 1.6.1 at the moment. In any case, it will reward you with money upon killing mobs. FAIR WARNING - most spells, when killing mobs, will not grant you a reward. You need to land the killing blow with a physical strike. Some (like your beginning skill, "Pain") will work. You can earn money by setting up ChestShops. Here is a link to how to use chestshops if you are not aware already: http://dev.bukkit.or...gins/chestshop/

    Aside from ChestShops, you are welcome to use the /pay system to do manual trades of goods, of course. On top of that, we utilize OnTime to reward players for their play time! Every 30 minutes, you will be rewarded $50.00. I will incorporate more rewards later (i.e. hitting the 8 hour mark yields a set of iron armor or something, etc.). You can check your running total of time (as well as this session's time) with /ontime. If you're logged in for 29 minutes, that's okay! It's a running total...so you'll get your reward after 1 minute next login. AFK time does not count towards your reward.

    How Do I Learn More Spells?
    Here's the bread and butter, "How do I learn more spells?!" This is where we separate the men from the boys (and women from the girls, to be fair). Spellbooks are hidden ALL OVER Dalencourt...you just have to find them. Some are easy to find, and some are near impossible to find. The harder spells to find, go figure, are more powerful. Some require you to know a spell in order to reach the hiding spot. When you stumble upon this:

    You simply right-click on the bookcase, and viola, you now know the spell. The bookcases have an unlimited number of times it can teach someone a spell, so feel free to guide your comrades to spellbooks you have discovered. WORD OF CAUTION - posting spellbook locations on the forum will be a serious problem. Not necessarily a ban, as we will try to be understanding of your level of commitment to the server.

    Spell List
    • Armor - Conjure temporary head-to-toe enchanted golden armor
    • Blink - Short-range teleportation ability.
    • Carpet - Summon a magic sheet of glass under your feet. Jump to ascend, Shift to descend.
    • Clarity - Boost your Mana regeneration for a short time.
    • Combust - Ignite your foes.
    • Confusion - Cause enemies to attack one another.
    • Disarm - Make another user drop their wand or weapon.
    • Drain Life - Cause damage and absorb life.
    • Empower - Make your spells stronger for a short while.
    • Entomb - Encase your foes in a tomb of glass.
    • Explode - Wreak havoc with a ranged detonation.
    • Farm - Grow crops instantly.
    • Fireball - Hurl an ignited boulder.
    • Fire Nova - Summon a ring of fire expanding around you.
    • Flame Walk - Everything around you begins to combust.
    • Food - Restore some of your food.
    • Force Toss - Sling your enemies into the air.
    • Freeze - Slow your enemies and cause minor damage.
    • Frost Walk - Water turns to ice under your feet.
    • Geyser - Summon a water spout under your foe's feet.
    • Gills - Breathe underwater.
    • Haste - Run incredibly fast.
    • Heal - Heal others.
    • Invisibility - Become invisible to others and monsters.
    • Invulnerability - Invincible for a short while.
    • Leap - Hurl yourself a great distance.
    • Levitate - Make your friends or foes take flight and control their path.
    • Lightning - Summon lightning from the skies.
    • Light Walk - You won't be needing torches anymore.
    • Mark - Part of Mark/Recall. Set a mark to teleport back to later.
    • Minion - Summon an undead minion to fight for you.
    • Phase - Pass through solid surfaces to the other side.
    • Poison - Infect your foes with venom.
    • Prayer - Heal yourself.
    • Recall - Part of Mark/Recall. Return to your marked point.
    • Reflect - Spells get deflected back to sender.
    • Repair - Instantly repair your gear.
    • Safe Fall - Fall slowly and not take damage upon landing.
    • Silence - Cease your target's spell usage for a short while.
    • Storm - Summon many bolts of lightning.
    • Summon - Create a sign with a user's name on it, right-click to summon user to location.
    • Sun - Force the sun to rise.
    • Telekenesis - Interact with levers and buttons from a distance.
    • Tree - Force a tree to grow instantly.
    • Wall - Create a wall to block your enemies.
    • Water - Spout water out of thin air.
    • Zeus - Your lightning will have devastating after-effects.
    Whitelisters, Mods, Admins, and Owner
    In order to ease the burden of administration, I have broken up permissions into the following groups:
    • Whitelister - ability to whitelist people, remove from whitelist, and change peoples' nicknames.
    • Moderator - inherits Whitelister permissions, as well as the ability to ban/unban, kick and temp ban players for a certain amount of time.
    • Administrator - inherits Moderator permissions, and can also perform administrative tasks (i.e. chestshop issues, resolve destruction matters, and in very rare circumstances, spawn items for griefed players.)
    • Owner - inherits Administrator permissions, and has control of the server console.
    I am a very busy guy, I work in Cyber Security, so as many of you know...this is a demanding and high-stress field. I work a lot, but I am always in front of a computer. If something goes wrong, I can remote in back home and fix whatever's wrong. As such, delegating some of these tasks will keep the server running smoother...and will not depend on me being online!

    Enough chatter...let's get to the application:

    Whitelist Application
    IGN (In-Game Name):
    Your Age (you will never get turned down for your age):
    Character Name:
    Character Home Land (fantasy, not "UK" or "USA" please!):
    Character Profile:
    Here you can explain your character's background, what kind of mage he used to be, information about his family, etc. Anything you deem appropriate information for an RP server. Please take some time and give your character some thought, this is 90% of how we judge whether or not we accept you. Just as a heads up, god-like archetypes and simple-minded backstories are one-way tickets to the blacklist. Not trying to be picky, just want everyone to contribute evenly :)
    How often are you typically online?:
    What intrigues you most about this server?:
    Do you have any suggestions about what you might like to see?:

    LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN DALENCOURT! When you log in, if you forget any of this information, it's all condensed in /rules. Thanks!
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    posted a message on [18+] Mature Survival Server - Imperium!
    Thanks for the whitelist! I'm also not really into PvP (always a PvE guy when I play MMO's), so hopefully I'll like this server. See you in a minute :)
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    posted a message on [18+] Mature Survival Server - Imperium!
    IGN: squirmles256
    Age: 24
    Bans you have on record (we can check this part, so no lying!): Haven't been banned before! I try to play by the rules, and if I'm not happy with the server, I'm inclined to leave before causing any trouble.
    Additional info (optional, we like to have an introduction to our new greenhorns!): My name is Steve, and I have run my fair share of (relatively successful?) MC servers in the past. I think it would be a nice break to hang out with some nice, mature MC players and enjoy the game as opposed to sweating the administration 24/7. As I have the experience, I'd be more than happy to help with any moderating tasks, however I'd be just as happy to remain low on the totem pole and enjoy my time here. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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    posted a message on (16GB RAM) Hardcore Survival PvP - Monster Apocalypse (very hard) [No-Whitelist] [No Respawn] [No Complaining :)]
    FYI, ComeClarity1 is one of the moderators. Don't be alarmed.
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    posted a message on (16GB RAM) Hardcore Survival PvP - Monster Apocalypse (very hard) [No-Whitelist] [No Respawn] [No Complaining :)]
    It's a blast :). We'd be happy to have ya - let me know if you have any trouble logging in! We just made it public.
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    Hardcore Survival w/ Monster Apocalypse
    IP Address:
    Whitelist: None
    PvP: Allowed
    Griefing: Allowed
    Respawn: Under very special circumstances.

    About the Server:
    So this is an attempt to create a public server, no whitelist, but use Monster Apocalypse to weed out the weak. Read below about the details of the plugin, because this is very very important. You're going to want to hide, get shelter, set traps...anything. This component makes survival extraordinarily difficult.

    Monster Apocalypse:
    If you're not familiar with this plugin, it makes all mobs super aggressive, zombies can break down doors and through windows, mega-aggro range, etc. Basically, once night falls...find shelter until the morning. Once it's morning, get ready to fight your way out of your house - it's a nightmare. Basically, I've made the range big enough to cover the whole map...so throughout the duration of the night, every mob will start coming for you. Be ready.

    Player Conduct/Griefing:
    As for how you should conduct yourselves, I would appreciate the following:
    • Please don't come pollute the server if you're a 13-year old kid who just wants to troll. Maturity will take you a long way (especially if you die and want to try and get back in the server).
    • Griefing is allowed*. There are no locks on chests or doors, so if you can find it, you can take it. This makes hiding your valuables pretty important.
    • PvP is allowed, so keep your guard up and be ready to defend yourself.
      • Death by PvP is not a valid excuse to regain entry to the server (unless it was something along the lines of an afk death or a hack-related death).
    Hacking/X-Ray Mods/Cheating:
    I'm going to put this out there right now: I hold a Bachelor's in Computer Science (U of M), a Master's in Digital Investigations (EMU), I'm a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) as well as a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH v7). What do I do for a living with all of this? I'm a professional hacker (pen tester - google it).

    For those of you who haven't owned a server, when you log in...your IP address shows right up in my logs and console. If you're planning on trying anything funny with the server, trying to cheat your way across some diamonds, or get real ballsy and try to do something malicious...you're gonna have a bad time.

    I have plugins in place to deter against any forms of in-game cheating. That's why I allocated 16 GB of my machine's RAM towards this server - to allocate for the intensive plugins.

    Sorry for the harsh words, but I just want to provide a safe and fair environment for all players. Looking forward to having you, and good luck! Stay alive!
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    Zepphyyyr, you have just been whitelisted. Welcome.
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