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    Quote from Flamingparakeet

    A few things kinda bug me, first of all the name says seth ashes in it, which is already a character, unless that was a mistake, then it is fine, also the city name, not sure if that was a joke, but I will assume it was.... Accepted

    Answer to both of those things.
    It originally said Seth Ashes, as a nice gentle poke at bag, but I've been pasting it in and out of skype and the formatting got removed and I didn't catch it. As for the city name?
    definitely a joke
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    IGN (In Game Name): Kloud_Strife

    Age (If you don't want to answer, just say so, we don't mind): 18 wheeee

    Typing speed ( http://10f​astfingers​.com/ We don't want people who can't communicate, so, please take it, it'll only take a minute: 98 WPM

    Roleplay Experience: Allll over the place. Forums for a while, guild wars 2 currently, and a bunch of minecraft servers over the years. Do you need specifics? Because ­ I suddenly think you need specifics.

    What makes you want to play on this server: The fact that it is amazing and great and fantastic and an RP server that looks not ­ty which is fairly rare but also on the side, and to a large degree in the center hkeiarra and bagmoose play on it and I've heard about it from then.

    Timezone (Optional): EST (GMT-4)

    Skype (Optional): Kloudthechaobreeder

    (IC: In character. This is going to be the first character you play as on the server.)

    Name (Must have a last name): Seth Ashes Aéron Yvâin (HE'S CELTIC AND THAT IS A NAME THAT IS REAL V_V)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Fears: Anything with scales whatsoever. Probably because of some incredibly contrived and tragic fishing accident. Yup that. Mostly, though, he fears failure. Came from a super high achieving family and even though he's seceded from them now, he's still like pathologically scared of failing in anything he does.

    Skills: He plays the Crwth. Like a boss. It's a welsh/celtic instrument that is impossible to pronounce, and he's really good at it. But he hates playing it in general, because it was one of the things his parents forced on him. He also speaks french and english passably, and welsh extremely well, which isn't really a skill but WHATEVER.

    Present or Future?: ... Present, I guess? Bag explained this to me but I'm still kinda confused.

    Personality: He's very... wary. Of people in general, really. He likes to keep his distance, and, to an extent, likes to keep people at a distance. (in the capacity of like intentionally driving away if that wasn't clear). It's just because of how his family raised him, and that kind of thing is hard to shake off. If you get to know him, though, you can see that he's dry and sardonic. Very black humorish

    Backstory (Six sentences or more.): Aeron was born in Wales to two really, really, REALLY rich people, Arthgon and Mordwyn (WELSH NAMES ARE AWESOME DON'T KNOCK THEM). He was one of a set of twins, Aeron and little Joe Bob (WOW LOOK AT HOW WELSH THAT NAME IS I AM JUST FANTASTIC). Like I said before, his parents raised him to always exceed far beyond anyone's expectations and never, ever, fail. It sucked horribly for him if he ever failed at something. That went on for most of his life, but when he turned 16, he just couldn't take it anymore, and he ran away. He spent 3 years on the streets, learning to be the very best homeless man (THAT NO ONE EVER WAS) until, eventually, and naturally, he made his way to WHATEVER CITYSVILLE

    Skin (Make it look like your character as much as you can. You can upload it to imgur and give a link):


    What is meta-gaming: Meta-gaming is using Out of Character information in roleplay to... well, at all. That's what it is. Using Out of Character info in rp, traditionally to stop something or whatever.
    What is power-gaming: Ignoring or taking control of someone elses roleplay actions to further your own ends. To an extent, also godmoding.
    What is roleplay: Pretending to be someone or something that you aren't, and having an absolute blast while doing so. CC

    *ollies outies*
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    Quote from Imawesome23

    IGN: Imawesome23
    Location: Wisconsin, USA
    Faction: Korvin Rebirth
    RP Name: Junair (full name: Junair Vecontay)

    Character Race: Human

    RP character's Desire: To bring Justice,Vengeance,And Liberty to the world, and also to take out Templars (assassins creed)
    Previous Role-play experience(optional) Lots of servers but i cant name all of them plus the harddrive got messed up and i lost all my stuff
    Example of Role-play of Character: Junair: (whispering to self) Theres the Templar Captain.... guards surrounding him....easy. Templar Captain: Archers! check the rooftops! Archers: Yes Sir! Junair: crap....*pulls out bow* gonna have to take out the guards 1 by 1....*shoots guard in throat with bow*(srry my font size changed) *gets Knife* *slits guards throat* guards: Hey! what are you doing up here! Guards! backup! Junair: this is gonna be easy... *has sword in right hand and knife in left hand* *stabs guard in throat**dodges sword then stabs guard in back* *gets shot by arrow*Junair: AH! *pulls arrow out* *archers aim there bows and 2 guards come after him* *Junair grabs one guard and uses as a human shield* *grabs other guards arm and sprains his arm so hes able to move his arm* *uses his arm to make guard stab himself in stoumach* *runs up to archers* *stabs two and lets go of weapons* *punches archer and breaks leg* *elbows an archers throat breaking his windpipe* *takes sword and knife out of dead bodies* *stabs the archer with broken leg in throat with sword* Junair: well...thats taken care of.... Templar Captain: Archers! Is anyone up there! Archers!? Crap! there gone! Junair: take out the spearmen first... *Assassinates a guard with knife and puts sword away* *grabs guard spear and and stabs guard in stoumach then put spear in ground and the guards body slides down* *gets stabbed in shoulder with halberd* Junair: AHH! *breathes heavily* *grabs halberd Handle* pulls out of shoulder* *kicks guard then makes Halberd blade stick in throat* Templar Captain: (Scared Voice) Guards! Help! Guards! Junair: there all dead.... and soon youll join them. *Stabs in knee with knife* (font changed again) *takes knife out of knee* Rest in Peace My Brother.... (not really brothers)*stabs in throat with knife*


    Occupation: Assassin

    Age: 21

    I swear to act mature while playing on this SERVER and to follow its rules. (sorry i accidently deleted it)

    First of all, you need to reread the rules. Second of all, you need a character that isn't ripped straight from assassin's creed?
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    Quote from sdadaninja

    IGN: sdada2
    Location: New,Jersey
    Faction: none at the moment (I plan to join FSA)
    RP Name: Kult
    Character Race: Humans
    RP character's Desire: To be the best airship pilot I can be.
    Previous Role-play experience(optional) (I have not played one yet but it seems cool)
    Example of Role-play of Character: *The FSA's best airship flyer Kult flew the FSA's to attacking the enemy base the Outcasts* *reason they attacked FSA for no exact reason when no one was online but the owner of realm of gwomath incorruptable found out and gave them a chance for revenge* Kult and the FSA raid the base of the Outcasts. *Ash manages to survive last somehow... * Ash: "what have you done!" Kult: "FSA shall rule you!" Ash: "I shall not be ruled by you!" *Kult uses a lightning scroll on Ash (that kills him) * Kult: "we wont have to worry about Ash ever again but if we do we will be ready!"
    I swear to act mature while playing on this server and to follow its rules.


    Still missing something.

    Quote from SevenRin

    Location: USA, Missouri
    Faction: FSA
    RP Name:
    Thael'mane Oakstone
    Character Race: Half-Elf
    RP character's Desire: To rid the world of darkness and destruction.
    Previous Role-play experience(optional)
    Example of Role-play of Character:
    "The light can only be found by your heart not others....but darkness can take over your light and blow out the candles of hope, my apprentice"
    I swear to act mature while playing on this server and to follow its rules.

    Definitely need to pad out the application some more, and missing something important
    Quote from CrafterRyan

    IGN: ItsRyanHeree

    Location: United Kingdom

    Faction: FSA

    RP Name: Llyvin Vids

    Character Race: Human

    RP character's Desire: To become a powerful, valiant being.

    Previous Role-play experience(optional) A couple of servers.

    Example of Role-play of Character:

    "One is not granted wisdom, for he must gain it only through the power of his mind."
    "Is that glass your wearing? For I can see right through your evil."
    "A man with hair is afraid of something, a bald man knows something."
    ​Llyvin knew something suspicious had arisen, he grabbed his ancient Excalibur and with great might struck his blade in to the heart of lionsgate's most worthy ally. Buffalo is no more.

    I swear to act mature while playing on this server and to follow its rules.

    Looks good, adding you to the whitelist now.
    Quote from minerwulfsALT

    IGN: minerwulf
    Location: USA- Central time
    Faction: Outcasts
    RP Name: Alina
    Character Race: Human
    RP character's Desire: To rob, trap, and kill the foolish humans and elves who think they're so much better than her.
    Previous Role-play experience(optional) A handful of fantasy roleplay servers, Historical and Sci-Fi based roleplay servers.
    Example of Role-play of Character:
    *Lies in wait at the entrance of the small tavern, with the sign reading "Lionsgate"* *watches as her target leaves, stumbling along the poorly lit road and smiles* *Runs paralell to the road, but behind the treeline as he approaches her trap* *He steps into the tripwire, and seconds later an arrow buzzes past his face* *She runs up, dagger drawn*
    Alina: Give me your gold, fool!
    *The man shouts*
    Alina: *Curses under her breath and runs back into the treeline*
    I swear to act mature while playing on this server and to follow its rules.

    Also looks good, adding you to the whitelist now.

    A formal Announcement (And an apology to those who applied for it already):

    As of now, the FSA is officially closed. The other factions need players, and the FSA is massively bloated currently. The staff apologizes for any inconvenience this causes for applicants, but until there's a reasonable number of players in the other factions, it needs to be done.
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    I have been asked to formally announce here: I am sorry to say, but GhettoHearts has been removed from the staff team, after a long hard debate. The precise results have been asked to not be disclosed, but there is a majority, and as such, we have unfortunately reached the decision to demote her. We thank you very much for your tenure as staff, ghetto, and hope that you will continue to enjoy playing on the server.
    -The staff team
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    IGN: Kloud_strife
    Past Experience: iKings Stargate Coalition of Servers. Civilization: Expedition Earth, Admin. Hogwarts RP Experience, Admin. Mineland, Admin. Mineland 2.0, Admin. (lots of iking, all over the place)
    Why I believe I Would be a good candidate: I've been a part of this server since almost it's inception, coming along maybe a week after it was launched in may, which means that I'm experienced with how the server works, as well as many of the problems I'd encounter in this position. For most of that time, I've sworn off being staff (blame iking), but I realized recently that I really would like to help the server more, so I'm applying here, now.
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    (Applying for a friend of mine, who doesn't have forums access)

    IGN: jinglesjangles
    Location: U.S.
    Faction: Valnaar
    RP Name: Ike
    RP character's Desire: Revenge!
    Previous Roleeplay experience(optional): Nope.
    Example of Roleplay of Character: " I swear I will have revenge."

    I swear to act mature while playing on this server and to follow its rules: Yes, I do.
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    posted a message on Oh lookie, a skin edit request.
    This one is kind of a dual request right here.
    I am completely useless at making skins. Completely, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this thread.
    So, I got this skin out of skindex for a server I play on (a roleplay one), but it's completely the wrong age and I don't know how to do any kinds of hair shadings or thingies.

    If someone could make him look about age... 30 I guess, that would be good. (Pretty much just change the hair.)
    As for the second part, if someone could do a werewolf ski nwith this guys clothes... well... Yeah, I'm requesting that as well.

    Credit goes completely to sime555 on the skindex for this skin.
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    posted a message on Survive the Above User's Attack
    There's a trampoline at the bottom./
    The below user is forced to think of an original way out of the following attack.
    I shoot you with a pistol
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    IGN: Kloud_strife
    Location: Florida
    Faction: Samatonia
    RP Name: Sethent Levin
    RP character's Desire: To live his life in peace, away from the surface world.
    Previous Roleeplay experience(optional): Cecelia, Hogwarts Roleplay Server, Civilization:Expedition Earth
    Example of Roleplay of Character:
    "Begone from this place, human. Your kind is not meant here."
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    Whitelist app

    IGN: Kloud_Strife

    Name: Ken

    Age: 17 years old

    Location: Florida, USA

    Desired Faction: Lightbringers

    Why You Want to Join The Server(NEW): Honestly, I'm looking for a good beta (err, minecraft) server to call my own, as my old standby recently shut down.

    In Game Character Main Desire: To protect Cecelia and make a difference in the world.

    In Game Character Name: Herzac Vamuin

    In Game Character Element: Light, subelement flame.

    In Game Roleplay Example: "My blade will defend the honor of Cecelia for as long as need be, do not doubt my dedication."

    First Thing Your Going To Do Ingame: Begin training and learning more of the politics of the server.

    I will obey the server rules and respect my fellow players.
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    posted a message on The Miner Scrolls: Itivya [WIP]
    lore-Master app
    What have you written before?: Written a few novels for writing contests in school. Participated in NaNoWriMo this year.
    What do you know about RPG games?: I've been quite the rpg addict since I saw young (Shows in my username) and once I discovered Elder scrolls style gameplay, I just couldn't let go.
    Do you have Skype?: Indeed
    Can you write about 4-5 pages long of lore?: Yep
    What is your IGN?: Kloud_strife
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    posted a message on Doctor Who Client Mod - Open Alpha Now Available to play NOW! (Bigger on the Inside, TARDIS Flight, Planets, Sonics & way MORE!)
    I must say, I can't wait for this mod to come out. The second I heard of it, I was hooked.
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    I dont know if this issue has been resolved yet, but I can vouch for dancer, fozzik, and stone. i wasn't on during the incident, but I came on this morning and there were holes dug only were chests where. the entire base was made of cobble, so he couldnt have known using that.
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