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    posted a message on Blocks You May Not Receive Normally Being Added To The Creative Menu
    Hello there, I am here to discuss what should be added to the creative menu and not (These blocks are ones that can be only acquired with commands such as /give)

    1. Barriers should be added to the creative menu as many people don't know about these and people should be able access this block easier and many people when making adventure maps for the first time forget about this block as it is very useful.

    About the barrier:

    The id is 166

    To access in 1.8+ just type /give [Your Name] barrier

    When placed it will show a cross sign, and when deselected it will slowly become invisible

    When selected again all barriers in a small radius will be revealed

    Please Leave You Suggestions to this subject!
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    posted a message on Come to our 1.7.10 Server... NajetoNetworks
    NajetoNetworks is a server that contains factions and a NEW Gamemode Normal Survival

    IP: najetonetworks.mymc.io

    Planet MC:http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/nagetoservers/


    Owner: BobbyBomb!

    Person Who Posted This: Spyro136 (Tester)

    Website To Buy If You Are Lazy:http://najetoservers.buycraft.net/category/379401
    Take Note That They Last Forever!
    Use /buy Comamand to purchase ranks
    Donator: $5 (Lowest Rank)
    Supporter: $10 (Highest Current Rank)

    Hope you enjoy your time at NajetoServers!

    Picture: Spyro136 In The Spawn Area!
    Picture 2: Spyro136 with the old mascot!

    Update 1: My Rank Has Changed, New IP and a new rank
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    posted a message on Smart Moving Server!
    I'm looking to. And I looked on this thread XD
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    posted a message on Ninja pack!
    This should be one because swords would be Kanata and arrow throwing star it would be epic
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    posted a message on Why refer to gold as 'butter'? Gold ingots do not look, nor act like butter!
    Dude its just a saying Skydoesminecraft made it up!!! beside gold sucks while butter rules!!
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    posted a message on Dj skins
    Please post your dj skins here e.g
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    posted a message on Pixelmon adventure needs builders!
    Pixelmon adventure is a server when people can go on a journey and battle!! if you want to apply please type down details below and what role you wanna be!!!
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