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    posted a message on MaxxMC4 Server Staff Apps.
    1: How old are you {age doesn't matter}: 14

    2: What experience do you have: I have been a Moderator for three servers, Co-Owner for one server, an Admin on one server, and a Helper on two servers.

    3: What plugins do you know how to use: Umm... none because one the servers I were staff on, the Owners did all that stuff. But I promise you I could still be a great staff person even though I am bad with plugins. :) And if worse comes to worse, I'd be happy to do sone research. ;)

    4: How many days {ruffly} will you be on: All the time!! Or as much as I can- which will be a lot. XD

    5: Can I trust you with this much Power: Of course you can! I hate it when people abuse power just for the fun of it!

    Comments?: Just to be clear, I am very trustworthy and DO NOT EVER grief ANYBODY. XD Sorry if that sounded a bit desperate, I just really wanted you to know that. ;)

    Questions?: When will the server be up? I'm anxious to see it even if I don't make staff. ;)

    Also I would be willing to go for Moderator? Or possibly Admin? Thanks! :)
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    posted a message on HELP! Can't Stop Mob Spawning
    Why don't you try Peaceful mode!?!?
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    posted a message on Mob spawning problem!
    There is unfortunately no plugins for this, but why don't you try turning the world mode to Peaceful? I once had this problem before too... and that seemed to work for me. Hope this helped!
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    posted a message on How To Reduce Minecraft Lag !
    Quote from ATacticalPotato

    Please help me!

    when I run minecraft normally, its fine. (45-50 FPS)

    but when I record, I get 1 FPS

    That's normal when recording and sadly there is nothing you can do... maybe try download Optifine?
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    posted a message on Having issues with my Minecraft world lagging.
    Hey! So sorry if this is late... but I have a few suggestions that might work. ;)

    Ok so first, try checking to see if anything is wrong with your internet connection. If there is nothing wrong and lag still happens, go to the link I am about to put up to download Optifine. If you have it or it doesn't work, there is nothing I could do. Sorry!

    Here is the link:


    And I also did some research and these comments might be helpful. ;)


    By: mwraaaaaah: I think when addressing a problem, it is important to know where the problem originates.

    Are you experiencing FPS lag? FPS lag is like you're watching a really choppy video and frames are frozen for noticeable time. If this is happening, it is a local machine problem:
    -Your computer cannot run minecraft so well. Upgrade your computer to fix. Usually a RAM/GPU problem.
    -Something is using up all your system resources. Close out of anything you aren't using.
    -You haven't restarted your computer in weeks. Restart your computer.

    (multiplayer only) Are you experiencing high latency? High latency is when your game seems to be working fine visually, but other players and/or mobs seem to be jumping from one place to another. If this is happening, it is a network problem.
    -The problem may not be on your network; it could be a problem on the other end. Nothing you can do about this.
    -You or someone in your network is downloading or uploading something and it is using all your bandwidth.
    -The server may have tick lag. Also nothing you can do about this.


    By: aNaturalCause

    My Suggestions to reduce lag - If you are not running a decent rig or even if you are!
    In Minecraft press the escape key (ESC) this will bring you to the Game menu.
    Next click on Options…
    From there choose Video Settings…
    Change the following:
      • Graphics: Fast
      • Render Distance: Tiny (limits view distance to 32 blocks) - Do you reall need to see Far? Besides you need 64 Java for this (Far that is)
      • Smooth Lighting: Off or Minimum
      • Performance: Balanced or Powersaver (limits to 35fps) - Your playing minecraft do you need 120 FPS?
      • Advanced OpenGL: Off
      • Particles: Decreased
      • Use VSync: Off -
      • Enabling VSync fixes tearing, but increases input latency and causes stuttering if one's computer cannot draw enough frames per second.

    Doing this should really increase your performance and reduce the ‘Lag’ you may see.
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    posted a message on NO MOBS IN FLAT WORLD!!!
    I am sorry I'm a newb!! I forgot u could change it to peaceful... and I have NO idea what the *new* EULA has to do with this! There is no reason to be rude about it!
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    posted a message on NO MOBS IN FLAT WORLD!!!
    I totally agree! If someone wants a super flat world, hello Mojang they probably just want a world to build on without a bunch of structures in their way. Then when you make a super flat world there is a million stupid slimes and animals that spawn! Then if you want them away, you have to go around and kill them all in the area you want cleared... I mean really?
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