About Me

I am a long time member of the Minecraft Forum, 5 years, and 5 Months to be exact. I'm a long time community member of the Fallout RP community (even if the community isn't necessarily "organized"), and obviously I love Minecraft and Fallout.

I'm the President of Chevron Studios, and Manager of the Spartanlaser Productions Branch of the Company. Which means I do a lot of texturing, some videos occasionally and such.

I've Staffed at

Fallout: War Never Changes as the Head Administrator, and then Owner (I was actually 13-14 when I managed this server)

Fallout: Wild Wasteland (The Original) As the Owner (14- early 16)

Current Projects:

I'm currently working on a project with the in-house name of "Ouroboros", which should be hitting off soon, but that is the most I'm allowed to talk about in-house information. ;)

If you couldn't tell by my previous avatar I'm an Enclave Fanboy, God Bless the Enclave :3 I personally have a set of dog tags with my Enclave Enlistment Information on them.

It goes like this:

1st Sgt. A.H Winters


USVC (United States Vertibird Corps) PA (Power Armor Size) Large

Second Tag:

Vertibird Corps - Raven Rock Detachment

Callsign "King"

"Duty, Honor, Country"

Obviously I'm a Furry ;)
My current Avatar is a drawing that I made of my Fursona, King. Don't hate please ;P


Fallout Series as a whole
Enclave Stuff, Apparel etc.
Military History
World War Two Era Tanks
World War Two Era Planes
Luftwaffe Aces, and Wehrmacht tank Aces
Lets plays
Furry things ;)

Location Rhode Island in a bunker

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Website URL http://Do Not Have One Skype SpartanlaserX1