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    Hello there,

    I was just wondering what happened to Vattic and his famous resourcepack "Faithful 32x32" because I am working on a shader addon for his project but I can't find his original forum thread to link him.

    Does anybody know what happened to him?

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    Faithful Shader Support is a Minecraft-Resourcepack

    addon to enhance the graphics of your game. It contains

    Parallax maps and Specular maps which you can activate

    by using a shader like KUDA, SEUS or any shader

    containing resourcepack support.

    How to install FSS.


    You can download Vattic's Faithful resourcepack on his forum thread.

    You can download Faithful Shader Support on my website: Click here


    You may:

    - Record videos and take screenshots with this shader support and publish them only if you give credit.

    - Modify this shader addon for your own purpose only.

    You may not:

    - Re-upload this shader addon anywhere and claim it as your own.

    - Use these textures or parts of them without my permission.

    Also, I'd love to hear some feedback about my shader addon! :)

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