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    posted a message on [Request] [Better with mods] mechanicle power to FE

    Better with mods adds mechanicle power which is wired through axles to make different blocks work.

    For a progression-heavy modpack it would be nice if there was a block to convert this mechanical energy to RF/FE.

    The recipe for such an generator does not really matter, but i think it should include soulforged steel which is kindof the highend material in Better with mods.

    Also on the other hand creating a motor that creates mechanical energy from an RF/FE source.

    The mod could be named "better with electricity".

    targetted minecraft version should be 1.12 (maybe 1.10+)

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    posted a message on Make the world feel more alive -- Booming Ecosystem

    you want your singleplayer world to feel alive? Wouldn't it be great to have your single player open to anyone that wants to join?

    so ... making singleplayer "feel" alive, by not being singleplayer? that sounds stupid.

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    posted a message on Make the world feel more alive -- Land Ownership

    I don’t understand what everyone’s hate towards multiplayer only features is. If it doesn’t harm single player what’s the big deal?

    it has nothing to do with "multiplayer only feature".

    the title is "make the world feel more alive", the suggestion does imho nothing to provide that. its just OPs whish that something that has enough different implementations as mod becomes part of vanilla.

    also, its kind of immersion breaking. the immersive way of claiming land would be: build a fence.

    this suggestion would be: use some console command, have a moderator that predefines land plots, ... or something like this. it really should stay a mod-feature because it comes with enough config tasks.

    also, another thing why this is a bad suggestion: its only to support his other suggestion which is as bad as this.

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    posted a message on A new combat system

    "Heavy attacks are charged by holding left click. This adds a percentage increase in damage on top of light attack damage."

    "All light attacks are the same speed (identical to that of 1.8, with a max CPS of 10)"

    so you decide to either: do 10 light attacks, in a second. or charge for a linear increase if you can successfully hold the heavy attack, which has the disadvantage that you're telegraphing your attack.

    uhm ... noone would use heavy attacks. only to one-shot mobs, but for singleplayer the system does not matter at all.

    No support

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    posted a message on Enhance Minecraft aesteticism

    Thank you. Sadly, as I'm sure you're aware, Mojang (and parts of the community) still try to ride the excuse of "it's a small development team." However, this is not true in any form. They have recently gotten tons of new people on the Java Edition team, a whole new team for Bedrock Edition, and all the people they want from Microsoft.

    Yeah, thats how it works. Even if they had 500 people working on bedrock, that would change anything on the java version.

    And no: they cannot take any developer from Microsoft. Those developers are in other projects or even other companies. Microsoft Studios contains 10 game studios worldwide. think of them as mostly separate teams. Sure microsoft has enough money to hire new people, but if you have 9 women they won't give birth in 1 month, and throwing 10 programmers at rewriting the lightning eninge might even decrease the progression speed, because you'll introduce a communication overhead.

    why is that an issue? Mojang has rewrited the world generation a lot, changed the block ID limit, and completely changed commands.

    - changing commands, is a simple text parser. nothing really depends on it.

    - world generation is a file format and a procedural world-gen algorithm. pretty much standalone. care a bit about backwards compatibility.

    - block ID is a bit tougher, sure.

    but with lightning, you'd have to rewrite the whole rendering engine (everything else would not make a lot of sense).

    designing and introducing 1 new mob and 3 new blocks with the next update -> player base will mostly be satisfied with this. sure there are the "modded"-players who absolutely ignore the update, and there are players that spam this forum with not-new ideas every few months. but the playerbase is so large that those people can be savely ignored.

    spending over a full year on rewriting the rendering engine, with the only visible effect being .... well. less transparency glitches?

    absolutely not worth it.

    visuals like shown in the image above, won't be in minecraft for at least the next 3 years. simply because minecraft uses a highly optimized voxel engine, and most of the visuals are onto that voxel engine.

    you cannot open blender importing some cubes and minecraft textures and let blender render the scene in a few seconds-minutes and hoping that minecraft (which supports so much more blocks plus game logic and ai) can do it in realtime.


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    posted a message on Make Pigs Great Again!

    pigmen villages in the nether that trade with truffle

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    posted a message on [Request] Automated Harvester

    yeah forgot to mention industrial foregoing in the "bloatware" part.

    just to elaborate this more:

    - 'tiny dry rubber' is 100% redundant. it could simply take 9 times as long and 9 times the amount of latex to create a 'dry rubber' piece

    - last time i had it in a pack i had huge problems with JEI, for some machines i could not see the recipe just the manual entry and had to place everything manually in the crafting table. (using the guide api would be an improvement over the manual imho)

    - the tree fluid extractor is imho a huge pain in the ass

    - the mod contains many machines and all the stuff for automation, but you can't use it as "main" automation mod, cause pipes are missing ... d'oh

    'm currently using cyclic because it has a great config-file where i can disable everything that seems OP or redundant. (but i have to admit the harvester itself feels kinda OP ... it generates so much RF from coal, if i could extract it, i would not need any other energy source).

    one downsite: i don't get seeds back when the crops are harvested automatically, so i can't increase the amount of plants this way.

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    posted a message on [Request] Automated Harvester

    Hi, i'm searching for a Farming-Automation mod, that works with Mystical Agriculture.

    The Block should eat some RF (or equal energy system) and should work with pipes (e.g. those from Mekanism).

    - I rly like the Farming Station from Ender I/O but it isn't 1.12 yet.

    - The Farmer from Actually Additions would probably work, but the mod comes with an huge amount of bloatware (imho) and no good way to disable it

    - Same goes for Botania and forestry

    i just want a way to automate my Mystical Agriculture farm. bonus points if its an Addon to Mekanism (and as those works with upgrades from it).

    (while it does not rly fit into the Mekanism style, this is currently my main mod in this 1.12 playthrough)

    i think there are way to many mods out there that are a jack of all trades. but imho more mods should focus on one thing, and do it well.

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    posted a message on Mod Rejection Help

    do you have the mods installed just on your local minecraft or have you installed them on the server too?

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    posted a message on Winged Chestplate
    Why It Should Be Implemented:
    Because not having this makes one of the hardest items to obtain in the game essentially useless. Who would go out adventuring with an Elytra on when they can opt for a nice diamond chest plate?

    In a combat scenario, it would not make sense to have an Elytra when a chest plate is available. On the other side of the same coin, in most other scenarios, it makes no sense to have a chest plate and not an Elytra.

    this two points seem to contradict each other ...

    Currently Elytras are nothing more than incredibly hard to obtain toys and nothing more. Adding this feature would add yet another layer of depth to the armor system, which is always nice.

    no, the layer of depth in the armor system is that you need to make a choice: armor or utility? "one item more to craft" is not the same as depth. forcing the player to make choices, this is depth. the player should not have an item which is obviously best in slot
    About Balancing:
    [...] As long as Elytras are available to all players who are willing to put in the work to obtain them, there is no need to balance it with an unrelated piece of gear.

    lets make the bow craftable with a sword to have weapon that hits ultra hard in meele and range - it would not be op cause everyone could have one -.-

    it would be OP because without one you'd be in a huge disadvantage. to make you understand balancing:

    in skyrim there are swords, axes and maces. while swords are faster they are weaker than maces so in overall they are equally strong. the player can make a choice depending on his personal preference. would swords be now faster and stronger than maces there would be no point in picking not a sword -> it would be over powered.

    in MOBAs there are different classes, if a tank would do the same damage as an damage dealer and also have as much utility as a supporter, why would anyone not pick this tank?

    currently players need to make a choice: armor or utility - depending on skill and personal preference (note: its part of skill to know when to switch elytra with armor). your suggestion would take away that choice, taking away depth, forcing players to this piece of gear because its the obvious best in slot which would mean its OP.

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    posted a message on Colored Doors and other Idea

    - why wasn't your title "colored doors and swords" or "colored stuff"?

    - why posting an suggestion of which you think "it's probably gonna suck"

    - your post is really bad formated, it could be WAY clearer.

    - leather armor can already be dyed.

    - colored torches/lamps -> see the suggestion about colored light.


    What i like about your suggestion:

    Anyways, colored doors shouldn't appear in the creative menu, (like colored firework charges) because it could take up a lot of space when players can easily just craft it.

    I think this should be the case for all colored variants, just showing the base color.


    I think there should be an more general way of dyeing.

    There should be an Interface similar to the Chisel-Mod interface, where you put a dyeable block and put a dye (as fuel) and take out a dyed version of the block.

    It would be nice if you could transform different wood-plank types this way.

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    posted a message on Add more food types

    you should elaborate your suggestion more. whats the point in more food types if they behave exactly like the current ones?

    just having more to have more is in my opinion not worth an addition (to the main game). there are plenty of mods that add different plants, foods and meals.

    no support

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 4: The Crafting (Updated 9/15/17)

    okay, i've got a bit free-time so i thought i'll look back into this thread :/ (meh ... should be more consequent)

    Look, if you've got a better idea, I'm willing to listen, but I'll need more than "a bigger grid is too complicated" to make such a major change.

    oh, i've got better ideas. to be honest, what i've had in my mind is nearly what badprenup explained. but i never thought it would be my job to fix your suggestion.

    to give a bit of what i've had in my mind:

    made two mockups: http://imgur.com/a/NDnYw (btw, you should do this too, for your suggestions

    i added 3 slots on an anvil for modifiers - they unlock further slots, or add flat bonuses like more durability. they are dungeon loot -> 'force' the player to explore. (insert a chapter about new world generation and new dungeons here)

    (i imagine equipable items like in games like diablo and borderlands, multiple stats, affixes and so on. so each material and modifier you use has an impact on the outcome, to get the top-notch items you need top-notch materials)

    (changes to weapons/combat:

    - proper animations

    - swords always slash - even when hit into the air)

    (there should be difficulty on biomes, e.g. [wasteland] biomes, with small holes in the earth where spiders come out of, harsh region, high difficulty but there generate structures and dungeons with rly valuable loot

    - depending on the spawned biome monsters have different HP values)

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 4: The Crafting (Updated 9/15/17)

    If I were to explain how any mechanic in base Minecraft [/i]is in detail, it'd be just as complicated.

    why always hiding behind such sentences? noone asked for an explanation about minecraft base mechanics.

    You may not know exactly what I want to suggest, but you then should wait for more details instead of condemning a system you don't know much about.

    so you just open threads in an online forum and tell people "wait till i opened the other 3 threads before you tell me that you don't like it".

    However, now that you mention that, I may increase stack sizes or give the player to craft from a nearby chest.

    glad i could patch your idea.

    Again, Tinker's Construct [/i]is more complicated than this system.

    yeah, no its not. its complex. complex is not complicated. its pretty easy: have a bench and select the tool you want, it tells you which shapes you need. craft those shapes in the materials you want.

    streamline the process, get rid of the liquid metal tank and smelting system (since it does not rly fit into vanilla minecraft) and you've got a better system than 7x7 grids. but it seems to me you are so deep in your "minecraft 2 - suggestion" and wanting us to like it and see its awesomeness, that you can't accept its flaws.

    A larger grid is familiar to the current players and is simple to utilize.

    current players? there are 0 players playing "minecraft 2".

    and for minecraft: there are 5 (crafting bench, furnace, enchanter, anvil, brewing station) crafting stations. 1 of those 5 has a grid and this grid is with the addition of the recipe book optional.

    Again, the graphics thing was to address a couple of concerns about what I meant when I said "better graphics," since that was brought up a lot in the first part. When designing a game, the engine and the renderer are incredibly important to discuss early on.....

    I've got an bachelor degree in Computer Science. My course of studies was "digital media and games" with focus on games. If you're trying to explain a game idea, you NEVER start with the engine. you explain the game, so you know what your game needs, so you pick a engine that fits your needs.

    btw, for a game like minecraft you'd propably write your own engine (cause there aren't that many usefull voxel engines out there) so engine would not be your limitation.

    (completely ignoring the fact that your games i purely hypothetical)

    i can't even fit into words how stupid your last paragraph sounds to me. on your first posts i thought, "yeah he does not know better". but I've come to the conclusion that this 'minecraft 2' series of your's is just trolling.

    - so i'm out of this thread. good luck

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 4: The Crafting (Updated 9/15/17)

    hat you want to archive → cool.

    how you want it → sounds overly complicated.

    since its not even remotely clear to me how you imagine "progress" i can just judge your suggestion based on minecraft as is or games in general. (see end of the post)

    larger crafting benches

    "bigger tables would be required to craft some of the more powerful gear"

    - from a gameplay point larger crafting benches are not necessary. [you can craft an anvil on an 3x3 grid, but you can also on an 5x9]

    - why would you need more powerfull gear? maybe explain your overall design before going into detail?

    "Besides, a 7x7 grid isn't actually all that large and can be filled in no time."

    7x7=49, current inventory size is 4x9=36. you suggest an initial size of 3x10=30...... up to 70 total slots

    so you end up, using all your inventory for crafting (say you want to craft whole stacks, or with unstackable items)


    since i'm not the only one that mentioned tinkers constructs, maybe you should focus on how to simplify such an system instead of forcing the people to like your 7x7 grid ...

    enchantment gems

    so, you think minecraft is to fast finished, but you remove the RNG aspect completely from enchanting, which currently is a huge aspect (time-wise) of the game? that interesting.

    yeah .... can't say i like the proposed changes to enchanting and brewing.

    Could you explain?

    since i don't like the anvil suggestions (at all) the enchanted gems would not fit in.

    i mean, i could see a possible usage of enchanted gems, but they aren't worth more than enchanted books. I've got no problem with the randomness (hey, i'm an diablo 3 player of the first hour).


    you drink potions twice as fast, [...] consuming a second potion within 30 seconds of another will give you nausea for 30 seconds

    that sounds balanced /irony
    (that's a 30 second cooldown of drinking potions effectively)

    they stack to 4. [...] splash potions are replaced with tipped arrows, which are made by combining one arrow with a potion....

    and here i hoped you'd make throwing potions a viable alternative to the bow - which would rly made potions interesting.

    Potions are clunky...

    perfectly timing brewing

    yeah, make it complicated, that's the right way to make it less clunky.

    ...and often underpowered.

    ocean monument without breathing potion?

    fire resistance can be neat too.

    balancing mobs so that regeneration potion is useful against wither and poison debuff?

    to sum the problems with brewing up for you, since you didn't (want to) understand what others wrote:

    you're making potions unattractive if you give them such an debuff, which can only overcome with an even more annoying way to craft/combine them. you could just let the system as is, and just change the world around to have them more valuable.

    (btw, cerroz comparisson wasn't that bad.)


    Well, I think it's best to work from the basics. Each part is designed to build off previous parts: We created our engine, then we made our rendering engine on top of that. Now that we have a working game engine, we then made our player, and now that we have that, our player can now craft. However, if I hadn't discussed crafting and instead moved on to more complicated things like the new dimensions first, you'd be even more confused on how I expect you to progress when I talk about getting the blueprint that allows you to make the portal to them.

    oO. gameplay first.

    first you start with changes to the world (generation) and progression. followed by mobs, and bosses. then you can conclude which impact this has on the player. now would be a good time to give in more detail in things like loot and crafting.

    and engine and graphics are such a tiny aspect, you could have them as checklist and it would be fine for a suggestion. (i mean your suggestion about graphics was "light has no gameplay effect anymore, but it will have colors, and we have nice effects from optifine" wasn't even worth to start a topic about it - basically same for engine)

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