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    posted a message on [OLD]PopularMMOs: You are Jen Mod AKA SuperGirlyGamer Mod

    Thank You! I will continue making it! :) After I finished a Find The Button map...

    <!-- Next Dev Comment -->Phsyborg I would love to see They play it! :) It looks cool! :)

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    Idk when I can update the mod... My computer died agin :(

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    posted a message on --- 10 Ways to Die! --- [Played By: SuperGirlyGamer, PopularMMOs, ThnxCya]

    Sorry for my English, I'm Hungarian.

    Please use 1.10.2 for Version 1.4 or 1.10 for Version 1.3!

    If You play my map & upload to Youtube please give a shout out for my name: Sonyika!

    Please use the resource pack in multiplayer too.

    More maps will comming soon, and mods too.

    If You find a bug please tell me.

    Thank You very much for downloading and playing my map! :)

    If You like my map please let me know, and I make more!

    Have a very nice day! :)

    Thank you so much ThnxCya for playing my map!! :D

    Version 1.4 is here!

    *Now compatible with 1.10.2!

    *Removed unused command blocks.

    *For 1.10.2

    Version 1.3 is here!

    *Updated the spawn.

    *Fiexed 2 bug.

    *Better multiplayer support.

    *For 1.10

    V1.4 Download:

    Download my 2nd 10 Ways To Die Map For 1.12!

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    posted a message on [OLD]PopularMMOs: You are Jen Mod AKA SuperGirlyGamer Mod

    Thank You! :)

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    posted a message on CHAOS DIMENSION Mod Idea

    Sounds very great, I want to see this mod.

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    posted a message on Inventory Pets: Animated creatures that live in your inventory and give you amazing special abilities

    Woww :rolleyes:

    This is very good! :)

    Keep up the good work! :D

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    posted a message on [OLD]PopularMMOs: You are Jen Mod AKA SuperGirlyGamer Mod

    This mod is made for PopularMMOs!

    Pat! If You make a mod review please use the 1.8.9 version! Thank You! :)

    I hope They like it! :)

    New version: 50% done:

    For: 1.9 & 1.9.4 & 1.10

    It will called V10




    Sorry for my English, I'm Hungarian.

    I working on a mod remake... But I need a lot of time.

    I worked very hard on this mod, I don't have enough time, so I choosed this awsome modmaker! :)

    This mod is 1.9 but there is some older version for 1.8.9. Or if Pat
    & Jen want to use it in Epic Proportions i can make it to 1.7.10.

    There are bugs in the 1.9 version, I try to fix them, and a lot of
    item not in the 1.9 version. If You can use the 1.8.9. I update the
    1.8.9 & 1.9 version every week one.

    Version 1.6.8 & update:

    - Added Pink Googles gives you regeneration.

    - Removed Jen mob spawning.

    - You can use Pink Block & Pink Dust as fuel.

    - Cookie block drops 9 cookie insted itself.

    - Added Jen Spawning Stick. If You using in 1.8.9:

    When You spawn a Jen
    it will spawn 2 but 1 is a "ghost", If You exit from Your world and
    relog it will disapers.

    This mod adds a new things, but later it adds more:

      • Pink Ore: Can be found in the main world, if you mine it, it drops Pink Dust.

      • Pink Dust: Dropped by Pink Ore, you can make tools, or use it as fuel.

      • Pink Apple: Better than Golden Appple and much cheaper, and it's pink JEN!

      • Pink Axe: very strong, and fast axe. //NOT in 1.9

      • Pink Hoe: It's not very strong but it's okay...

      • Pink Shovel: What can i say? It's a normal shovel but has a lot of attack damage...

      • Pink Sword: If you right click it shoots arrow!

      • Pink Pickaxe: Very powerful...

      • Pink Apple Cow: WOW what the fastest and cheapest way to have Pink Appel? Kill them all!

      • Jen Armour: It's pink and give a lot of good potion effect.

      • Coocked Pufferfish: Give 25ms of regeration. Jen: How dare you? You cooked a pufferfish?

      • The mod add 3 new achievement.

      • PufferFish Mob!!!!!!

      • Jen's Thunder stick: Right click and a lighting is went into you... (
      • I think that's how to say it...) But don't worry it will gives you
        regereration, resistanc, and deal damage for the mobs.

      • SuperGirlyGamer Deadhless Armour: Jen! Now you never dead! It's
      • always give you the same effect as Lucky Potion, for forever! (But if
        you wear the armour, you looks a tiny little bit chubby...) //In 1.9
        inted of Pink Apple You need to use Pink Block

      • Lovely Tree: I know Jen build it for 1 hour, but now only a right click you can make an another tree...

      • Pink Block

      • Pink Dust

      • Cookie Block

      • Strawberry Plant: after a few seconds You can harvest and You get Strawberry Food. //NOT in 1.9

      • Strawberry Food //NOT in 1.9

      • Strawberry Seeds: You can craft Strawberry Plant from it. //NOT in 1.9

      • Ancient Ruby: Very rear.

      • Ruby

      • Ancient Ruby Tool: Very powerful tool, can break anything. //NOT in 1.9

      • Jen Spawning Stick
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