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    You've no idea how excited I am about this! Thanks so much to CreativeMD for taking over the development of this mod after I've gotten so busy with school. He may have only done "10-20%" of the port, but without him this mod would have never been updated!

    Have a diamond! :Diamond:

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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Enhanced Visuals v0.3 Deprecated [Updated 8/4/13] [23k Downloads] [Forge]
    Good news! I'm reviving this topic!

    As has been stated before, and has been restated by many posts in this topic, I am simply too busy and have other high priority things to do above this mod. I love modding, but college life is coming up and I already don't have enough time between school and prepping for college and life(it's like they expect you to give up everything!). Anyway, I(Sonicjumper) am no longer continuing this mod, but someone else may be able to take over. I have had a few PMs asking for my source code, so you may be in for a treat soon! When my successor re-releases the mod I will edit the main post to be a redirect to his post so you guys(and girls) can enjoy this awesome mod. I've missed it so much, and I've had several weeks I was tempted to just forget school and code. But sadly, I have to actually be smart(it's so dumb).

    Summarize that ^^^
    I'm passing on my mod to someone who will take care of it. I'll update you all on what is happening with this mod as it happens. I love this mod so much and I miss it!

    Sonic out!

    P.S. If someone gives me a time machine I will go back a few months and update this mod myself with all my spare time, but until then, it's a no-go.


    I don't know what you mean by "recreate". It was my mod to begin with you!
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    posted a message on Novscraft 2
    Update on the post I made earlier(would be nice if the topic manager made this a thing), I finished the plugin I was making to replace Novscraft. I've added a few things I thought were missing such as assist kills and >2 team maps, but it is essentially the same game.

    The IP is primecraftpvp.mcserver.ws

    I would love it if you dropped by sometime to check it out, maybe you can find a few of your friends and you can try it out together.
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    posted a message on Novscraft 2
    I've already started a remake of the plugin. I have the Capture the Flag game mode already recreated, as well as a good lobby and world system. If anyone would like to assist in the beta testing of future game modes and maps, please email me at [email protected] DO NOT PM ME!

    Please submit the request with your Skype name and reason why you want to help and what skills you may have(building, programming, etc.). I do want you to be dedicated to helping because I am dedicated to reviving this game.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Enhanced Visuals v0.3 Deprecated [Updated 8/4/13] [23k Downloads] [Forge]
    Mstql and Funwayguy have updated this mod to 1.6.4(and beyond) and will be the future maintainers of this mod. Anyone who is interested in downloading it should head over there.

    The information in my old post may not be entirely relevant to their updates, so don't depend on it.

    Old Post(1.6.2 and Prev.)

    Version 0.3 Snapshot 130804 Alpha
    Coded by Sonicjumper for Minecraft 1.6.2
    Official Art by many Authors, see below
    Info Update(new 7/29/13):
    Community Request:
    I'm still looking for an artist to do a Horror, Retro, and RPG theme pack. I have a decent Comic pack, but a dedicated Cartoon pack would be nice as well. Contact me here through a PM or on my Skype at Sonicjumper0 or on my twitter @SonicjumperHD.
    Sneak peeks:
    When having a low amount of health(less than 3 and 1/2 hearts) your screen will flicker gray
    Upon taking damage your character will "flinch"
    I'm recreating the mod, so the old pictures are no longer relevant. I'll post some new ones soon.
    Planned/Future Features:
    My goals for the next update are as follows:1. Decrease file size(some of you have been complaining). This is mainly due to my sloppiness of leaving in unused textures or using excessively large textures for the mod. I might split the download into 2 separate(one HD and one LD) for those of you who don't like better quality(which comes with a larger file size).2. Re-calculate all splats. I have decided that they get in the way too often than they are useful. After playing Skyrim one night I noticed how subtle the "splats" are on that game. I'll model blood and water splats a little more like that from now on.3. Sun flares! A lot of requests for this one. I'll find out some way to do this as best as I can, if not better.4. Altered low-health monitor. The animation for having low health will now be used to show a rapid decrease in health. So if you are injured very quickly it will flare up faster and stronger than if you are injured slower.5. Grayscale and blur low-health monitor. This has been requested a few times, but I have also seen it on other video games(such as the dayZ mod). Getting this to work might take a while, but I should be able to invest the time to do it.6. Multiplayer support. If I had a penny every time someone asked me about this, I would have a freaking lot of pennies. It will get done eventually, but I want it to actually work when it is done. If this takes more time, so be it.7. Underwater blur. This has also been requested a lot. It will mainly be modeled after Far Cry's water effect, but that's all the info I can give away now.8. Sound effects. This is a vague feature as of now, but the possibilities are growing. I hope to include option support for different voices/noises if you guys want that.9. In-game options. I know how annoying it is to deal with config files, I'll start putting my smarts to work and get an in-game thing set up for ya'll.10. "Face-wiping"? Possibly a feature. Just an easy way to clean your screen by pressing a certain key on your keyboard.11. Blinking. Another "could-be" feature. An addition to realism, so I would love to put it in if I get around to it.Anyway, all this and maybe more should be coming out sooner rather than later, but I cannot promise anything with my busy schedule. My job takes up a lot of time, but I'll try my best to make this amazing mod for all of you great supporters.
    Config File:
    The new config file contains several values and looks like this with all defaults. It is fairly self-explanatory.# Configuration file##################### general####################general { # This 'fills in' the gaps left by the current theme pack S:"Backup Theme Pack"=DefaultTheme # Increase only if you think your computer can handle it. Decrease if you want to keep blurs, but are having lag. D:"Blur Quality"=0.25 # Change this to the file name of any theme pack you have installed S:"Current Theme Pack"=DefaultTheme # Enable this to have blur filters render B:"Render Blur Flag"=false # Enable this to have better glows B:"True Glow Flag"=false}
    Snapshot Details(Read before installing snapshot):
    I will be providing snapshots every 3 to 4 days of a working version of the mod. By "working" I mean it won't crash under normal circumstances and the features in it should be relatively stable. This is by no means a representation of my progress, as I have made a lot of that, but I cannot release it to the public without putting the finishing touches on some features and refurbishing others.Anyway, back to the snapshots. They will be provided through a mediafire link, so you shouldn't have any troubles downloading them. Make sure to pay attention to any build specific instructions otherwise you will probably break something. Thanks to the new Minecraft launcher you can look at the development console to see any information my mod is showing you.Features of this snapshot:Brand spanking new render engine; way more freaking efficient than the old one(don't even ask how bad it was), so not as much lag should occurEvent-based rendering; this should get rid of any flickering issues there may have been beforeNew approach; the visuals should be less intrusive now, more ambience than an active featureThe only working visuals are blood, water, dust, low health, damage, and potions.Low-end shaders such as blurs are included in the snapshots and may be part of the finished product.Things I know about so don't tell me they are broken:Visuals remain on-screen while switching worldsIf you want a to-do list:Mess with the config and blur settings and tell me what works best for your computerI need to have multiplayer and LAN worlds testedJust play the game normally and tell me if anything weird happensINSTRUCTIONS - MUST READ OR DIE:Download the snapshot from the download belowPut it into your mods folder like any other forge modNow, UNZIP it to the mods directory, then remove/delete/get rid of the .zip fileThe result should be a folder with a similar name to the .zip file with two folders in it, "mods" and "assets"If your mods folder looks like I said, then you are good and the mod should run, knock yourself out and make sure to report any bugs/glitches/etc. to me either here or in a PMOh yeah, press that button in the bottom right corner of this post if you want more snapshots; they actually take time to process out.This is what it looks like on a mac. It's basically the same for all OS's though.Mods folder:EnhancedVisualsMod folder:
    Follow @SonicjumperHD on Twitter for updates
    V0.3 Alpha Snapshot130804 : Minecraft 1.6.2
    This snapshot contains 3 visual packs. DefaultTheme, Sphax, and Comic. You can set the Sphax or Comic as Primary or Secondary for different visual results.
    Official snapshot download, test and report any crashes to me.
    Old Downloads:
    Alpha:MC 1.5.2 - [V0.2.3.2]MC 1.5.1 - [V0.2.3]MC 1.4.6/1.4.7 - [V0.1.0] [V0.1.1] [V0.2.0] [V0.2.1] [V0.2.2a] [V0.2.2b]
    Change Log:

    v0.3 Alpha Snapshots
    - Snapshot 130804
    - Optimized blurs for better quality with no performance loss
    - Switched to a different rendering system. You won't notice unless you're a techy
    - Fixed Default Themepack to contain all textures. No more crashing upon loading
    - Updated to 1.6.2
    - Using snapshots, small releases that aren't complete, just demos of the new features
    - Rewrote render engine
    - Implemented dynamic splat counts
    v0.2.3.2 Alpha
    - Updated to 1.5.2
    v0.2.3 Alpha
    - Rendering technique re-done, should fix a few incompatibilities
    - Removed visible durability on tools because of a Forge change
    - Added the heartbeat sound
    - Added the sound loading system(going to be adding more in the future)
    v0.2.2b Alpha
    - Fixed a bug that caused the screen to be full red when low health
    v0.2.2a Alpha
    - Temporarily removed the static check for field asz.d, caused crashes
    - Tweak: Enderman static recalced again
    - Config: Enderman static toggle-able
    - Splat: Stone splats when mining rocky materials
    - Groundwork for "Style Packs" has been added, not yet ready for v0.3
    - Groundwork for "Smart Durability" has been added, not yet ready for v0.3+
    v0.2.1 Alpha
    - Added in a static check for field asz.d
    - Tweak: HD Blood overlay texture included
    - Tweak: Enderman static recalculated to be more accurate
    - 1/2 of a Bug Fix: Blood overlay over everything
    - Some more cleanup for performance increase
    v0.2.0 Alpha
    - Arrow Cracks Added!
    - Snow Added!
    - Sand Added!
    - Poison Added!
    - Animations(Slenderman Static) Added!
    - Potion Overlay Added!
    - Config File Added!
    - Tweak: Splats randomly scale to different sizes
    - Tweak: Blood calculation changed
    - Tweak: Water calculation changed
    - Tweak: Water detection more accurate
    - Tweak: Blood Overlay speed adjust, more performance, less Epilepsy :D
    - Bug Fix: Cactus not causing blood splats
    - Bug Fix: Rain in desert causes water splats
    - Bug Fix: Blood not rendering in the right positions
    - Some other things moved around to increase performance
    v0.1.1 Alpha
    - Bug Fix: Blood overlay rendering when it is not supposed to
    - Added a secret; not telling.... Hint: Look at the class files, just don't say anything
    v0.1.0 Alpha
    - Initial Release
    - All bugs in pre-alpha fixed
    Current Issues/Bugs:None since the recode. Everything is going well.Feedback/Support:
    - Follow me on Twitter @SonicjumperHD for news and updates.- If you would like to support my mods, go ahead and download them. Use the adf.ly link to give me free money. There is also a DONATE button, so yeah, buy me some coffeh!!!- If you LIKE my mods, go ahead and click the + button at the bottom right of this post.- If you have a comment/bug/suggestion/crash report/etc. you can go ahead and leave a comment on this forum and I should see it within a day or so.
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    posted a message on Enhanced Visuals NEW 1.6.4 UPDATE !
    Awesome! I'm glad this mod can continue!
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    posted a message on [Freeuse, No permission needed] FpsPlus 1.5.2-1.7.10+Source
    Quote from muro808

    PS: i think u should place a giant letter notice that u cannot update to 1.7+ yet :P


    But since most people cannot read the post 2 posts above theirs that says "DO NOT ASK FOR UPDATES", then I doubt it will work...

    To actually add to this topic, I have an idea:
    I'm a number cruncher... I love reading numbers and knowing what they mean! Is there any way to have some data on how much this mod improves fps? Not just Old FPS vs. New FPS, but actual performance statistics. Like, how many times a tick does the sin and cos methods get called, and therefore how much process time does this mod save? And what FpsPlus methods are more effective than others? It's just a random idea from Sonic, so take it or leave it.
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    posted a message on [Freeuse, No permission needed] FpsPlus 1.5.2-1.7.10+Source

    when will you update it to 1.7.2+?

    Shut up and stop asking him to update it! Asking him won't make it go any faster. I'm assuming he is waiting for MCP to update to a stable version before working on an FpsPlus update.

    WILL YOU GUYS QUIT ASKING FOR HIM TO UPDATE! Saying "I can't wait for the update!" is fine, but he(and all other modders) get this question all the time, so it doesn't help.

    He has spoken...

    Quote from abandenz

    Once mcp updates to 1.7.2/1.7.4

    P.S. Nothing against you, Crazy_Orpheus_Telos, but you are like the sixth person to ask, and I know it gets annoying.
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    posted a message on Battle Music v1.5 [12-JULY] - Make your battles epic! 102% less broken! ;o
    First off... AMAZING MOD! I love creative mods such as this one! Oh the joy I felt when I saw this mod had a KH theme pack(I <3 that game).

    I will say this though. It was to my disappointment that there was no random song selection when fighting mobs. Yes, there is an Overworld, a Nether, a Wither, and a Dragon song, but I am mainly an Overworld player. What I am saying is that I do get a little bored of the same song. My suggestion is simply a random variable thrown in the mix. Every couple minutes or so, when the song ends, or some other event(whatever is easiest to code) just simply change the song that will be played. I realize this would take a bit of work to update the Battlemusic packs, but I honestly think it is worth it.

    ^^^ Summary of that ^^^
    I want random songs! More variety FTW!

    However, I still love the mod and will continue to use it whether this feature is added or not. Many diamonds to you for creating this wonderful mod!
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Moar Achievements Redux v1.1.5 [Updated 8/10/13] [Forge]
    I am leaving a message to let all of you know that I no longer support this mod. My life has gotten too busy and I have more profitable programming opportunities, but I do thank all of you who supported me through this! Anyone who would like to take over the project may contact me for the source code. I really wanted to see this mod to the end, but sadly I don't have the hours.
    Coded By Sonicjumper For Minecraft 1.6.2

    Mod Intro:
    Haven't you ever wished there were more achievements in Minecraft? Don't you love that feeling when you "Get Wood" or "Snipe A Skeleton From 50 Meters"? Well, there once was a guy called MadMonkey358, and he made a mod that added loads more achievements into the game. He passed his work onto Aginsun(the author of the Tale Of Kingdoms mod), who updated and maintained it. Finally, it gets passed onto me! Now I am the official updater and improver of this mod!
    Back to the actual mod, this mod currently adds 120+ achievements into the game. All unlockable inside your Achievements window in-game. This mod is client side only, but most of the achievements WILL activate in a multiplayer game.
    Special note: I love it when people make videos of my mods, but link to THIS FORUM PAGE! DO NOT link to the download directly or host a download yourself. I get really mad when people do that.

    What's in the next update(v1.2)?:
    I dunno. Whatever I think of...

    v1.1.5 Redux For Minecraft 1.6.2:
    Note: If there are any "not working" achievements, just report them here.
    Old Downloads:
    MC 1.4.4/1.4.5 - [V1.1.2] [V1.1.3]
    MC 1.4.2 - [V1.1.0]

    Change Log(Since V1.1.3):
    - V1.1.5
    - Updated to Minecraft Version 1.6.2
    - V1.1.4
    - Created "Tiers" page
    - New "Make Stew" and "Drink Stew" achievements
    - Got rid of a few unnecessary achievements
    - Cleanup of a few lame parts of the code
    - V1.1.3
    - Fixed bacon crash
    - Fixed fall crash
    - Fixed other random crashes
    - Put in beta achievement save system
    - Arrow Roulette(shoot yourself with an arrow) - Death Page
    - Efficient code, just to let you know that I'm not causing your lag

    Updates/Planned Achievement List:
    When you are in your "Achievements" menu, you will see a button that says "Minecraft". If you click this button, then the game will swap through the different Achievement Pages. The current pages are:
    - Page Name - Page Description - Page Structure(How the achievments are organized)
    - Minecraft - Standard Minecraft achievements with a couple of mine - Web
    - Death - Achievements relating to how you die, there are exactly 30 of these - Open Access
    Newest Additions to the Mod:
    - Save System(may be buggy)
    - Bug Fixes(no more crashing)
    Planned For Next Update(s):
    Moar Nether Achievements
    Moar Build Achievements
    Moar Level Achievements
    Other secret stuff I can't tell you about...
    Follow me on Twitter for updates @SonicjumperHD
    I am going to be adding a lot more achievements other than "Pick up this" or "Mine this" or "Kill this". Things like "go into a cave" and other interactive achievements will be added, to add a higher sense of achievement to the game. Another thing I will be adding is different Achievement Pages. This means that you can have a whole book of achievements to complete!

    Bugs and Stuffz:
    All have been fixed in the latest update! Inform me if you find any.

    Some of the newer achievements:
    The Mega Achievement of building a portal:
    The new achievement page, along with some IRONic deaths(pun intended):

    This amazing review was done by ShiftTheMine, go check out his channel!

    Made by CannonFodder:
    [url = "http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1551577-moar-achievements-v210-updated-11412-forge/"][IMG]http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8025/7432755844_55eb7e7957.jpg[/IMG][/url]
    Some Legal Stuff:
    This document is Copyright ©(2012) and is the intellectual property of the author. Only I(Sonicjumper) am able to host any downloads or content regarding this mod unless of specific permission given by me(Sonicjumper).
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