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    Minecraft in a text is a text game based on minecraft



    Cheats (yes there are cheats in the game)
    Music and Sounds


    Nether and Ender


    Press SPACE to accept, ESC to cancel and the ARROW KEYS to move cursor

    In your first night you must get some wood, go to Resource Options and cut some wood (at least 10 trees) and make your house, the rest is up to you

    Remember that you have 12 hours before night

    When you don't have any hours remaining you need to go to OTHER and END DAY

    If you keep dying every night you need to improve your defences at the Housing Options Screen or you can change difficulty or set to peaceful

    IMPORTANT: to CANCEL a selection screen and go back you press ESC


    Double click the installer
    Click ok or click (...) to select the directory
    After the installation it will create a folder
    Enter the folder
    Double click the "Game.exe"


    Alpha 1.1: http://www.mediafire...ahua9gfw9llskwo

    Older versions:

    If people like the game i'll add more than planned



    Alpha 1.1

    + added Options Menu
    = changed the text

    Alpha 1.0
    + hunting now gives leather
    + New game mechanic: Exploring
    + Trading
    + Background Images
    = changed some of the ESC options to be less annoying
    = changed the selection box to dirt instead of stone
    = You lose less armor per day now and if you have no armor you don't lose any armor (before if you had no armor it would appear as a negative number)
    = minor changes
    = changed the Housing to be a little more challengning
    1.0_1: = changed the location of a code to work properly

    Indev 2.1:
    + Armor decrease with time
    = Now you lose the new items when you die
    = Now zombies can steal your armor

    Indev 2:
    + increased the odds of finding rare ores
    + added Farming
    + added Obsidian
    + added Armor
    + added Leather
    + added Save option
    - removed Start a Village option (it was just a placeholder, you will start a village by exploring and finding a settlement or by using the Village Mode, this will be added probably in Alpha 1.3)

    Initial Release

    Author's Note: The project is well... Canceled, there MAY be sequels or something like that (Minecraft in a text Village Version?)

    Please report any bugs and suggestions
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    Minecraft with mods?
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    posted a message on I don't even want to... live life.
    Life IS hard, thats the way it is.

    My plan is to never have a relationship so i can keep all the money i earn to myself :)
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    posted a message on Marijuana Legalization
    people that do drugs are stupid...
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    posted a message on Rick Santorum Vows To Ban Pornography
    I think porn is the most retarded thing ever created
    i thought i would see 300+ pages of people raging
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    posted a message on Why is Gay Marriage an "issue"?
    I find religion stupid, why? it causes wars, superstition, etc....
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    Some things are already in the game but people don't care, you can build an incinerator or a trash can with cacti
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    It was added in alpha and it was with the other musics, i think it's herobrine...Just found this:

    This song existed back in Alpha 1.0.16

    Endermen were only added in Beta 1.8

    Get your facts straight people.

    This is no enderman we're dealing with here.

    Here's something interesting I unearthed:

    Notch added the extra music in Alpha 1.0.16, although he didn't add the corresponding music discs at the time.

    The original picture of Herobrine was taken in Alpha 1.0.16_02

    Notice how on the wiki there is no version 1.0.16_02, only a 1.0.16_01 and then 1.0.17.
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    This country education budget sucks so most schools don't have computers, if they have they are all blocked
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    The creator of the CLONE says that minecraft is stealing ideas... *facepalm*
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