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    Quote from gggamer1»

    Yeah that was kind of my idea. Maybe it would be fun to have the dragons spawn aggressive though, but that might be annoying if you're just starting out and get unlucky enough to have a dragon spawn in front of you and start attacking you.

    That would work best if either, dragons only spawned in certain biomes, or their aggro was only triggered if you got too close to them. Also wild Dragons would need to be a different mob now that I think about it. If I remember correctly, the Dragons from the mod don't despawn, so too many would cause serious lag issues.
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    Quote from Silvercatcher»

    And I suppose you're not talking about yourself?^^

    I wish...
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    Quote from Crafty_Angyl»

    Personally I would love to have wild dragons in overworld. Perhaps just passively cruising along at high in the sky until some jerk decides to stick an arrow in their butt. Kill one and you can get an egg of the type you killed.

    I think it would be cool if someone did an add-on(s) mod for this one, which introduces Dragon breeds based on other mods, mainly the magic mods. Honestly I don't think the mod creators should have to do this, but I'm putting this in the Ether for anyone interested in an idea (the source code is open sourced if I remember correctly). Also I'm not sure, but I think I made a post like this already...
    Flux dragon, can't be tamed unless warped, regenerates on taint and starts the spread.
    Arcane Dragon: From a Vis infused Egg, draws energy from Nodes to regenerate
    Holy Dragon: An Egg put in a cleansing bath, does extra damage to the undead and can clear away taint somehow.

    Blood Magic
    Blood Dragon: An egg put on an altar until a certain amount of Life Points were soaked up. Extra Defense, Strength and regeneration but if your altar/soul nexus runs out, it will drain your own heath

    Dragon Souls: taken from Dragon Eggs, but yeah Dragon Based Spells. Also since the Ghost Dragon is undead and in the mod those have no souls to steal, you could take a ghost dragon egg and infuse it with other types of souls to make a special kind of dragon.
    Noble Dragon: Using the soul of an Avatar (basically a God) to create a divine Dragon.
    Doom Dragon: Using the soul of a Wither

    Twilight Forest:
    Instead of adding a different dragon, how about Dragons spawn naturally in the Twilight Forest after all, it's a giant forest filled with magic, basically a more magical version of the overworld. Ghost Dragons in the Mazes, Forest Dragons all over the place, Ice Dragons in the Ice Realm, Aether Dragons in the realm of the Giants, Fire Dragons in the Hydra Area(s).

    Even without the Twilight Forest, it would be cool to see dragons either in the overworld, or a separate but similar dimension with Wild Dragons to fight and get eggs from, if people don't want to, or have bad luck with dungeon loot, and don't want to have to fight the Enderdragon.
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    A rather nice mod some ideas I would suggest.

    Some personality and interaction: Perhaps villagers should have two bars, how much they like you and how 'Happiness' which represents how well they are doing in the village. If their like for you is low, but Happiness hi, they should stay. If Happiness is low but they like you, they may leave. If both are low, they're gone.

    As for interaction, a village could have a personality, and response options; polite, neutral, aggressive, those sort of things. These will decide how much they like you.

    Growing population: Villagers should have kids, some, with the right pairs of personalities, should get together have kids who grow up.

    Mod based villagers: Depending on what mods you have on, perhaps you could have possible professions for villagers based on mods who add extra villager professions.

    I hope one of these ideas helps in the future, and good luck

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    MCA's NPC interaction and family and children features + Village Box's Upgrade System and Villager Spawning Sytstem and Minecolonies Building construction system/Construction Mod= Ultimate Village Mod.

    Honestly I know I dumped so many ideas for the King/Queen feature, but perhaps you could give the player certain features similar to those in Village Box and Minecolony to help with the idea that you're making a Kingdom.

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    May I ask how do I find parts and the special crystals?

    To test it I went to a flat world (to make it easier finding villages whic is SUPER hard) I also spawned villagers until I got a blacksmith. I kept giving him things so he'd add more to sell. Not once have I gotten the offer of a lightsaber piece. I found multiple smiths and I havent found a single lightsaber piece. But even before that I was playing vanilla trying to start from scratch. Found multiple caves but would find one or two crystals. But they are colors. I want to make a darksaber so I want to find the black and white ones. I would like to find a cracked kyber crystal to maybe to give it a more fierce look. Havent found one yet but I assume theyd be in the sith temples but thats another issue. I just cant seem to find a single temple. I found one right next to my spawn point but I had no idea at the time those sith things on the walls turned into SITH! I was surprised! SO even though the temple was near my spawn I had no idea which way I went. So I continued to play and kept finding the colored crystals but none of the special ones and in the test I did no villages or villagers spawn the lightsaber parts.

    What gives?

    One: Read the front page
    Two: Since you haven't done that, parts are found in chests, particularly dungeons. As for crystal, either find a Force Cave (check the front the page) or a Sith Temple, though I would advise not going in the temple unless you're heavily armed/armored.
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    Cool, hope to see what you guys come up with
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    Quote from Lupaluna»


    Ho, and just a question like that:
    Will other queens be friendly one day? :D

    Just my personal impression, but despite the humans and other queens, I feel very lonely. :c
    I mean, aren't other queens supossed to be our kin? :c

    I'd like to do something like a raid aggainst a human camp with other queens, it could be funny ^^

    So you want some MCA A.I. put in, where you personal like dislike ratios, can recruit queens and thus their spider armies, hold mock conversation etc
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    Hey Fisk, if You're looking for ideas for Force Abilities Trees or just general ideas for the mod,I would suggest reading the Jedi Path and Book of Sith, two Sourcebooks about Force Usage, Light and Dark, with other bits of information about the Jedi, Sith and even other Force Using Orders. I believe you can find them as CBRs or PDFs. They have info on Saber variants as well. Some ideas from the Books.

    Some sword skills similar to the Zelda Sword Skills mod, so it doesn't feel like players are just swinging their swords wildly.

    I wasn't planning on this long post but, I checked and the usual source for the books is gone, so unless you plan to buy them, let me save you the trouble. Also I may have said this before, I'm note sure, but players should use their experience to pay for abilities. Also let me be clear, I'm not asking or demanding you do these things, I'm just dropping ideas, in this case from the books.

    Jedi Abilities are mostly defensive in nature:

    • Control: The Basics
      • Energy Absorption:
        • Deflect Projectiles
        • Energy Shield
        • Protect Against Force attacks

      • Healing
        • Self Healing
          • Get rid of debuffs like poison, Wither

        • Healing Others
        • Replenish Hunger: Should Require the presence of plant life/nature so as to nerf it

      • Stealth:
        • Mobs Don't notice you
        • Next level is actual invisibility until you come out sneak or attack

    • Sense: Second Level
      • Life Detection: Sense Mobs and other players even through blocks.
        • Sense another players force alignment or places strong in force/force stone

      • Magnify Senses : Which would equate to night vision
      • The book has others but they would not equate well to minecraft

    • Alter: The last branch, includes basic Telekinesis
      • Affect Mind: Take Control of Mobs
      • Alter Environment: From moving a bunch of blocks, to the most advance form of calling down a lightning bolt.
      • Advanced Techniques:
        • Battle Mediation: Basically give buffs to allied players and mobs nearby.
        • Combustion: Cause an explosion at the targeted block.
        • Emerald Lightning: In Legends Jedi could use a green version of Sith Lightning but forbade the technique since it could be abused so easily.

    Sith Ability Trees: Sith techniques almost always revolve around pure offense

    • Offense:
      • Push: Force Push
      • Choke: Force Grip, like telekinesis but only affects mobs and inflicts damage over time.
      • Blind: Inflicts Blindness
      • Inertia: Speeds towards a target, knocking them back

    • Body:
      • Lightning
      • Convection: Set a target on fire when you hit them
      • Cryokinesis: Since Minecraft is as such, I imagine this would translate to putting slowness on the target when you hit them
      • Drain Life:
      • Death Field: Inflict Wither in an area of affect but could also inflict it on the user.

    • Mind
      • Mind Shard: Inflict Nausea
      • Hatred: A power that has to be charged up, the longer it is charged, the longer and stronger the strength buff given
      • Horror: Paralyses the target for a short period of time. Affects mobs longer than players.

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    Quote from GiantVegeta»

    The list keeps growing.......dang..

    so many incarnations

    In all honesty, this version of big g looks like something out of Dark Souls
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    The discussion evolved out of the fact that people have kept saying the Dragons in this mod are "not proper dragons", because they look like the stereotypical Wyverns. The point is, even beyond the fact that it's their choice, there is precedent supporting their choice in design. Meaning what people use to support their arguments, really doesn't support it all that much. You are right, the modders can call it whatever they want, but sadly, for some that isn't enough to not complain. Hopefully this is a dead issue now, but...people.

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    Quote from Chlodowig»

    On the subject of dragons vs. wyverns, I had a magnificent book called "Draconology, the great encyclopedia of dragons" (the title was in french, that's a rough translation...). Even though the book was aimed toward childrens, it had quite accurate information about this beast. Let me tell you, there were a lot of shapes that a dragon could take. In it, there was both the European dragon and the Wyvern. Heck, there was even a dragon without wings or back legs! I think this means that both names are used to describe different dragon species.

    Stop the discrimination, wyverns too are dragons!

    I've read a book called Dracopedia, it's mostly about how to draw dragons, but in it there are depictions of dragons as if they were actually creatures, with dimensions, habitats and scientific names. In it were various other creatures considered dragons, and others, not so much, but treated as part of the 'draco family' of creatures. It had Wyrms, Sea Orcs (think a sea serpent but more brutish in appearance, but seriously F boats if that this thing actually existed, F the beach, F water sports. You think surfing is dangerous because of sharks), Winged Serpents Basilisks, Hydras, and Wyverns, They had Northern Dragons, which had fur, dog like drakes, even one with three heads, snake like wyrms, the insect like Feydragons and species that seemed to cross these groups. Wyverns were among the most dragon like of the draconian species. Heck, the only Dragons in the book that breathed fire where the Great Dragons (Western Style Dragons) and they spat out fire balls as opposed to breathing it.

    Another book I read, Forging Dragons by John Howe ( a prolific artist, who did a lot of the concept art for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Movies), talks about dragons designs, types of dragons and prolific dragons of mythology. Our modern understanding, that dragons must breath fire, or something similar, is actually really new. Dragons just had to be large and powerful (even that isn't universal, cue examples above), mythical reptilian beasts. Yeah, Wyverns are a type of Dragon, but as you said, they same to be subject to 'Dragon Racism'.

    For those interested: In Dracopedia, the scientific names were...

    Wyverns: Draco wyvernae
    Dragon/Great Dragon (Think Western Dragon): Draco dracorexidae
    Asian Dragon: Draco cathaidae

    So yeah, Wyverns are part of the dragon family, if that makes sense
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    Quote from Crafty_Angyl»

    Yeah, Wyvern is a dragon Type. Seeing know it all, nitpick nazi's barking "It's not a dragon, it's a wyvern!" always irks me.

    I've read a book about drawing dragons, actually several of them. Dragons come in many shapes and sizes, the 'it's a wyvern, not a dragon' issue comes from the fact that everyone seems to be thinking of the Western Style Dragon, like the kind seen in Dragon Mounts.
    To paraphrase the book: if doesn't breath fire and instead uses poison, it's a Wyvern, if doesn't use poison, and or breaths fire, it's a dragon. So despite what some people say, these are Dragons. By that 'rule' a Wyvern could have four legs and a wings.
    Yet as I said before, dragons come in all shapes and sizes, and this is not the first time people have used Wyvern style dragons, Skyrim, The Hobbit, Reign of Fire. There is no law that states a dragon has to look a certain way, to be a dragon, hell, I've seen dragons with fur and feathers, even crystals.
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    An idea for Spider-Queen, Minecraft Comes Alive interaction. If you're playing Spider Queen and you have kids or grand kids, then they possibly have the 'Spider' job, wherein the have a Spider Queen like skin. Like the player, they can pass through webbing, any mobs friendly with the player are friendly with them, they always have string in their inventory and you can send them out hunting and they will comeback with cocooned animals.

    'Spider' Kids, should have their own unique comments and human kids should have unique dialogue for their Spider Parents.

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    Quote from renadi»

    Witchery, Thaumcraft, Mystcraft, they all have their own horribly long nosed villagers.

    It would be interesting if MCA had at least an addon for modded villagers. A fine example is the Avatar Mod, I think it would be amusing to have bending guards.

    I think it would also be cool if there were options for the MCA, I say options because, I can see not everyone liking these ideas.

    1) Seasons/Aging: There is a mod called minecraft seasons, which creates a seasonal cycle in minecraft, spring, summer, etc. I think each season is around 30 minecraft days. An interesting idea is that villagers/children age in tandem with the seasonal changes

    2)Old Age: Just as children grow up, why not have the adults grow old. Old Age would be signified by the villager hunching over and/or their skin's colors being a faded version. At the same time children could have a more vibrant version of their skin's colors to signify youth.

    3) Hunger: In so much as it would be interesting if villagers actually had a need for their farms, if they farmed, cooked and ate food, you know, had some semblance of village life. Of course one would need some manner of marker to keep them out of your own farm, like a sign with your name on it on a fence.

    4) Quests: The same way you ask villagers for things, they may also have possible requests for you, such killing, a certain amount of mobs, get some apples, etc.
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