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    Quote from FriendlyCreeper4

    Don't sweat it. Nothing major happened other than the edit. I do agree with some of the changes in the mod you wanted, but some of them sounded like they would change the goal of Minecraft (to get to The End and defeat the Ender Dragon).
    If I must make a list on things I agree and disagree with, open the spoilers.
    Responses to them are in italics.

    Make his firebreath blue: And make it stronger if possible. If you want ideas for attack FX look at the Rival Rebels mod which has lasers and electric beams.
    Yeah, I've been talking about wanting to change that for a while. It looks all kinds of wrong to have Godzilla's Atomic Breath be a bunch of fireballs.


    The rules of multiplayer are simple, last man standing. It's best that you get the Sync mod to circumvent that rule that if you die you lose.

    For the first hundred of so minecraft days, it's a normal game of Voltz wars, then the Kaiju start to attack and who ever fired a nuke should beware. During the peacful phase, the one life rule is not implemented and players can go search for the transformation items and sleeping Kaiju they can befriend/tame.
    Kaiju Apocalypse: Another idea for a game mode, the premise is simple. The Kaiju are already up and about and the world has been destroyed, your job now is to rebuild civilization

    To win you must

    Build a thriving city
    Destroy all aggresive Kaiju
    Mod/Game elements it should have

    Minecraft Seasons: In Fall and Winter it is hard and impossible to grow crops, but in Spring, every thing grows super fast is almost all Biomes and normal in summer,meaning you have to plan, each season is sixty minecraft days.
    Minecraft Comes Alive style NPCs: People have families and you can have one as well, each person has a job, however in this mod you have to make hard decisions, people will come to you to join your settlement, individuals, couples and families and chances are you cannot take on everyone. The more people you turn away the more marauders will spawn and no you can't just kill them. You will also have to deal with other villages who you can trade with or fight over resources with. People may steel from you and you may steel from them. In a mod with giant monster roaming around, surviving should be so simple, in Minecraft, after you survive that first night, chances are surviving becomes much easier. The first part of making a settlement is making a town hall.
    Like before other mods/ modpacks like Voltz, tekkit or FTB should be used in conjunction.

    Really unique! This would change Minecraft in a good way.
    Actually an idea like this could end up being it's own game!

    Weapons: Stuff you can craft to fight Kaiju, because let's face it these guys probably will be overpowered.

    Maser Tanks: Tanks you can ride and use to fight, just don't get close
    Fighter planes:
    The Garuda: Powerful, fast, not a lot of hp
    The Super X: Not as fast but built like a tank, if time correctly can reflect monster attacks
    Kiryu/Mechagodzilla: Which ever name you prefer, the only monster you can 'ride' into battle. Can be healed with electricity.
    Satelite Bombardments: Shoot lasers, missiles and at the highest upgrade black hole bullets.
    Oxygen destroyer: A placable bomb, it insta-kills everything in a biome and turns it into the Devastated Biome. This can be reduced if it is used in the water. Devastated blocks don't spawn... him if underwater.



    These allow the player to transform into a kaiju

    Minilla: This derpy transformation is half the size of most Kaiju, can only shoot smoke rings and is not good in a fight, but if something attacks while you are using it, Godzilla will come and defend you.
    Utsuno Ikusagami: The ultimate warrior, this require that you find three sacred objects in temples spawn all over the map, whoever gets them will be able to fight and slay monsters on their own. You can also fix any damage caused by them.
    Ultraman: I have a whole nother Blog on that on Ultra Wiki, Here

    I'd much rather just have a gamemode that let you play as Godzilla as the military hunted you all the darn time as well as the ability to wreck cities and go into fights with other Kaiju, rather than just transforming into Minilla...
    seriously, Minilla be lame. 'least have it be Godzilla Junior that can absorb Radiation and mature into a fully grown Godzilla and then be able to wreck cities and go into fights with other Kaiju and have the military shoot at you which does absolutely nothing!
    Good idea though!

    Mothra: Now this I got from KoopaGalaxian and I'm just adding to it.

    Birth Island: A biome that generates in the ocean biome, there should only be one.
    It is inhabited by a tribe, a unique village of NPCs who are neutral towards you. They will give you quests or you can trade with them to become more friendly and meet the Shobijin.
    If you attack the tribe or the Shobijin, the tribe will attack you. You are given three Minecraft days before Mothra's egg hatches. If you befriends the fairies she will still spawn but will be friendly to you and only attack aggresive mobs..
    At this stage she can
    Shoot spider webs
    An energy Beam (Ala Rebirth of Mothra)
    Go invisible
    A basic ram attack that sends you flying. Breaks blocks.
    If you do attack, she will give you six or so minecraft days before she becomes an adult.
    Her abilities would include.
    Hurricane winds/a tornado
    Her flight causes knock back
    Create a cloud of pollen that stops electronics and causes blindness, poison and wither.
    Energy Beams
    Ram attack
    Can restore blocks and clean up radiotactive spills and the effects of the Oxygen destroyer.
    If you befriended her you will be given an item that calls her
    If she dies another egg wll spawn.

    I requested something fairly similar. I kinda like it, but I wish there was more to her. My Mothra idea focused more on having Mothra as a pet rather than as what you've said her to be like. Combining our ideas could lead to something better than them both, though.

    My Godzilla would have 50,000 life points, be resistant to everything, including fire and to the point he could survive a nuclear or anti-matter, yes there are mobs for those, strike, he should have ridiculous regeneration, like 50 point every half a second. He should be able to survive anything like that, why so OPness...?
    We really don't need the King of Monsters to be even stronger. He can only be killed with the Oxygen Destroyer/Launcher any way.

    Simple, Big G wouldn't spawn unless someone fired a nuke, which causes radiation, in the form of an area of effect or transformed blocks, all of which cause radiation poisoning. When that comes he will spawn and track down the player that fired the missile or used the explosive.
    Little dumb if you ask me, it's super player hostile and wouldn't make much sense other than the radiation making Godzilla come.
    What's with the whole nukes thing too? There are no nukes in this mod. You previously mentioned Rival Rebels, so that must be what you're coming off of.

    Please note that everything in the second part of the Blog, is stuff I would personally want and not actually a suggestion, that was just me going on a rant, but looking back yes you are right, a lot of stuff was being unreasonable for Minecraft and modders.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] GODZILLA MOD - NOW APART OF THE LEGEND MOD
    Hey I'm new to the forum and I've tracking this mod for some time now, I'm also an Admin at the Ultraman Wiki sight and Godzilla and was the one who originally put that Trivia peace on the Minecraft Page on Wikizilla and I apologize if it caused any problems and I thank you guys for adding pictures to the page.
    I'm here to stay that I think Tihyo and gang have done a wonderful job translating the Godzilla characters to Minecraft. That said if I can make some suggestions, as someone said earlier there should probably be some boats with cannons one can use to fight Big G in the sea, but I also remember that there is a mod that does just that, the name escapes me. Also weapons, with the inclusion of the Xilliens and what I expect to be more human sized enemies, there should be some weapons for them, such as pistols are laser guns, the same way there are rockets and grenades for the larger enemies.
    Finally, I made a blog page some time back talking about the mod and my suggestions, its fairly old now and some of the ideas have already been implemented and others just don't go with the style the mod creators have shown they are taking but the link is here if anyone is interested. I also made another Blog for a possible Ultraman Mode here if anyone is interested in seeing/making one. I would like to give a heart felt thank you to Tihyo and co from Godzilla fans who play minecraft
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