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    Minecraft Redefined:

    Hello, this is my official thread for my "Minecraft Redefined" series which is on the "JustSoap" channel.

    Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcwA2hlJW4qpDpu-ffz4kg

    Episode 1:

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    posted a message on Quantum Crafting Realm looking for players (No PVP)




    South Africa (No lions don't walk around on our streets)


    16 years into this insanity that we call life


    Drinking tea

    P.s Due to the supposed "Butterfly Effect", adding me might prevent another "Krakatoa Eruption" happening in the future. Which might I say would save you a lot of trouble with your eardrums ;)

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    FACT: 1+1=2!!!

    FACT: I would like to join!!!

    FACT: My gt is: SoapSmoker

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    - Gamer Tag:


    - Age / Gender:

    16 M

    - Device:

    Windows 10

    - How long have you played Minecraft, and how active are you?:

    Since 2013, how active I am depends on my sanity which goes up and down

    - What are your skills and abilities?:

    I am good at jumping... and drinking tea... also I guess I'm good at talking about everything yet nothing at the same time! Yea it's weird...

    - How would you contribute to the realm?:

    By existing

    - Why do you want to join? Enjoy:)

    Because due to the supposed butterfly, effect me joining the server might prevent another "Great Depression" or "Krakatoa Eruption" from happening in the near future.

    P.s I love tea ;)

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    posted a message on First time // Minecraft Edition Noob Dayz

    Why was I so stupid!!?

    Probably because I was a noob but still! Crafting table faster than mining blocks by hand! Well here is my recreation of my first minecraft adventure(s).

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    Have you heard of minecraft? Did you know it has multiplayer servers? Well I have video's on a survival whitelisted server that I play on! Thats all you're going to say? Yup!

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    posted a message on Smp Server for YouTuber's | Minecrack / Hermitcraft inspired | Custom Terrain

    Thanks Riths, for you application. I'll let you know as soon as possible whether your accepted ;) . Also something to note is, that this is a completely vanilla survival server with no admins. We are a small group of friends (We all met online) and I haven't ever heard of having admins when your playing with a group of friends ;) .

    Can you send a link of your other channel?

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    posted a message on Smp Server for YouTuber's | Minecrack / Hermitcraft inspired | Custom Terrain

    The server now has a launch date, which is on Friday the 3rd (In less than 4 days from of posting this). We are hoping to get a few more members before the launch :)

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    posted a message on Smp Server for YouTuber's | Minecrack / Hermitcraft inspired | Custom Terrain

    Thank you both of you, for your applications. You will both be considered

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    posted a message on Smp Server for YouTuber's | Minecrack / Hermitcraft inspired | Custom Terrain


    [Note1: The server is yet to be launched ]

    [Note2: YouTubers only! ]


    MineTable is a server based off of a older one which I (SoapSmoker) hosted earlier this year / Late 2015. It lasted around 6 months and then sadly ended due to a number of reasons mainly due to a lack of player interest. But a small group of the original Tablecrafter's and myself are now busy rebuilding this once, active and exciting server. Once again this server is based off of Mindcrack and Hermitcraft both servers with great communities and entertaining YouTube content from the players.

    About MineTable:

    MineTable is intended for YouTubers who want to record on a Smp server. As of now it will be running 1.9.4 and will be completely vanilla, only having a few command blocks intended for lag reduction and possibly a simple addon here and there such as no Endermen greifing. We play as a community and thus there aren't many rules to follow. At the moment it's not 100% decided but MineTable will most probably have biome based caves (Custom terrain) which will add a small simple touch to the gameplay.


    The rules are common sense, such as no greifing and stealing. We don't want many rules, as this server is not supposed to be a server but rather a group of friends who enjoy minecraft together.

    There is however 2 other rule, please do not build a big base at spawn town, only small bases such as a small house or cave! The spawn town will be meant for shops and public services.

    Also please do not swear / talk about inappropriate things because some of us want to record family friendly content and if things of the sort are all you can talk about, then don't expect to be part of the MineTable group for long or at all.

    But the most important; is please respect other players and have fun.

    Note Before Applying:

    We're aren't just a minecraft server, we are a group; a community.
    And as mentioned earlier the server hasn't launched yet.

    You must please have Skype so that if accepted, I can keep you updated on when the launch will be :)


    IGN (Your name within Minecraft):
    YouTube Channel (Must have):

    Why you would like to join?

    Anything you want to share about yourself? (Hobbies, favorite color etc :) )

    Are you willing to be a long time player (Months even Years) if you fit in well, or are you looking to play just a few days?

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    posted a message on Warning! Watching these videos might cause unpredictable insanity attacks. (You have been warned)

    This smp is run by two highly insane alien like creatures. Myself (SoapSmoker) and TucksTucker are not responsible to any damage caused to you eyes, ears or nostrils. If you experience mild to serious sanity lost and experience any of the following complications, exhaling bubbles, unbearable desire to smoke soap, thoughts of bubbles, thoughts of murdering someone called SoapSmoker, clean lungs, a odd habit of saying rude and/or 'and', dreaming of watermelon, constant need of a nice cup of hot tea (without sugar and milk) and any other strange effects. Then sorry you have been infected and its too late, to stop the infection spreading. So I suggest sit back, relax, drink a delicious cup of either green tea, white tea, morgiana tea, rooibos tea, lemon grass tea, chamomile tea or any other tea that is healthy (And has nothing added unless its another tea or herbs) and watch "This Means War" ... with a buddy of course (Yes even if your buddy is a penguin).

    Kindly Note:
    What was said above, was merely a joke and if you do experience any problems while watching videos or interacting with a computer, please contact a doctor.


    Hello, I'm SoapSmoker and if you have not realized yet I can be pretty crazy. But you've seen nothing yet. TucksTucker, a good friend of mine, and I have teamed up to bring you the craziest videos. From talks about how Tucks murdered my horse (Minecraft) to Tucks murdering me in game, to me getting revenge, to her (Tucks) getting revenge! We may insult each other, though don't worry its just all part of my plan to destroy Tucks! Well hope to see you one the other side.

    TucksTucker Videos:

    SoapSmoker Videos:

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    posted a message on Let's Get Cooking! (Minecraft cooking just got intresting)

    Hungry People

    I'm SoapSmoker! Though I love smoking soap I don't recommend you smoke anything. I do however recommend watermelon and cookies because I love them and they are amazing (Even though I can't eat cookies because of allergies... dang it :wacko: ). In fact its this love of watermelon and cookies that has brought me to the wonderful art of cooking. Join me in this adventure to make crazy bomb cookies, sour cake, watermelon pie and many other things.

    Minecraft kitchens have never been so amazing!

    And when all else fails, #BlameThePigs

    Episode 1: Watermelon Pie

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    posted a message on Tablecraft server Let's Play / Season 1.5 / Revamped with command blocks

    Quick Description:
    Tablecraft is server I created a few months ago for small YouTubers to create videos on but recently the server has received a update to 1.9 snapshots in addition we created a few command block modules for the server to spice up the gameplay. From fossils to, custom crafting, to effect pads, to a leveling up system.

    Why this is season 1.5:

    I decided to count this as season 1.5 due to the fact that the server got a big update with command blocks but it is still the same world. As well I felt my video quality wasn't good enough for my liking so I decided to really put a lot of effort into my videos from now on. So this from episode 5 of my Tablecraft series I will be referring to it as season 1.5.

    Anyway this is the fifth video from my Tablecraft play-through and I feel like this video is a lot closer to the standard I want my videos to be, since I have fixed the static sound in the background, added a intro, really tried to make the video interesting and spent more time on it than I did on any of my other videos.

    So if you watch my videos I would recommend watching this video at least since I feel this video will give a much better idea of what video quality will be like in the future. And of course it can only get better. Thanks if you read all this, here's the video:

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    posted a message on Tablecraft | Whitelisted | Small survival server | Mindcrack/Hermicraft inspired

    Hey to all who applied just now!
    I have sent you all a private message. It will tell you whether you were added or not :D

    Quote from Wietse64»

    Hello i am BazooGaming Im a very new youtuber and i want to create an identity with tablecraft. I want to do tablecraft video's for my YT channel, and im actually Lennieplop's brother. So please invite me.

    1. Youtube channel link (If you have one): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXQBtrOn_kSOdGr8g5YZHCw

    2. Why do you want to join? i like servers,i want do make vid on the server,i want to play on a server with someone i can trust and have fun with everybodie!!! ^^

    3. Tell me a little about yourself ... personalty, hobbies, age, interests what ever you want to! ;) i am 11 my name is Joseph(english name xD),i like fottball,i like minecraft,i like to construct leptops,computers, I'm a 9-10 student in school ,I'm from europe,romania

    4. If you are accepted what will you do on the server? I will improve it i will make it a spawn,i will help others etc ^^

    5. Do you agree with the rules? Yes i had a rank on a lot of servers and the rules are perfect

    6. What role do you think will you play in the group? Well i would be the padawan who will respect the master and help everyone (i will be a pvper,and a god command blocker?^^,and a builder)

    7. Ign (Your name in minecraft so that I can white-list you) qp__TGCB__qp

    Cannot wait ^^ :D!

    btw my skype is : The Great Command Block

    Quote from TheHippien»

    2.i want to join cause it could be awesome to be in a cummunity and you guys is just awesome!

    3.I like to play PC like Minecraft, Csgo and a lot of other stuff, im 13 years old, and i want if i come in to the community, build a fish village or something like that.

    Im Danish but i can talk english, fun fact english is named Engelsk on Danish.


    4.I will help were i can

    5. of couse, why shouldnt i??

    6. a player thats playing a server in a community?

    7. my name on minecraft is Hippien

    i hpoe i writed all the infermations you needed, HAVE A NICE DAY ^_^

    P.S There comes a youtube channel in a future

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    posted a message on Tablecraft | Whitelisted | Small survival server | Mindcrack/Hermicraft inspired


    So we have now upgraded to minecraft 1.9 snapshots as well as started adding a few simple command block modules which just add a little bit more spice to the gameplay to learn more about these small changes go check out the Tablecraft page on my website here: http://www.stackedhigh.com/tablecraft.html

    And we are still very much looking for new members :D

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