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    posted a message on [1.7.10 - 1.16.1]Sildur's shaders [PC/MAC/INTEL] Sildur's fabulous shaders v1.0! (June 28, 2020)

    It looks a lot better now. Thanks.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10 - 1.16.1]Sildur's shaders [PC/MAC/INTEL] Sildur's fabulous shaders v1.0! (June 28, 2020)

    Is there something I can edit to make ice reflections flat again (no bumpy effect)? It's hard to see against water at night time.

    Vibrant 1.165

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    Hey guys, could you give me a download link to optitick please? the dropbox download for it is dead.

    New link for Optitick: https://mega.nz/#!ZB1DRQTB!xbBG9U3_q2BlXX6mKzANNKMzi-W2khrbOhqkU4E7PdU
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    posted a message on Beta 1.7.3 Mods Archive
    Quote from DrewBlast14»

    all these are down anyone have new links?

    The links went down because Dropbox, in an incredible display of stupidity, disabled their public folder system, which killed hundreds of thousands (if not more) links across the internet. I've reuploaded the files to MEGA now.

    I'm also releasing two new mods for Beta 1.7.3:


    Basically the same as the Beta 1.8 Enderman with some small tweaks. A quick rundown:

    They are found in the overworld only, and are rarer to find than regular monsters.
    They don't care about the player unless they're attacked or stared at. Sunlight makes them peaceful, like Spiders.
    They won't get aggressive when stared at provided you're wearing a Pumpkin in the helmet slot.
    They have a small chance to drop 1-2 Slimeballs on death and any block they were carrying will always drop on death.
    They have a decent chance to pick up a block from the surrounding environment and move it somewhere else (Block list).
    They always teleport when exposed to sunlight, weather and water until a suitable dry, dark spot is found.

    The sounds should be automatically downloaded from Mojang's Amazon AWS server when you start the client. If you've disabled that for some reason, you'll need to add the sounds to your resources folder (not included).

    This mod does not require ModLoader and as such, it changes many core classes to add the Enderman entity into the game. Compatibility with other mods is probably low. I simply ported Mojang's code and modified it to work in Beta 1.7.3. Your mileage may vary on whether or not this works in a modified jar.

    Download (Client)

    Winter Mode

    Clamps temperature and humidity values below 50%, causing only Taiga and Tundra biomes to spawn. It is always snowing.

    Old worlds will immediately begin to freeze over if they are loaded while this mod is active, so back up your saves.

    Download (Client)

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    posted a message on Eldpack Continued [1.16 WIP][16x]

    1.12 beds:


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    posted a message on Beta 1.7.3 Mods Archive

    Here are some mods I've made or otherwise recompiled from various sources around the net. These are for Beta 1.7.3 only (I have no interest modding other versions at the moment).


    With this mod, I backported ravine code from Beta 1.8.1 into Beta 1.7.3. They spawn just like in newer versions of Minecraft, on the surface or all the way down to lava level. There can even be multiple ravines running into eachother. I'm sure you're familiar with how they work at this point. If you use the 404 seed, you'll likely find one.

    Download (Client)

    This mod doesn't change any other terrain generation. Caves and dungeon spawns should be the same, except for the added ravines, of course.

    Improved Terrain + Ravines

    This mod does three things:

    Firstly, it adds ravines to the underground cave systems, as seen in the above mod.

    Secondly, it fixes several bugs/artifacts in the overworld terrain generator. Beaches and biome edges no longer get "cut off" in weird ways, and gravel areas have a proper surface layer. This thread goes into way more detail about it than I ever could.

    Finally, it fixes a bug in cave generation where flat walls would spawn at chunk borders, effectively "cutting off" caves. In Beta 1.8, this was fixed, so I simply backported the fixed code to Beta 1.7.3. You can read more about this bug in [MC-7196]. Nether still has this bug because I'm too lazy to fix it there, and the Nether didn't have this fix in Beta 1.8 anyway.

    Do not expect seeds to be 100% accurate with this mod installed. Cave entrances and tunnels may be altered and dungeon spawns completely different as a result. Some areas may be sandy instead of grassy, with slightly different height levels and block patterns. Fortunately, biome regions stay the same, as well as the location of cave systems (even though the tunnels may be different).

    If you want to keep caves and dungeons the same, don't use sq.class from this mod.

    Download (Client)

    Pickaxe / Axe Fix

    This mod makes pickaxes and axes effective on more blocks, like in newer versions of Minecraft.

    Download (Client)

    Axes are now effective on the following:
    • Crafting Table
    • Wooden Door
    • Wooden Stairs
    • Wooden Pressure Plate
    • Fence
    • Trapdoor
    • Jukebox
    • Pumpkin
    • Jack 'o' Lantern
    • Sign
    • Note Block
    • Ladder

    Pickaxes are now effective on the following:
    • Redstone Ore
    • Stone Stairs
    • Iron Door
    • Brick
    • Furnace
    • Dispenser
    • Stone Pressure Plate
    • Rail
    • Powered Rail
    • Detector Rail

    Restored Minecart Boosters

    In Beta 1.5 the Minecart booster glitch was severely nerfed, with Notch encouraging players to use Powered Rails instead. This mod simply restores the old glitch back to its full glory. Powered Rails can still be used if desired.

    Download (Client)

    Restored Water Lifts

    Reverts "Fixed submerged boats rising very very fast" from Beta 1.6. Useful for builds/contraptions, getting to floating islands very quickly, etc.

    Download (Client)

    Old Fire Spread

    Reverts "Severely nerfed fire so it spread slower, and doesn't spread infinitely" from Beta 1.6. Fires spread infinitely and at a much faster rate, just like Alpha / early Beta.

    Download (Client)

    Water Spring Propagation Fix

    Corrects the spread of water source blocks (springs) so that the surface of water deeper than one block will fill in correctly. More details here.

    Download (Client)

    Left: Without the mod, water currents won't cooperate.
    Right: With the mod, it's a lot easier to create artificial ponds and lakes.

    Old Beta Texture Pack

    A nostalgic texture pack I made that brings the old cobblestone and brick textures back, along with the purple "Mojang Specifications" logo.

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    posted a message on Non-Blurry Skin Profile Pictures!
    Yours is still blurry

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] More Player Models

    I'm having a few problems with this mod. As you can see here, the bunny ears and cat/dog ears have outlines on the head even though I made sure they were invisible on the texture. (The snout and teeth also do this.)

    Another notable problem is that the bunny tail model appears to be flipped so the "inside" is facing out. If you look closely you will see that the head floats above the neck because of how the female models are scaled. Ideally if you could use the male model proportions but with breasts I would appreciate it.

    Skin settings

    Bunny tail

    If you need the rest of my skin PM me.
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    posted a message on 1.4.2 Missing sounds
    Delete your resource folder and force update. Play the game for awhile, all the sounds should eventually be downloaded. There is a bug where it doesn't show up on the updating screen.
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    posted a message on LAN server issues
    Do you have a router? Have you opened the Minecraft ports on your router? Is your operating system or software blocking connections on these ports? Are your friends connecting to an IP address directly instead of clicking on the LAN world?

    You still need to open the traditional Minecraft server ports, just like a regular server, and make sure no firewall is blocking it. Once that is done, go into your world and open it to LAN. Your friends should see your world in the Multiplayer menu.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Sped up (ANNOYING!)
    Try going into your video options and enabling the frame limiter by setting "Performance" to Balanced or Power Saver.
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    posted a message on Always changing spawns?
    In the transition between 1.2 and 1.3, Mojang has merged single player into a local server. As such, the spawning works like multiplayer. You'll spawn randomly in a certain chunk near your spawn, I believe.
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    posted a message on 12w39a amazing seed with hidden pyramid and MORE
    This is an amazing seed. Of course there's the giant mountain with some spectacular underhangs and the pyramid buried in sand, but there is also a (what I assume is) Spider dungeon near the river by spawn.


    Lucky find.
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    posted a message on minecraft classic modified client
    Any source code? MCCP doesn't work with the obfuscated code and won't recompile.
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    posted a message on Swamp Water Spreading in Minecraft 1.2.2?
    Quote from KyoShinda

    Was this in a converted world?

    No this is a new world.
    Quote from haschischtasche

    I don't think that is swamp water spreading, but one of those strange shadow bugs which makes it look like that.

    If you look closely when I'm standing in the water only IT is getting darker and not the block beneath it. There are no blocks being built above or inside the water (obviously) to make a shadow appear, but it isn't in the changelog so you could be right.
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