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My idea of a ultimate minecraft mod would be one that adds the contruction aspect of Sim-U-Kraft, with the NPCs of Minecraft Comes Alive, one that makes most things that are in vanilla craftable like chainmail and things of that nature, with configurable world gen spawning of towns and dungeons while adding ruins and other buildings to the wilds of minecraft for exploration. Also smooth bedrock is a must and being able to hire villagers to not only work for you but also join you in adventuring. Adds more mobs or at least different textures to the ones that exist while giving them armor that can also drop, and more drops from things. Better fishing and having to tame the animals before you can say harvest wool or milk while also adding in more meats to the animals that dont have them. More enchantments and ways to disenchant, make some drops very rare like maybe have diamond tools drop from mobs but like a 0.01% chance of it. The ability to edit the world in a massive way but still get the resources from doing so, like world edit for instance but when i remove a mountain it throws all its either on the ground or in chests that i mark in some way so i can kinda rebuild terrain after a major altering of it using the stuff i removed but saving me hours and hours of using a shovel and pickaxe to harvest down a whole mountain.

Mod could also make village spawns look nicer, no super tall house bases on the sides of mountains for instance, towns are generally in a pretty flat area, but it dont have to be to flat just not like this house is way up on a hill and this farm is partially underground because it spawned in a small trench kind of thing that tends to happen often in minecraft. Or even just simply a tool that lets you place villages and the ability to turn villages off during world gen so you can place them how you want afterwards so you dont get crazy looking villages with a well sitting way up in the air cause it spawned in a weird spot.


Gaming, working, hanging out with my wife and kids and friends.

Tv shows like game of thrones and the walking dead.

Music and Movies.

Messing with mods for my games like minecraft and skyrim to tweak them how i want them to be, i personally think modding a game is more fun than playing at times but once you get your mods set up how you like the game is a 1000% better than it was before.

Location Michigan, USA

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