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    posted a message on AxanRPG || Closing -- Other projects on the horizon
    Ingame Name: Sloopofwar
    Age: 17
    How did you find out about the server?: Browsing the new server sections of the minecraft forums.
    Have you played at all on the server already? (Will not decide final outcome): I played on Minescape, and will be logging onto the server once I finish my application.
    What is rule number 4?: No Advertising!
    What are some past servers you have played on?: Middle Earth Roleplay, various prison servers, Herocraft, various Tekkit servers, and various vanilla survival servers.
    Special Key: 10LO5
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    posted a message on [Tekkit] Dawgcraft Tekkit Server! [iConomy] [Hawkeye] [Multiverse] [Choptree2]
    IGN: Sloopofwar
    Age: 16
    Do you agree to follow the rules (yes/no)?: Yep!
    Why do you want to play here?: I <3 Tekkit, what else do I need to say? What, I need to say more? Alright, what isn't there to want about automated miners, grinding macerators, humming electro-furnaces, piping in materials, mining with lasers, & flying around with a jetpack? Me want much.
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    posted a message on When Darkness Falls [1.2.5] [Hardcore RP] [24/7] [Custom Plugins] [Custom Built World]
    Posting for both of my characters.

    Your In Game Name (IGN): Sloopofwar
    Your Time Zone (GMT): PST (USA)
    Your Character’s Name: Professor Lysander Swift
    Your Character’s Class: Soldier
    Your Character's Nationality: British/Scottish
    Your Character’s Age: 29
    Your Character’s Profession: Attorney/Private Detective
    Your Character's Goals: Learning the true fate of his father, serving the people and the empire, solving the most difficult cases and riddles.
    Your Character's Fears: Being wrong, failing in a case, moonless nights, being buried alive, & the rattling of spears.
    Your Character’s Biography:
    Lysander was the son of a scottish country gentleman. His early life was comfortable, and when he was old enough his father sent him to Rigenhelm to train for a law career. He soon passed the bar, but he was still too young to settle down to a quiet life as a lawyer.
    The British government, egged on by the prospect of untapped resources, at that time was planning an expedition to the African heartland. As the British government was in need of volunteers, and with the aid of his father's nfluence, Lysander was able to join one of the imperial regiments, and when he expedition put to sea less than a month later, he did so as a Lieutenant.
    Upon landing, the expedition immediately fell upon tough times. A plague had recently swept through the African ports, so the supply animals and native handlers the leaders had counted on were in short supply. After several frustrating weeks, the expedition finally embarked, leaving behind much of their baggage - including their artillery - behind.
    The leadership of the expedition had believed that the reports of hostile natives further inland had been exaggerated, but they soon found that they had been a bit of an understatement. The first sign that anything was amiss was the failure of a hunting party to return, and the next day when soldiers went down to a watering hole they found the bodies of the hunters nailed to stakes by the water. The camp was immediately roused, and set out in the direction that hunters had originally traveled, but in the confusion a party of Afrikaans attacked from the total opposite direction and made off with much of the supplies. With little remaining food, the expedition had to leave retribution for another time and quickly return to the nearest habitation before their food ran out.
    All along their long march they were tormented by raids, strings of traps and ambushes. Finally, disparing for the fate of them all, the leaders of the expedition decided that they would send one regiment out alone to draw the Afrikaans away while the rest of the British continued on their retreat. Lysander volunteered to join the group.
    The regiment was ambushed in a nearby gorge by a superior number of Afrikaan impis, and even the stoic discipline and brutal volley fire of the British infantry failed to prevent them from being overrun. The British soldier may have had no match on a level plain, but on the rocky and uneven ground the lightly armored spearmen of the Afrikaans decimated them. Lysander was one of the few that survived the initial charge, and he was among the small group of officers that tried to rally the failing infantry. When all hope had been lost, and the remaining soldiers were certain of their own death, the remainder of the expedition - guilty of the fate they had sent the regiment to - arrived and in one massive charge forced the Afrikaans to beat a hasty retreat. Only a few dozen remained of the regiment. Among the wounded was Swift, and even before he was carried to safety he lapsed into a violent fever. When he returned to his senses the expedition was free of the treacherous heartland and almost returned to a friendly port. The military, in view of his outstanding bravery and dire wounds, gave him an honorable discharge with a pension for life. Swift took the first available ship to England, and was sad to discover that his father had died of unknown causes while he was away. He sold his fathers property in the country and settled down in Rigenhelm. He kept a few mementos of his military career, including a Afrikaan spear, the bloodstained standard of his regiment, and dark and brooding eyes.
    Many of his friends tried to persuade him to return to his law career as a prosecuting attorney, which he did in a very unorthodox way. Instead of merely counselling his clients, cross-examining the witnesses, and bombasting on the guiltiness of the defendant like most did, he would investigate the scene of the crime and follow the trail of clues until the guilt of the defendant was absolutely certain.

    He currently lives in the city where he serves the people as an Attorney and Private Investigator.
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    posted a message on Road to Ages. [Updated to Survival Server][Closed read Thread]
    OOC Information
    In-Game Name: liquinox (Second account for Sloopofwar)
    Age: 16
    Timezone/Location: West Coast US
    UCGaming Forums Name (We require you to signup on our website): Sloop

    IC information
    Roleplay Name: Tesla Gerclaw
    Age: 27
    Race: Kree
    Class: Smith/Engineer
    Biography(250 words minimal):
    Tesla is an intelligent and dedicated Kree, with great mechanical aptitude and a skill with metals.

    Her father was one of he finest smiths in the city, building intricate devices, many of them useless. This earned him the title of 'Tinker'. It was clear from an early age that Tesla shared his talents. Her early life was comfortable for a Kree, spending endless days watching miners and merchants, fiddling with gears and bolts, and assisting her father in his shop. Eventually, at the end of adolescence her interests wandered from her father's clumsy and pointless gadgetry, and leaned more to the application of explosives and machinery to simplify work and increase efficiency. However, at this time, no training existed for engineers in Gazagan, so she settled instead for an apprenticeship with a traveling smith. She traveled with him for several years, until an injury forced him to remain in Cmok, where he purchased a shop. She has spent the past eight years working in this shop, learning to forge armor and weapons for the imperial soldiers, while at the same time continuing her personal studies. However, upon hearing of the newly started training program for engineers in Gazagan, she plans to enroll.

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    posted a message on Road to Ages. [Updated to Survival Server][Closed read Thread]
    Quote from leolion123

    i just puting this out there but im not sure if one of the races are orc like but i think it would be kinda cool to have a orcish race, but not super barbaric but not to evolved to the point that they have big stone castles.

    The sort of people that would want to be an orc are not the sort of people we want on the server.
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    posted a message on Road to Ages. [Updated to Survival Server][Closed read Thread]
    Sometime in the future (a month or two if the server lasts that long) the Iredoran need to join together and rebuild their city, or die trying.

    Even my outcast character would heed the call to return and do battle.

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    posted a message on Road to Ages. [Updated to Survival Server][Closed read Thread]
    OOC Information
    In-game Name: Sloopofwar
    Age: 16
    Time zone/Location: West Coast USA (Pacific Time)
    How did you hear about us? MERP Veteran and Community Member
    UCGaming Forums Name: Sloop

    IC information
    Roleplay Name: Darkroot
    Age: 421
    Race: Irédoran
    Class: Farmer
    Born in the long past golden age of trees that spanned for much of the first age, Darkroot is one of the oldest and strangest Irédoran left alive. Not even the other truly old Irédoran can remember a time when Darkroot was not walking the forests. It is believed he was one of the first Irédoran, and one of the closest to the Dryads.
    Early in history, he took a great interest in the world, tending groves of trees and helping fix the woes of all the races. However, over time his heart has become sick, and his disposition, although not becoming evil, is foul and unwholesome. He was banished from the great city, and he has wandered the world ever since. He is not at home among any of the other races, preferring the wilds and the deep forest glads to any walled city. He is passionately uninterested in the goings on of the world.
    Whereas most Irédoran are little removed from humans, Darkroot is little removed from his Dryad ancestors, a real ancient scion. His skin is rendered almost bark-like by exposure to the elements for hundreds of years, and his hair hangs like moss from his head, flowing in a green mane over his back and chest. His eyes are like pits of unstill and deadly water, set in deep sockets and burning with hate. Time has not been kind to him, he is shrunken and warped. His arms are twisted like dried branches, and he feet are stubby and knobby like oak.
    Darkroot will often plant himself in some dark corner of the wilds for days, neither eating or sleeping, chanting quietly to himself tales of the past and curses for the future. If one were to come upon him in this nearly coma like state, you would be forgiven for thinking a full blooded dryad stood before you.
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    posted a message on Crafthammer [Serious RP, SERVER RELEASE, Whistelist open]

    Minecraft username: Sloopofwar

    Age: 16

    Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (US West Coast)

    What experience do you have in roleplaying?: I have been playing tabletop roleplaying games for many years, I have done several online RP games other than minecraft, and I have played on serious RP servers before.

    Have you read and accepted the rules?: Yessir.

    Did you read the lore?: Yep, most of it was well-written.

    Name at least 5 races on this server: Orc, Goblin, Nord, Imperial, Elf

    What do you imagine this server will be like?: Exactly what is on the bottle, heavy Roleplaying and character driven self-storylines.

    Where did you find this server?: Minecraft Forums

    Why should you be let in?: If you are looking for roleplayers, than look no further than this minecrafter. :tongue.gif:

    Screenshot of your skin:


    Name: Drakkel

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Race: Nord

    Appearance: Tall and scruffy. Golden face paint and ragged clothes.

    Personality: Wandering and awkward. While noble, Drakkel isn't very perceptive and would probably walk by a bandit who put a sword to his neck because he was too busy composing his next song.
    When he talks it is usually in weak riddles and in rambles.

    Ambitions/dreams: Chronicle the ages, see the sights, encourage allies, smite enemies; the usual bard things.

    Biography/Story(More than 2 sentences long): Born in the high mountains of the north, Drakkel was always 'different'. While other nord children played with axes and swords, he seemed more interested in the tinkling of water in the streams and the snow capped peaks.
    Eventually, he wandered off into the woods and was quickly forgotten...
    He reappeared far to the south, with a wooden guitar and the dress and paintings of an orc warrior. He told a silly tale about living in the wild, listening to the voices of nature before being enslaved by a passing orc raider group, and finally escaping by enchanting the orcs to sleep and escaping disguised.
    This is of course hogwash.

    Other information: Despite is apparent foolishness, Drakkel is a competent swordsman and a very good cook.
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    posted a message on ♔Skyrim: MMORPG -WhiteList - Dragons - Factions - Jobs - Jail - Bounties - Economy - Dedicated - 50 Slot - Administrated RP ♔✖ I
    * In Game Name: Sloopofwar
    * Age: 16
    * Are you able to get team speak 3, and will you speak: Yes.
    * Have you read all the rules, and will you RP respectfully? Yep, nothing worse than noobs ruining RP. :tongue.gif:
    * What do you look to accomplish in the RP server? Dragon battles, mead with friends, adventuring?
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que
    Quote from Macabre

    I loved the style of the application, however the backstory was lacking in detail and length. It does however explain your ambitions an sets the scene well. Usually I would decline an application like this- but I'm going to have to accept it.

    I was attempting to do something other than the generic:
    My character was born in X, all his family died, he's come to Skyrim to chew gum and kick ass.
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    posted a message on ✖♔✖ ODYSSEY ✖♔✖ 1.1 UPDATED !! TRUE MMO EXPERIENCE !! Quests/Dungeons/Towns/CTF/TDM/PVE
    How I found you? Browsing the MC forums.
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que

    IGN: Sloopofwar
    Age: 16
    Role-Play Exp.: High. I've played tabletop role-playing games for over two years, and played on RP Minecraft servers for a while.
    Why Us: Skyrim? Minecraft? I think I am in love.
    Time You Can Dedicate: Around two hours every day for sure. Probably less on the weekends than on the weekdays the way my schedule works.


    Name: Bjard Soen
    Race: Norse
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Appearance: A tall muscular frame with blue tribe marks on upper arm and face. Swarthy face with dark blonde/light brown hair and short beard.
    Fears: Inglorious death, defeat, dragons, women...the usual.
    Personality: Melancholy and noble. Introverted, but willing to help others.
    Occupation: Wandering warrior and smithy.
    Skills: Decent miner and archer. Skilled swordsman and hunter.
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Bjard: *Enters a village that shows evidence of a recent attack. Puts hand on sword and stops a passerby*
    "Hail friend, what has happened here?"
    Old Man: *Looks at strange heavily armed man*
    "Hmm? What do you want with us? Can't you see we have enough troubles as it is? Go away and leave us in peace."
    Bjard: *Takes hand off sword and tries to look less grim*
    "I only wish to help. Who attacked you?"
    Old Man: "Strange men such as yourself no less!"
    *Pokes you in the ribs with cane*
    "We will be ready for you the next time though!"
    *Cackles and runs off*
    Bjard: *Shakes head slowly and watches you leave*
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):
    Some people go there for the scenery.
    Some people go there to hide.
    Others look for adventure.
    Me? All of the above.
    Looking north from Bruma my father used to get a faraway look in his eye, like there was something just out of sight, something magical. He told us children about the land of our ancestors. A place of danger and excitement. Of giants and werewolves. Of cold barrows and warriors that swept the land like fire. Before the Empire came...
    My father returned to Skyrim when I was still young, and he died for freedom.
    I don't know who was right in the struggle...whether all Nords should die if their blood could bring independence, or whether peace under the iron Empire is preferable.
    I haven't come to Skyrim to fight that war. There are other battles to fight, battles with wolves and wights. Dragons and bandits.

    My homeland is a sad place. I aim to make it a better place.
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    posted a message on ♔ The New Bastion Server ♔[RPG][Classes][Whitelist]
    IGN: Sloopofwar
    Age: 16
    Why you want to join the server: Because I am looking for a relaxed server with classes etc. to play on when I have a few minutes.
    Did you read the rules? Yes
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    posted a message on ♔Viking Wars♔ | 24/7 ✔ | mcMMO ✔ | No Lag ✔ | 150 Slots ✔ | Make Your Own Boat! ✔ | Factions ✔ | Many Commands ✔ | TNT Cannons ✔
    Server was up but now is down again. It better not have rolled back all my progress again. I just had found diamonds. Lol!
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    posted a message on ♔Viking Wars♔ | 24/7 ✔ | mcMMO ✔ | No Lag ✔ | 150 Slots ✔ | Make Your Own Boat! ✔ | Factions ✔ | Many Commands ✔ | TNT Cannons ✔
    I'm just upset because they can't be bothered to post 'we are having problem X but it will be fixed by time Y'. :dry.gif:
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