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    posted a message on Looking for the perfect server (faction, shops, no grief, survival, ect)

    I suggest Johnnywoof Survival

    (VVV)I copy and pasted this so. xD (VVV)

    This is an incredible and new type of server. A server that is not generic or bland among thousands of others. With our community first, we strive to become unique and to make our server stand out like no other. Currently our main server is a Non-PVP PvE survival server.
    A few features that are unique about the survival server:

    All plugins are custom. Every. single. one. Not only are our custom made plugins extremely easy to use, they also include a wide variety of useful commands that are completely unique to us.
    All players have a fair chance here and can access anything a vanilla minecraft server offers.
    PvP is disabled, so you can breathe a little bit easier while playing.
    A super easy land claim system. No need to figure out what that confusing gold shovel does, just place a special block at your build for instant build protection!
    The economy is controlled by the players, all players are able create a shop. There is no global server market, prices fluctuate based on what the players decide to buy and sell.
    The “mine world”. A world that resets weekly, so it is always fresh for gathering resources. Having this world also means that less wear and tear will come to the overworld, leaving more space for awesome builds.
    Shop portals. You can have a dedicated portal at spawn to your own shop!
    13+ new, completely custom enchantments on various items. A few popular ones include:
    SpawnerPickup – Allows you to get any type of spawner as an item.
    Blastiplode – Creates explosions when you attack a mob.
    Blastiplode – Creates explosions when you attack a mob.
    ShotGun – Fires a barricade of arrows at a target.
    and more!
    Three Boss Mobs:
    The Giant
    The King Slime

    Custom Items and Crafting Recipes
    Miners Beef Stew Gives Night Vision, Haste, and Speed
    Magic Cake Heals all Hunger and Hearts
    Apple Pie A Slightly weaker version of magic cake
    and many, many more. We also have seasonal recipes!

    Some features that all players love:
    tpa is available to all players. The command tpa allows you to teleport to other players with their approval.
    A tutorial you can skip. If you don’t want to be forced into learning the tutorial, that’s fine. Just type spawn to skip it and start playing right away. The best part is that if you ever want to access the tutorial again, you simply just type tutorial
    Build portals, which allow you to easily select which biome you want to build in.
    All 1.9 features are supported. Unlike some servers who have buggy 1.9 blocks, mobs, and so on, our server fully supports 1.9
    Name changing. Yes, we allow you to change your name as many times as you want. All your stuff will migrate to your new name!

    Join the server, to see what a unique community we are.

    Plugins installed on server: Essentials, Chestshop, Towny, Votifier, ModReq, ProtectionStones

    I think that this is one of the best, if not the best server(s) I have ever seen. I hope you find the same joy I find.

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    posted a message on Magma Block Opinion

    I love the new magma block. I see a future for it in the mob farm category. I do wish however that it cooked uncooked food though. Mobs also do not want to go on it. Good protective barrier for defense.

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    posted a message on I need help on this

    There are some types of farms you can use for getting the materials... There are such things as oak farms (Not automatic), Mob Grinders (Not Auto), Cobble & (if you can manage it) stone generators (Not auto), iron farms (Costs a lot of materials to build in the first place to be effective), and a flower cloning mechanism (full auto). The trees, flowers, and a few other farms require just tons of bone meal. Get a skeleton farm if you build one of the farms.

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    posted a message on A question I must know...

    I know that placing half slabs will prevent zombie pig men from spawning.... What if you want a floor to be the same height as a normal block (like grass, or stone), but made of half slabs? Will zombie pigs spawn on a half slab if only the top one (referring to the image) is placed?

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    posted a message on How to prevent zombie pigmen from spawning on your base???

    I have built a giant base right above the top layer of bedrock in the nether. I have a problem though... Zombie pigs spawn EVERYWHERE! I have built platforms on the exterior to prevent them (With next to no success). I need to have a floor (100 x 100 blocks) made of the material. I only want to prevent zombie pigs from spawning in the building its-self.

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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages

    SlandersPete hugged a tree too hard.

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    posted a message on War Gear?

    In a Minecraft server, the whole world is resetting. That doesn't matter... All is allowed: Griefing, TNT, PVP, Firespread. What gear should I equip on me? What should I do for a shelter? The world will reset in the end. (All is lost.)

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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?


    So I joined a server. (Looked OK in the image) The description had rules that all led to the big Do Not Grief theme. I joined the server, met by the tutorial. The tutorial had all of it's things connecting to protection plugins, and Do Not Grief! I did the tutorial briefly, and as I did two people were banned. Why were two people banned? "Stealing an apple". The entire server had a strict No Grief policy. I didn't stay for long. (I left before I was banned for breaking something like a sapling, or a tall grass.)

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    posted a message on If minecraft mobs were in real life, which would be most dangerous?

    They all would cause chaos! Creepers could level cities, skeletons being just bones. I think the wither would scare me the most.

    *Siren goes off*

    Radio: A wither has been reported in the New York area, please seek shelter in the nearest Wither Shelter Pro immediately. If unable to do so, stay on the lowest level of a building as possible until officials say the area is clear.

    Neighbor: Were all gonna DIEE!

    Also anything flying would be terrifying. (Ghasts, Blazes)

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    posted a message on Credits/Ending Meaning

    This is BEFORE the 1.9 update (because I am not sure what could happen). The ending is awkward for me to see due to the updates that have occurred after the end screen pops up. The wither for example can own the ender dragon. There are different paths to take when it comes to Minecraft now. Some people kill the ender dragon near the beginning of the game before carrying on with their XP farms, and giant redstone generator cart of doom. (Just some gibberish I thought of.) They really need to do something. I feel weird about seeing it, but if it just vanished (personally to me), it would seem so weird to not see it.

    Why I said BEFORE the 1.9 update: something might happen with the game.

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