About Me

", sans-serif">Short Desc: I am a busy person, always working on something that needs to be completed. I usually work alone, and require no help. I do not trust anyone just because how I like things to work. I am very outgoing and friendly though. I do not try to be rude, or do anything like grief.

", sans-serif">Facts about me:

", sans-serif">1. I don't grief.

", sans-serif">2. I am like a Pigman!: I attack only if you attack, and I will win in the end.

", sans-serif">Servers: [Johnnywoof Survival] [Mineplex Minigames]

", sans-serif">Favorite Tags: [Economy] [PVE]

", sans-serif">Least Favorite Tags: [PVP] [Hunger Games/Survival Games]


- Light Redstoning.

- Exploring/Adventuring

- Looting (Chests, Dungeons, Mine-shafts).

- Enchanting OP gear.

-Mob Fighting.

Location East USA (EST)

Profile Information

Minecraft SlandersPete Xbox N/A PSN N/A Steam SlandersPete