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    this mod adds new ores and gems to your Minecraft world. It will have 30-40 mods by the time i am done working on it.
    go to this link for more information and download links


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    I’m starting a java Minecraft server. We will work together to build a city. We will have car mods, money mods, plane mods, and the Create mod. The server will run forge 1.16.5 until 1.17 comes out. If you want to join the server then join this discord: discord.gg/uppsuu66SXD
    The server has started and you can play as soon as you have the mods downloaded.
    whitelist is enabled so to get whitelisted you will have to join the discord

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    age: 16

    About me: I have been playing about 6 years now. I started on pe but I started playing java about a year ago. I’m fairly good at redstone and building. I have a YouTube channel called sky1playz. I’ll probably record a few videos. I also own my own realm on bedrock edition.
    discord: sky1playz#7782

    Ps please message me on discord because I just got this account and have no clue what I’m doing.

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