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    Hello, and welcome to A Skunk's Journal. I've been searching for something new to do in Minecraft lately, and I thought it'd be fun to start a new SSP world and write a journal for it. I've got a ton of ideas for this world, some of which I've done before and some of which I have yet to do. I'm going to enclose each entry inside those green spoiler buttons. Thanks for reading!

    Entry 1: Living under — no, inside! — a rock

    Spawn was pretty boring, to be honest, so I didn't take any pictures. Besides, I can only carry around so much with me, right? (Actually, now that I think about it, I can carry around quite a remarkable amount of stuff.) Anyway, point is, spawn was a boring spawn biome, and I imagine whoever has found this journal and is reading it right now (that's you!) doesn't want to see that stuff anyway.

    So, let's get right into it!

    I wandered around for a long, long time. I mined a lot, I hunted a lot, I waited a lot (for daytime — it took me a terribly long time to find some sheep to make a cozy bed). When I did finally settle down somewhere, it wasn't very pretty, but it was a nice little area to keep my stuff, and the fences guarded me from monsters.

    See that zombie back there? He's clearly smiling for the camera, and not trying to eat me alive!

    Eventually, I left this... wooden platform, I guess is what you'd call it... in search of a nice area to really call home. I have always liked the idea of building underground, and so for a while I thought that was where I'd be headed. Until I found...

    Everyone loves overhangs, right? I thought it looked really cool anyway, and I can already imagine building something really neat on the top of it.

    But remember the part where I said I loved underground houses? That's still true! Except instead of living underground, I thought it'd be best to carve out a little hole in the rock and live in there.

    Well, a bit nicer than just a typical hole...

    As of now, there's four rooms and a hallway, and it's all very compact. I have always admired minimalist bases that contain just the essentials. Don't worry though, I have a lot of ideas for this world, and this is just the very beginning.

    Beautiful surroundings, by the way. This forest is just to the left of our budding base. And to the right...

    Open extreme hills. Great for many things... a mine, a portal, some farms. May or may not build those here, but it's an idea for now!

    Let's get to decorating the inside though. I don't want to live in a literal hole in the wall!

    There's four furnaces cooking up stacks of cobble like that. And I had to cook some more even after all those were done!

    The plan is to use stone slabs for the floor and stone bricks for the walls. Not sure about the ceiling yet.
    I know it might make it look a little too much like a stronghold, but... I really like this look for an underground or an in-the-mountain base. And, well, I guess that means I like the stronghold look too!

    Plans for the rooms include a crafting room with a crafting table and furnaces, a bedroom with, well, a bed and lots of skunky decorations, and a storage room replete with chests. There's also a foyer or an entryway, but I'm not entirely sure how I want to style that yet.

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    What is your in game name?: SkunkAttack

    How old are you?: 22

    When did you start playing Minecraft?: I started playing four years ago, around the time of beta 1.6.

    Why would you want to join the server: Well, I've been looking for a server that I can call my home, and, personally, I love small vanilla/semi-vanilla servers. Ironically, it's easy to feel lonely on large servers, and, well, I've just never been a fan of modded Minecraft. So, I think for me, this kind of server makes sense.

    Are you good at building? (If so show a picture of your work): To be honest, building is not something I'm particularly good at in Minecraft. I don't have a very good sense of design, and so I prefer to do other things in the game. That said, I usually build underground bases, and I like building mines and railways in the game.

    If you don't mind me asking, what are the plugins that you have on your server?

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    I would try it out and join — I really like vanilla servers.

    My humble thoughts on your questions...

    Personally, I think there definitely should be a white list. On a vanilla server, you can't prevent griefing 100%, but I think you can prevent a lot of would-be griefers by making a white list and checking out the people who apply to be on that white list (looking through forum posts, seeing if they're on any ban lists, etc.)

    And for plugins, I would just put Essentials, CoreProtect, and maybe GroupManager if you want more than just ops and regular players. I think plugins like Lockette and WorldGuard ruin the vanilla feel too much, but that's just my own opinion, and I know some would disagree with me on that.

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