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    Quote from DubCoow»

    Hey This is a pretty cool idea i would love to join you guys :) im 19 from panama

    My Ign is : Dubcow

    i hope i can get in :P

    Invited, welcome ^_^

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    Quote from tnix12»

    IGN: Selfish_Nix

    But im anything but selfish i love team builds and helping out

    I think this idea about an island build is really cool. Managing everything will get very interesting

    Would love to join. I'm 20 yrs old and live in the US. I play a lot each day and hopefully will be building with you soon!


    Quote from Syrrn»

    I think this is an awesome idea. I would love to be part of it. I am 36, yes, I'm old. Married, house, 4 kids, 2 dogs, typical old person stuff. My 9 year old got me addicted to minecraft. I have built all kinds of redstone contraptions, exp farms, large scale builds.. But honestly my favorite builds are small structures with lots of landscaping and detail. I love roads, pathways, and bridges. I love the idea of community builds and living together in a defined area. I have never tried this single island idea but I think it could be a lot of fun. I am off for the evening but I will check back with you in the morning. Have fun, I think this is a very creative idea.

    edit: just remembered I didn't include my IGN : Sryyn

    I invited you guys, welcome! ^_^

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    Insula Nostra


    Insula Nostra is a survival multiplayer (SMP) realm that encourages player cooperation and teamwork. We call our realm insula nostra, Latin for our island, because we all live on one island that we share together. This means that there are a lot of group builds and shared resources, and that you can always find some other players simply by walking around our tiny island.


    • Survival mode for everyone: No one's flying around in creative mode or spawning diamonds for anyone. We've gathered and built everything in survival mode. This also means that the day/night mechanics and the weather aren't ever altered.
    • Exceptions: I have flown around in spectator mode in order to take pictures. And I have spawned some items that are impossible to get due to the limitations of the island's sole biome (e.g., cocoa, cactus, etc.)
    • World border: As of May 31, the world border is set at 345x345 around the island. That's pretty small! It's probably not going to change drastically any time soon; however, in the future, when we run out of space on the island, we will probably gradually expand the world border, and then we can move onto other islands as well as the mainland.
    • Some anti-griefing measures: PVP and fire spread are off. This is to prevent someone from killing other people or setting fire to any wooden buildings.
    • Mobs are tough: The difficulty is set to hard, so mobs can pack a punch! Additionally, creepers will explode and they will make holes in the ground.
    • A realm, for now: If we get enough active people, we might move to a server one day so that we can move more than ten people online at a time!
    • Mature players: We're looking for players who are 16+. This is just because most players on our server are adults and we think we'll all get along better if we're around the same age.
    • Respecting our environment: If you're chopping a tree, chop it all down. Fill in creeper holes. Don't build a giant, grotesque dirt structure that makes our island look bad. These are just some common examples of how we all respect the environment.


    • Don't grief.
    • Don't hack.
    • Common mods like Optifine or a minimap are totally fine. Just don't be flying around or use x-ray or anything like that.
    • Don't find ways to kill people (e.g., lava, TNT, pushing off a cliff, etc.)
    • Don't steal from other people.
    • Don't spam the chat.
    • Don't harass anyone.
    • It's fine to have negative opinions of other people, but if you're repeatedly attacking them, that's just mean.

    Join Our Realm!

    We've got a few active players, and we're looking for more! If you want to join, fill out the application below and post it!

    Minecraft Username:
    What are some of your favorite things to do in Minecraft?:
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