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    posted a message on I may be alone, but is anyone else annoyed?
    It's coming sooner or later. The least you could do is appreciate that we have the game at all, rather than complaining about a new update because "OH NO, WE'RE ACTUALLY HELPING PEOPLE" Spoiled brats like you need to be put in their place.
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    posted a message on "romance" server
    Quote from Bagmoose2

    hai, i like to build, love it actually, im great at it as well, and i kinda want an in-game relationship to build my confidence up irl, mi ign is Bagmoose2, im fourteen and i can be on about four to five hours a day

    Quote from Terp726

    I would love to join, but i need an in game girl friend. Any takers?

    IGN: Terp726
    Age: 13
    Maturity: 10/10
    Hours: 3 or 4

    Quote from Kittytoes905

    I'm looking for the perfect boy one that will stay by my side <3

    Quote from Raffilcagon

    IGN: Creeperlordsteve (I'm a girl, just using bro's ex-acount)
    Age: 13
    Maturtiy: 9/10
    Hours online: Most likely 1-4, if lucky, 5+, if unlucky, not at all.
    I just want a companion who'll stay by my side, and hopefully not get distracted in 10 seconds. <3

    Quote from Chasmic

    IGN: Chasmic_Activity
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Maturity: 9/10
    Online hours: Possibly 3-4, depends

    I would be looking for a girl you would always be with me and can accept me for the type of person I am.

    Quote from Endergirl03

    Hey I Have Minecraft Bf On This Other server and i would love to have some romantic time with him.
    so may i please be a admin
    ING: Endergirl03
    AGE: 13
    MATURITY 8/10
    How Many Hours: about 2 or 3 :Zombie:
    and i am great at building i will do every thing u tell me to do
    and also i have never been a admin.....well only been a op on this one server and then i got deoped from this guy that deoped every one....NOT LYING TRUE STORY!!!!

    so plz

    please please please PLEASE may i be a admin?

    Quote from Anteaterrr

    KItty girl ill date you and stay by your side :D

    Mature 7/10
    Online 5 hours a day

    Quote from ShilohYuma

    I need an in game boyfriend. ^u^ and I wanna be admin. Im usually really serious with my work
    IGN: ShilohYuma
    Age: 14
    Maturity: 9/10
    Online all the time

    Quote from MLM1010

    MATURITY /10:10-9
    HOW MANY HOURS YOU CAN BE ONLINE:Most hours of the day depending on the day.

    Looking for girlfriend btw. Hoping for admin.

    Quote from piratemike369

    i will

    Quote from Yojeepee

    IGN: yojeepee
    AGE: 13
    Maturity: 9/10
    How many hours i can be online: If i can i'm online.

    Looking for in game (vampire) girlfriend who will always help me and stay with me.

    Quote from TheDerplyMan

    IGN :Evansch0
    Age : well im 16 :)
    Maturity : ........../10 well it varies :P jk 10-9
    well i can play 6 to 9 hours sometimes more or less depends

    And i am looking for a girl that will be by my side and i will help her vanquish her enemies as well as my own and i will not be overprotective XXXDD
    :P had to add that. Im tall almost 6 ft light brown hair. thin. muscular and have blue eyes :)
    im not perfect but i will try to be if you want :) i also give tons of gifts :P

    Quote from StarGirl622

    whay cant i help/get on the server ip?
    Im a trustworthy person, my IGN is: StarGirl622
    Im probably a 9/10 maturity
    I'd love to help, and im looking for a boyfriend that will
    be nice to me and love me <3
    the days i can come on varies

    Let me just come out and say this. Internet relationships don't work. They're kind of dumb, since you don't know eachother.. I could see if it was a dating website and you guys lived close enough to visit eachother or something but through a -game-? Um, I would advise that you reconsider your hobbies >.>
    You guys are mostly 13 or so and I understand that you're interested but, come on, guys... There are plenty of people in real life, at school or around town, you don't have to resort to this. Please just don't do it. It's not healthy--- You say you want love, but I can guarantee that you won't find it through a multiplayer game. Trust me on this one.
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    posted a message on Redstone Clock
    This is a very good idea.
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    posted a message on New Mobs in Next Update?
    I don't think we're going to have any new mobs any time soon... We just got (well, not 'just' got) like magma cubes and blazes not to far long ago... I don't know where anyone heard about it, but I think I'll call bull on this one...
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    posted a message on What would you bring on a cave loot?
    Fortune/ Efficiency Pickaxe it depends on your taste (Slower, but get more, or faster and get what you're supposed to get)
    Signs put one at the exit and continue to place them in regular intervals.
    Water it's always good to have in case of-- "OMFGWTFBBQ LAVA!"
    Food "Oh no.. Half a heart" *small hiss* "I-is that a... spider?!"
    Instant Healing Splash Oh, pesky skeletons...
    Bow, Arrows, Swords or could sit there and DIE
    Shovel Perfect for hitting ducks! Or, you could shovel your way out of gravel, because right now, you're suffocating.
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    posted a message on Funny/Ridiculous/Creepy Glitches?
    Anybody seen any glitches that were weird, funny, or downright crazy? Post them here!
    I remember I saw a villager sticking out of a block because it spawned incorrectly... I was sitting there and jumping up and down, and then he just turned red and died D':
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    posted a message on Broken Disc 11
    Some people argue that it was Notch's cruel joke as to Herobrine and that sort. I'll tell you what, I've been scared of that disc forever. I go on this server where everyone pranks each other in various ways, and I told a person I had met on there not to play that record around me, as he was about to (the sever has an in-game store, so yes, he could buy it). So one day he filled, and I mean FILLED my base with jukeboxes and he put 11 in each of them like 30 seconds before he knew I was going to log on xD.
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    posted a message on Seed: Puppies
    I was recently looking for dogs to accompany me on a singleplayer survival world. I always put in a seed when generating new worlds, and since I was looking for dogs, naturally, I put "puppies". I did actually spawn in a Taiga biome and there were MANY puppies around. Also, if you look behind your spawn, the is a sheer cliff and the cliff almost seems to seperate two biomes :) There is a nice little beach-y area and a small lake in the form of a circle. Well, as much as circle you can make in Minecraft. I just thought it was a great seed already and whilst digging clay out of a shallow ocean, I discovered a large cave that lead to a ravine :). I found 4 diamonds in 3 chests in a mineshaft there and I found 7 diamonds in a natural vein by themselves, near a lavafall within the ravine. Careful, there are Cave Spider spawners all up in there!
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