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    NOTICE: This version of Amidst is out of date, and no longer being maintained. A newer version of this program can be found here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-tools/2626547

    AMIDST Project Formerly Minecraft Stronghold Finder
    Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking

    AMIDST is designed to help enhance the process of finding structures, biomes, and players in minecraft.
    By accessing your minecraft files, it's able to draw the biomes of the world out and show where points of interest are likely to be.

    What AMIDST can do.
    - Find Strongholds
    - Find Villages
    - Find Witch huts
    - Find Temples
    - Find Player Spawn
    - Map Biomes
    - Move Players
    - Save an image of the map
    - Load map data from different versions of Minecraft.

    What AMIDST can't do.
    - Show modifications to the world.
    - Give information on individual blocks.

    [INFO] 57Digital appears to have made an iOS verison of this! (iTunes link)
    [BUG] Spawn points, villages, temples, and witch huts may be slightly less accurate than normal.
    [BUG] Moving your player on the map WILL put you into the sky. It is unclear on how to fix this issue.
    [INFO] AMIDST uses Google Analytics to anonymously gather general statistics.
    [INFO] AMIDST attempts to check for updates each launch.
    [INFO] AMIDST is now completely open-source. Check it out on GitHub.

    Please report all bugs with as much detail as possible to the issue tracker.
    Feel free to also make a post, or send me an email at: [email protected]

    AMIDST v3.7 Supports 1.2.4 - 1.7.4
    ( Ad free | Adf.ly ) Windows [Exe]
    ( Ad free | Adf.ly ) Mac OS X [App]
    ( Ad free | Adf.ly ) Linux [Jar]

    Please note: I am unable to create Mac builds for the moment. I suggest using the Linux version as a Mac user. The current link may be broken.

    Previous Changes:

    Since there were quite a few, I've grouped them a bit. (Hopefully I don't miss any)
    Major Changes:
    - AMIDST is now under GPL v3
    - Completely reworked the profile selector.
    - Added automatic seed histories. If AMIDST detects a "history.txt" file next to it, it will write a time stamp followed by the seed for each seed you enter.
    - Added smooth fragment fading. (This may be disabled in the options menu) Enabling this will cause all fragments to fade in when loaded.
    - Most crashes now create a "crash dialog" containing a log that can easily be pasted.
    - A licenses window has been added to the help menu. This will contain all relevant license information for AMIDST and its libraries.
    - Added option to set the default world type to any of the world types or "prompt each time".
    - Switching maps no longer eats up extra memory. (This will be a huge improvement in memory/processing performance when loading new maps)
    - Rendering speeds have been vastly improved.
    - Fixed issue where files would not be properly closed.

    Minor Changes/Fixes:
    - Hidden files/folders now show when opening a world from a file/folder.
    - Added 1.7.4 to official version list.
    - A new option is availible in the Options menu called "Show Debug Info". Enabling this will add a small panel to the map viewer containing debug information on fragments.
    - Library loading now follows OS rules correctly. (This should fix a number of errors with loading)
    - AMIDST now returns "4" on crashes. This will change at a later date to include various error codes.
    - Mac OS X users should no longer experience the "corrupted" issue.

    Command Line Support:
    - Added a "-mcpath " flag for users to specify the path to their .minecraft directory.
    - Added "-log " flag. Using this flag will cause AMIDST to write all log output to the specified file. AMIDST should create a file if it does not exist.
    - Added "-history " to specify where AMIDST should write seed history to. If AMIDST cannot find a file at the path you've specified, it will attempt to make one.

    Biome Color Profiles:
    Overview: This was something that was added in 3.5, but I've improved on a bit for 3.6. Color profiles let you set what color each biome shows up as. To activate them, simply create a folder named "biome" next to AMIDST. After launching AMIDST again, a new file should appear in that folder called "default.js". It will contain the default options for a color profile. You may edit this directly, or create new color profiles within the folder (following the same design as default.js). Any subdirectories will show up as sub-menus. (There is also support for shortcuts, as mentioned in this post)
    - Added support for biome nicknames. (Example: [ "Ice Plains", { "alias":"Really cold place", "r":255, "g":255, "b":255 } ] )
    - Duplicate biome colors are now supported.
    - default.json is not much cleaner.
    - Biome profiles no longer cause an empty profile list when there's a syntax error.
    - A new menu option for reloading your list of biome color profiles has been added.

    - Fixed issue where some Mac OS X users would not have their window refresh.
    - Fixed loading from amplified worlds.
    - Fixed the map jumping around when a menu was opened.
    - Selecting the default profile will now attempt to load 1.7.2.
    - Adjusted the organization of some menus.
    - Added 1.7.2 to official version list.
    - AMIDST will now only load the libraries specified by the selected version.
    - Added support for biome color profiles. An explanation of this will later be added to the wiki. Until then, please use check the latest forums posts or ask around.
    - Basic wiki page added to BitBucket here.
    - Mac OS X version now launches with extra memory.

    - Added support for 13w39a/b
    - AMIDST now loads all libraries contained in the .minecraft/libraries folder.
    - Greatly reduced the file size for AMIDST.

    - Increased performance for filling in image data.
    - Slightly reduce memory usage for structure generation.
    - Added official support for 13w37b.
    - Reduced memory usage from grid layer.
    - Increased performance for drawing biome layer.
    - Added FPS counter.
    - Improved detection of multiplayer maps.
    - Major performance improvements for zoomed out maps.
    - Added spawn location icon.
    - Added option to toggle framerate panel in the menus.
    - Added official support for 13w38a/1.6.4.
    - (Default) now selects 1.6.4

    Older versions
    All versions of AMIDST 3+ are available for download at: https://github.com/s...AMIDST/releases

    Special thanks
    A big thanks to the people over at http://www.57digital.co.uk/ for their very generous support.

    Supporting the project
    Aside from using adf.ly, there are a few ways you can help improve AMIDST.

    Check out the GitHub page. Bug submissions, feature suggestions, and any improvements to the source code are always welcome.

    Due to requests, I have now added a donation link back in.

    A video tutorial on v3.0 will be up eventually. Until then, here are some screenshots:

    License information can be found at https://github.com/s...ter/LICENSE.txt

    Outdated Versions
    If you are interested in the old Minecraft Stronghold Finder, all the old information can be found here:

    Minecraft Stronghold [/media]

    Downloads & Versions No point in reading this if you don't download it!

    Version 1.4.1 <---- Download if you have 1.9-pre 5 or 4
    Download EXE or JAR
    The EXE version now works!

    -Updated for 1.9-pre4!
    -Fixed a bug where it sometimes wouldn't work.

    Older Versions:
    Version 0.4.2 <---- Download if you have 1.8.1
    Download ad free (JAR) (EXE)
    Download through adf.ly (JAR) (EXE)

    Version 1.3.1 <---- Download if you have 1.9-pre 3
    Download EXE or JAR

    -Should work with 1.9-pre 3. Officially.

    Version 1.2 <---- Download if you have 1.9-pre 1 or 2
    Download EXE or JAR

    -Fixed several memory leaks that forced the program to stop working after awhile.
    -Made a few things use way less memory.
    -Fixed a bug that would prevent any villages/markers from being accurate when a X/Z offset was used.

    Version 1.1
    Download EXE or JAR

    -Supports searching for nether-structures.
    -Automatically saves your preferences.
    -Changed icon for strongholds so they're more noticeable.
    -Added zoom in/out button to the map.
    -Mouse wheel also zooms in/out on the map.
    -Changed the title to reflect the current version ;P

    Version 1.0-beta
    Download EXE or JAR

    -Added a biome map.
    -Added searching for villages.
    -New UI
    -More options
    -List of stuff.
    -I dunno, I spent way too many hours working on this, and now I'm tired.

    Version 0.5
    Download through adf.ly
    (Non-adf.ly version will be available within a day or two-- I just wanted to test something, I hope no one hates me for it D: )

    -NOW WORKS WITH 1.9! Besides that, it's the same-old :P

    Version 0.4.2 (and 0.4.1)
    Download ad free
    Download through adf.ly

    -(0.4.2) Fixed a UI bug that would make this application useless in Mac OS X.
    -(0.4.1) Negative numbers now work! (Sorry about that!)

    Version 0.4
    Download ad free
    Download through adf.ly

    -Now is incredibly accurate! You should just be able to dig down. However, in rare cases you'll end up between the walls, just dig to the side or something.
    -Added support for the "invalid biome" issue. So it'll at least tell you that there's no stronghold there.
    -A reminder from the last version (Which was only out a day) seeds like "poppycock" will now be properly read!

    Version 0.3
    Download ad free
    Download through adf.ly

    -Added support for non-number seeds. (i.e. if your seed was "watermelon" it was now correctly convert to a number as it would in minecraft) WARNING: Don't accidentally have a space in your seed number! It will mess things up!

    Version 0.2
    -Changed labels of stronghold 2/3 so they actually display the right numbers.
    -Greatly changed the formula for finding the second and third stronghold. This should be MUCH more accurate for both of those.
    -Added my name to the top!

    Version 0.1
    -I've only tested the first stronghold coordinates, the other two will probably NOT be accurate.
    -Occasionally the coordinate won't be accurate. (It's pretty rare)

    Original topic is here. Additionally, the download to AMIDST v2.1 can be found here:

    Version 2.1 ---- Works with 1.8.1, all 1.9-pre, 1.0, 1.1, 12w03a - 12w08a, 1.2.4-1.2.5, 12w19a - 12w27a, 1.3-pre, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.4.2, 1.4.5, 1.4.6, 1.4.7, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2.
    ( Ad free ) Windows [Exe]
    ( Ad free ) Mac OS X [App] ( Ad free ) Linux [Jar]
    ( Ad free ) Windows with AV issues. [7z]

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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    Quote from Zitchas»
    I'm kind of curious about the versioning for AMIDST. The release page lists 3.7 as being the latest release and that it was released in Sept 2014. But the change log seems to indicate that some updates have been made since then. Is the 3.7 I downloaded back in October the same as the 3.7 I downloaded today?

    Yes. Unfortunately I still don't have much time to actually update things. Between moving and work, it's been a bit hectic lately. Needless to say, I want to put out an update, but whether I find the time to is another thing altogether.

    I'm not actually sure why GitHub is saying those changes apply to 3.7.
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    Quote from gollumtheming»
    I've tried on mac, the .zip says it's a damaged file and I can't open it, and the .jar crashes when I try and load the map. I've used amidst before and it's never done this?

    p.s. I'm kinda new to modding and all that sort of stuff so I don't really know how I should go about getting this working. Any help would be appreciated!

    Yeah, I was a bit worried about the Mac version doing that. I'll have to go get out my Mac laptop again and rebuild the .app for it. No worries, for now you should be able to run it by running the jar with more memory.
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    Quote from Zitchas»
    Looks like it works, although it doesn't read my MC version correctly. I'm using 1.8 and it reads it as 1.7.4

    I'm hoping you'll be able to add Ocean Monuments soon.

    Anyway, thanks for updating!

    I'll definitely try. I just wanted to get an update out for 1.8 as soon as I could. Ocean Monuments may be "v3.7a" or something. (Also, it should read your version-- so perhaps its not loading the right one)
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    So I've uploaded what should probably considered "AMIDST v3.7 RC1" http://github.com/skiphs/AMIDST/releases/tag/3.7

    I'm not entirely sure I correctly formed the Mac app, so once someone can confirm it works, I'll update the OP.

    But this should work with 1.8! :)

    (Also, I haven't had a chance to keep track of Minecraft's changes-- if there's inaccuracies with structures, or even a new structure, please let me know!)
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    Oh, it's finally out! I'll definitely try to get an update out.

    Also, I read something about someone's save being destroyed? Keep in mind that AMIDST makes a backup of the save before doing any actions, and that it only edits the world settings file.

    And finally, for those wondering why development slowed so much, I ended up getting a job working full time for Re-Logic. (On Terraria among other things)
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    Quote from Creeper__X

    I just get a white screen after I select a profile. I’m using v3.6 on a 1.7.4 profile on a mac running OSX 10.9.1.

    Try using the beta that's listed on GitHub.
    I'll try to get an update out when I have a chance.
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    Quote from SnorlaxBR_

    Sorry If I am the annoying one antecipating stuff. Are you going to update it to snapshot 14w25a so it can find Water Dungeons or you will wait ulti 1.8 is released?

    Well, I mean if you're really impatient you could download the JDK, Eclipse, and clone the Git repo. It's pretty functional right now.
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    Quote from SuperLako

    A really good program, very well made and functional. On GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 Unity 64bit) I have not found important problems; even if it crashes when I select a profile snapshot. I hope it continues to work, it's a great open source project!

    I just fixed that-- but I still need to add support for those custom world parameters, and then I'll release an updated beta (or possibly version?)

    (Still needs support for things like no villages)
    Annnd added:
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    Quote from Jyrome fedx

    AMIDST has encountered an error

    [info] Loading classes...
    [info] Classes loaded.
    [info] Minecraft load complete.
    [info] Multiplayer map detected.
    [crash] Amidst has encounted an uncaught exception on thread: Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main]
    [crash] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

    I had that issue until I updated java to the latest release.

    Interestingly enough, memory usage and bug fixes is my next goal at the moment! How much RAM do you have?
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