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    posted a message on | Section SMP | 16+ | 1.8 |
    IGN: sirtrystan
    Age: 17
    Located: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    Why you want to join this server: I'm looking for a mature vanilla SMP whitelisted server with a small but dedicated core of players. I don't like having 5 new players joining per day, only to build a cube house out of dirt/wood/cobblestone and then leave within a week.
    Skills in Minecraft: Anything except large redstone projects. Expertise in building.
    About your self: Love video games (play a variety including League of Legends [Platinum IV], metal music [anywhere from melodeath to extreme to prog], and have played Minecraft since Alpha 1.2.0.
    How active you will be: An hour at least per day for the foreseeable future.
    Skype: SirtyStan
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    posted a message on Looking for a small, mature vanilla SMP server
    Server Requirements/Preferences:
    • Server population must be small-medium (12-32ish players total) and whitelisted.
    • Mature, active community (preferrably 16-18+)
      • By mature, I'm more looking towards a community that not only acts maturely in text/voice chat, but also plays Minecraft in a more mature manner (e.g. no 1x1 pillars, keeping terrain somewhat natural, no griefing/stealing, optional PvP, etc.)

    • Vanilla SMP (plug-ins are allowed and okay as long as they don't affect in-game things)
      • e.g. MCMMO, Towny, Factions, etc. are not okay, mods are also not okay

    • Voice chat is preferred, but optional
    • Server world must be relatively new (1.8 preferred, but 1.7.x is okay) or brand new
    • No server shops, currency, etc.
    In layman's terms, I'm just looking for a nice, private pure-and-simple vanilla SMP server that I can have fun with a small core group of active and dedicated players. I don't want to see 5 new people join a day, build a square dirt/cobblestone/wood house and leave three days later. I don't want to see every available resource within 1000 blocks of spawn completely gone. I don't want to see players swimming in diamonds after a week because there's a server shop that lets you sell your cobblestone for currency and from there gain access to purchasing every resource in the game. I don't want to see an over-the-top spawn area with teleport platforms. What I'm looking for, in the most simple explanation possible, is something almost mirrored to how the Minecrack server runs (for those of you who watch the Minecrackers).

    And now that I'm done giving out my wishlist for a server, here's some information about me.

    • In-game name: sirtrystan
    • Age: 17, almost 18
    • Played Minecraft since: Alpha 1.2.0
    • Other games I play: League of Legends (Platinum IV, started during season 1), Civilization V, The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb, Warlock - Master of the Arcane, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Borderlands, Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology, Rise of Nations, BioShock, Dishonored, Dark Souls, Terraria, XCOM: Enemy Within
    • Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Build things, anywhere from dungeons, castles, roads, homes (both modern and medieval), and the like.
    • Least favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Anything involving passive NPCs. Chickens, Sheep, Pigs, Cows, Rabbits and Villagers are such a pain to transport and pen properly without a lead.
    • Why should you have me in your server?: I am a kind, experienced player who enjoys both doing my own thing as well as collaborating with other players. I am also an experienced builder with plenty of ideas and can fit a theme for different areas.
    If you think I'm a good fit for your server, you can post here and/or PM me.
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    posted a message on Least epic hardcore deaths.
    Was mining in a ravine that had a lava floor and I didn't have a water bucket with me, so I snuck on the edge of the ledge to build a bridge across the ravine. Turns out I had gravel instead of cobblestone in my hotbar, so when I used it it sunk into the lava, dropping me with it (since the gravel block counted as a block for a split second before it fell the sneaking mechanics decided it didn't need to tether me to the ledge).I died in the lava.
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    posted a message on Bringing back the Huge Mushroom block types
    As of snapshot 14w25a, harvesting a Huge Mushroom block with a Silk Touch tool will yield only a Huge Mushroom block with data value 14 (in other words, with the cap texture on all six sides). This means that aside from either spawning the items in, or planting and growing a Huge Mushroom in a specific position, it is impossible in survival mode to get any of the other data values for the Huge Mushroom block.

    I feel that the easiest solution to this would involve Shears.

    The suggestion: You can use Shears to trim off the cap texture (replacing it with the inner pore texture) by right-clicking on any face of a Huge Mushroom block. Of course, this would use up durability on the Shears, and destroying the Huge Mushroom block would yield the original data value 14 Huge Mushroom block (in case of making a mistake while trimming).

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    posted a message on Diamond Matrix - CrackPack - Mature

    IGN: sirtrystan
    Age: 17 (18 in November)
    Skype: SirtyStan
    Number of Videos per Week (Estimate): 0, but I can start making videos at any time (so maybe 1 or 2?).
    Why We Should Accept You: I am friendly, and an active participant, I can build cool things, and I love doing random things and having fun with others.
    What You Enjoy Doing the Most: Progressing through the various mods, building things and automating things using the mods.
    How Active You Plan on Being: At least an hour or two per day on average.
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    posted a message on Sirty's Journal: The City Construction Challenge
    About a year ago, I decided to embark on the City Construction Challenge. I recorded my adventures here and had loads of fun playing and writing my experiences in a somewhat humorous, sarcastic manner. After a while though, I stopped playing (for reasons unknown to me today), and eventually lost/deleted my world. But now, I'm back! This is...

    Sirty's Journal: The City Construction Challenge

    Forward: This playthrough started on 27/08/2013, using version 1.6.2 with minimal modding involved. I will attempt to at least play and post one Minecraft day's worth of progress, each and every day.

    Forewarning: The following journal entries may include sexual references, mild reference to alcohol, tobacco and drugs, violence, and/or offensive language. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    - I will be using the Normal Rules Guidelines from the City Construction Challenge to dictate my play
    - I will keep Minecraft locked on Normal difficulty at all times (meaning I won't switch to Peaceful if I get surrounded and almost killed)
    - I will be using the following mods to enhance or otherwise increase performance of my play:
    City Construction Challenge Guidelines:
    (re-posted from the original post; modified slightly (in Italics) to update the guidelines to fit into 1.6.2)

    Guidelines (Normal)

    - Mine shafts must be at least 3x3 areas (except in naturally generated caves).
    - If you find a bucket, you may use it regardless of the stage you are in.
    - Any NPC constructs do not count towards requirements, but you may use anything you find (e.g. If you find a smelter, you can use it... however if you are still in stage 1 you cannot craft more smelters)
    - Raw food and zombie flesh does not count towards item requirements (but may still be eaten)
    - Use at least 'Easy' game difficulty
    - Do not cheat at any point in this challenge
    - Post your progress on this thread (optional)

    Note: You do not need to follow the guidelines that I make, they are just there to make the experience of the challenge better. This is meant to be fun for you so if you don't like something, change it. :)

    There is no restrictions as to how many people play the challenge simultaneously, but you will need to accommodate for every participant, as I will explain!

    There are several stages to your journey to creating a successful kingdom, each stage will have its restrictions and requirements to progress to the next stage:

    Stage 1: Foundations

    "I hear them in the night"


    - You may only use wooden tools
    - You cannot use any stone (including sandstone) collected for any reason (building, creating items etc.)
    - You may only create/use items which ingredients can be gathered with the allowed tools or your hands (but no stone items, as stated before).

    Requirements to advance:


    - You must own at least 1 dwelling to live in, made from any material allowed and it must be safe to sleep in.
    - The dwelling must contain:
    - A front door
    - A living area
    - A Bedroom with at least 1 bed, must be a separate room with a door or on a separate floor.
    - A bed for each player participating, must be in a dwelling.
    - A fenced off (or otherwise protected), working wheat farm that must have at least 5 wheat per person participating (1 person needs 5 wheat growing, 2 need 10 wheat etc.)


    - 1 stack of 64 planks (or 16 wood) per person participating
    - 5 items of edible food per person (e.g. 5 pork chops, 5 bread, 4 bread and 1 pork chop etc.)

    You may construct multiple houses, but each must contain at least: a front door, living area and a bedroom.

    If you have met all the requirements, you have advanced to the next stage!

    Stage 2: Building on Foundations

    "Let us build upon what we have begun"


    - You may use only wooden or stone tools.
    - You cannot use any iron collected for any reason (building, creating items etc.) however it may be smelted if desired.
    - You may only create/use items which ingredients can be gathered with the allowed tools or your hands (but no iron items, as stated before).

    Requirements to advance:

    - All building requirements from previous stages.


    - At least 1 community structure must be constructed (excluding town hall and stage 1 structures).
    - A town hall must be constructed, which must contain:
    - A front door
    - A meeting room
    - A town treasury
    - At least 1 other room (can be empty)
    - Paths must be created linking the town hall to each house


    Treasury must contain:
    - 1 stack of cobble/stone per player
    - 10 items of edible food per person
    - At least 1 of each:
    - Stone Sword
    - Stone Pickaxe
    - Stone Shovel
    - Stone Axe
    - Stone Hoe
    - Stack of 64 torches

    Stage 3: Thriving

    "We have learnt to survive, now let us learn to thrive"


    - No gold/diamond tools
    - You cannot use any gold/diamond for any reason.
    - You may only create/use items which ingredients can be gathered with the allowed tools or your hands (but no redstone, gold or diamond items, as stated before).

    Requirements to advance:

    - All building requirements from previous stages.


    - A well (infinite water source)
    - A controlled tree farm within the town walls
    - At least 1 new community structure must be built (e.g. library, inn, baths/pool house etc.)
    - A mine shaft, at least 20 blocks deep
    - A surrounding wall, watchtowers or other fortification:

    Wall: A wall must surround all Market District Structures. It must be safe from monsters at any point within the walls (except mob farms etc.) and must include at least 1 gate to get in/out of the district.

    Watchtowers: 1 Watchtower for every side (North, East, South, West) of the district which is exposed (e.g. If your town has a large cliff behind it, 3 watchtowers are required) with a minimum of 2 watchtowers are required as well as a bell tower in the center of the market.

    Other ideas can be found here: http://en.wikipedia....l_fortification

    - Paths must be created linking the town hall to each community building and a gate (if owned).


    Treasury must contain:
    - 1 stack of cobble/stone per player
    - 10 items of edible food per person
    - A bucket
    - At least 1 of each:
    - Steel Sword
    - Steel Pickaxe
    - Steel Shovel
    - Steel Axe
    - Steel Hoe
    - Stack of 64 torches
    - Leather/Steel Helmet
    - Leather/steel Chest Plate
    - Leather/steel Leggings
    - Leather/steel Boots

    Stage 4: Growth

    "We shall become a prosperous City!"


    - Only 1 diamond tool/weapon (per player) can be owned at once but cannot be shared between players.

    Requirements to advance:

    - All building requirements from previous stages.


    - A City Hall (may be upgraded from town hall) which contains:
    - A front door
    - A meeting room
    - A town treasury
    - At least 2 offices
    - At least 2 floors

    - A cathedral or other large religious building.
    - At least 2 defensive turrets/towers must be built on/near your walls (If you have walls)
    - At least 2 more community structures (making 3 in total) must be built.
    - A fenced off (or otherwise protected), working wheat farm that must have at least 10 (as opposed to 5) wheat per person participating
    - A mine shaft that goes down to level 20 or lower.
    - A sea port (if feasible) with at least 1 pier and boat (item or building) OR a stable for your imaginary horses if sea port is not possible ;)
    - At least one horse per person, and one stall per horse in the stable
    - Paths must be created linking the city hall to each new community building and the sea port/stable.


    Treasury must contain:
    - 15 items of edible food per person
    - A bucket
    - At least 1 of each:
    - Steel Sword
    - Steel Pickaxe
    - Steel Shovel
    - Steel Axe
    - Steel Hoe
    - Steel Helmet
    - Steel Chest Plate
    - Steel Leggings
    - Steel Boots
    - Compass
    - Clock

    Stage 5: A Kingdom, At last!

    "We shall become the most successful civilization known to man!"


    - None

    Requirements to advance (to bonus stage) or complete challenge:

    - All building requirements from previous stages.


    - A Castle/stronghold that must contain:
    - A throne room
    - A well protected treasury
    - A feast hall
    - At least 1 Grand bedroom
    - A dungeon with hostile mobs
    - A prison
    - A surrounding moat/ditch/wall
    - A barracks

    - A monument/statue commemorating the founding of your kingdom.
    - At least 2 more community structures (making 5 in total) must be built.
    - An outlying village (same requirements as stage 1, but for only 1 person)
    - A nether portal (if enabled)
    - Paths must be created linking the city hall to each new community building.


    Treasury must contain:
    - 20 items of edible food per person
    - Minimum 10 diamonds
    - Saddle (for the royalty to ride their trusty steeds of course) OR 20 more diamonds if you're unlucky enough to not find a spawner with a saddlt A set of Diamond Horse Armor (it can be equipped on a Horse) or 20 more Diamonds
    - At least 1 of each:
    - Any Diamond Tool
    - Steel/Diamond Helmet
    - Steel/Diamond Chest Plate
    - Steel/Diamond Leggings
    - Steel/Diamond Boots
    - Compass
    - Clock

    Bonus Stage: Rule the World!

    "Because being the king of a realm just ain't good enough."


    - None

    Requirements to complete:

    - All building requirements from previous stages.


    - Create at least 1 megastructure, 'megastructure' being defined by yourselves :P
    - Create a hostile mob farm
    - Create a friendly mob farm
    - Build an outpost underwater
    - Create a ship (building) fit for a king!
    - Build a village in the nether, safe from threat. (if enabled)
    - Build a village in the sky, completely seperated from the ground (except for access points)
    - Post pictures of your kingdom here!


    Treasury must contain:
    - 25 items of edible food per person
    - A stack of diamonds
    - A stack of gold
    - A Saddle A set of Diamond Horse Armor (it can be equipped to a Horse) or 20 more Diamonds
    - A cake (or it may be placed somewhere)
    - At least 1 of each:
    - Diamond Pickaxe
    - Diamond Axe
    - Diamond Sword
    - Diamond Hoe
    - Diamond Shovel
    - Diamond Helmet
    - Diamond Chest Plate
    - Diamond Leggings
    - Diamond Boots
    - Compass
    - Clock

    Without further ado, let's begin the adventure!

    Day 1: The Beginning

    I start a new world, using the seed "Sirtys City Challenge Journal"...

    Stuck in a Jungle biome? This happens to me at least 1/3 of the times I start a new world. But, I'll stick it through with this one.

    An Ocelot? Already? I want it. Too bad there aren't any Spiders around for string...

    I need to start gathering materials, and fast. Time is limited, and getting ahead on Day 1 is crucial in any survival.

    I tried. I really did. But somehow I manage to do this almost every time.

    Fix'd. Now I can make stuff (yay).

    I made myself a Wooden Sword, a Wooden Pickaxe and a Wooden Axe. Now I need food and leather, for armor and (hopefully) a good, warm meal in the future.

    Is that... A desert? I like it... Moderately flat for a small town, with natural defenses in the form of vegetation... Hmm...

    Coal! Scrumptious, bountiful, light and life-giving black powdery goodness! This must be my lucky day to find some so quickly.

    Since I can't cook any of my meat, and I don't want to waste it, my next best (and only available) option is farming. But the Mountain biome is scarce of these... Maybe I should head back into the Jungle quickly.

    My day is about halfway done. So far, not bad.

    This is everything I have to my name. Pretty good spoils if I say so myself.

    SHEEP! If there are two more where this came from, I'll be all set for the night.

    My sword ran out. Shame. It was my trusty blade, which I named Needle. Appropriate since I act like a little girl. In other news, the sun is now setting.

    I found a Swamp, guys. If I can tap it for mana I might just be able to pull something off.

    Oh god. This spells the end for me. No more light, then they fight. They're coming...

    In my current state, I can't defend myself with weaponry. So, I panicked and just fenced myself off. At least most of them can't get through now... But now, I wait for their ranks to begin to form around my little hub.

    Well, that was a little... Underwhelming. It's almost cute. Can I keep it, ma?

    I used the wool that I obtained from killing those poor, innocent sheep. And I made myself a surprisingly comfy bed. I'll be sleeping under the stars tonight.


    I really need to build myself a home. Sleeping without a roof, in the middle of a Swamp, makes me a mosquito buffet.

    More to come... Soon!
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server
    Out-Of-Character Information
    Please fill out the following questions as accurately as possible, and ensure the essential details are accurate.

    Minecraft Account Name: sirtrystan
    How old are you?: 16.
    Time-Zone: CST (GMT -6:00).
    Have you read, understood and agreed to the rules?: Yes.
    What previous experience have you had in role-playing?: Lots. I play D&D weekly, and I have played on Minecraft Roleplaying servers for a while.
    How did you hear about the the Lord of the Craft?: I came across it while browsing the Minecraft forums.
    Link any applications that you have previously made for the server: None.
    Have you posted this application on the Minecraft Forum? If not, then please do so (link above): I will as soon as I finish with this one.
    Have you read the Human lore, and shall you ensure you make use of it and follow it in your biography?: Yes.

    In your own words define the following terms. Do not take any definitions from elsewhere!:

    Role-playing: To play as a separate entity, taking actions as the entity would if it were real.
    Meta-gaming: Using outside knowledge to gain an unfair advantage in the game.
    Power-emoting: Never heard of it this way before, but it's when you role-play someone else's actions or something else's actions outside of your own.

    In-Character Information:
    Complete the following biography on your character:

    Full Name: Raestlyn Fairrin Sintowsson
    Current Age: 31
    Sub-race (if any): Northerner.
    Past / History (include childhood, major-events, etc. 2+ paragraphs long):

    Raestlyn Farrin Sintowsson was born into the relatively poor Northerner family of a housewife and a farmer, as a twin with his brother Caramorn. Growing up in the harsh everwinter, Raestlyn learned the ways of the farmer at an early age alongside his twin, becoming more and more experienced with tilling, seeding, and harvesting in the frosted ground. However, he had always favored staying indoors and following in his mother's footsteps instead, preferring to hold a kitchen knife, rather than a plow. Raestlyn kept quiet about this to his father, however, as he had already grown quite proud of his two sons, and their ability to cultivate.

    His mother, knowing about his desire to perform simple household tasks, would always attempt to persuade his father to keep him indoors, telling him that she needed help preparing the meals, or cleaning the house. His father would reject these requests, countering her arguments with the greater requirement of keeping up the farm, and increasing income.

    As Raestlyn and Caramorn grew older, they began to separate from twins into independent entities. Caramorn showed an adept level of combat from wrangling pigs, which the father embraces, while Raestlyn showed signs of cunning and intellect through financial solutions and farm ingenious when a problem arised. His father didn't quite approve of Raestlyn's talents, although not condemning it.

    On Raestlyn and Caramorn's sixteenth birthday, Caramorn was given a Broadsword, which his parents had spent almost their entire fortune on. Raestlyn felt cheated at first; confronting his father alone inside the barn that night. To his surprise, his father told him that he had arranged for Raestlyn to begin schooling, beginning in the next few weeks. After brief consolation, the pair hugged. In that moment of joy, having his father finally fully recognize his son's talents, they heard a loud scream of their mother echo through the farm.

    Shouts came from the house! But Raestlyn did not recognize one of the three voices, aside from the shrill shrieking of his mother, and the deep, tough (yet with a hint of fear) voice of Caramorn. His father, not wasting any time, quickly left the embrace and yelled at Raestlyn to stay in the barn as he ran towards the house. A sickening moan from his mother came out of the farm house; then silence.

    Raestlyn knew he had to take action. He raced towards the house, searching for any signs of his family through the open windows. He stopped his breakneck pace at the front door, quieting down to absolute silence. The door was ajar; pushing it slowly open, Raestlyn stepped inside and his heart jumped. Laying on the floor near the doorway lie his mother and his brother, eyes wide open, transfixed on something in the distance. Fresh, warm blood gushed from his mother's stomach, as well as Caramorn's chest. A tear slid down from Raestlyn's cheek, and he knew immediately what had happened. Whoever had come had killed his mother and twin brother. There were, however, signs of resistance: the furniture had been knocked over, and there was a trail of blood leading to the kitchen.

    Raestlyn tip-toed to the kitchen entrance, peering inside. A voice, emitting from the kitchen, startled him. It was the voice of the murderer, cloaked in black, who was hovering over the body of his father. He looked towards the bodies, and found that his father was still breathing, albeit barely. Blood trailed from his thigh, as well as his sternum. There was another wound he saw, but not coming from his father. A gaping cut on the murderer's lower back bled, seemingly from a large blade.

    The murderer held two blades: one that he did not recognize, the other belonging to his late brother. He raised them, preparing to plunge the two swords deep into the father's chest. Raestlyn glimpsed towards his father, and made brief eye contact, as his father's eyes widened. Half from shock of seeing his last remaining son staring at the scene, and half from pain and departure as he sighed loudly, signifying the end of his father's life.

    The murderer lifted the two blades once more, although no longer in a menacing fashion. He placed one on the table, and pulled out a black cloth, beginning to clean the other. Raestlyn spotted the kitchen knife, lying on the counter next to the entrance. He crept into the room, picking up the dull, rusty cutting utensil without making so much as the sound of the air displacing from his movements. He continued moving forward, until he was right behind the man who has slaughtered his family.

    In one quick move, Raestlyn wrapped his arms around the man. His left reached around the man's mouth, silencing his startled noise, while his right sunk the knife into the man's throat, procuring a clean slice through the man's esophagus. Suddenly, the murderer no longer held up his own body weight, collapsing onto the floor in front of his father's corpse.

    Raestlyn darkened that night. He knew precisely what his calling at that moment was. Not that of a farmer, nor of a soldier. He was meant to kill. Silently, efficiently, intelligently, take the lives of those deemed worthy of this sort of death. He became a mercenary assassin, killing those for money in all shapes and statuses. Anywhere from a petty farmer who had stolen a chicken, to various political figures.

    Raestlyn now lives underground, in a hideout far from civilization, killing for those who call to him with promise of money.

    Ambitions for the Future: Wealth, continuing his craft, and gaining an apprentice to follow in his footsteps.
    Personality: Dark, mysterious and cold on the outside, but with a warm heart for the innocent.
    Skills: Farming, assassination, various household and animal skills. Intelligence, cunning and deception also among his tools.
    Appearance (this must include an in-game screenshot of your skin): Black, like the murderer who became his first kill. Cloaked completely (For image, see post in LotC Forums).
    Any other details you wish to share about your character: None right now.

    Each question in this section must be answered with a minimum of one paragraph which must describe the event in full. Please be as descriptive as possible and do not break character or lore at any point.

    1. Whilst in the mighty human capital you notice a dark-clothed figure stealthily making his way towards the Emperor’s palace - he is clearly up to no good. There are guards within shouting distance - what do you do?

    Answer: I would not disturb another assassin's craft, if the figure is one. I would openly ignore it, but keep mental tabs on the figure's appearance and destination. If the figure seems like an assassin, I would follow him, hoping to find a guild potentially or see his strategy at approaching a kill.

    2. Whilst wandering in the deep oak forest you come across a large clearing, in which sits a small cobbled cottage. Outside it stands an unstable old man armed with a small iron blade, surrounded by two heavily armed bandits - they appear to be threatening him. You are armed with leather armour and an iron longsword, how do you react?

    Answer: In a normal situation I would not be armed like described above, but it is plausible with disguises I must undertake to accomplish my goals. I would engage the bandits, using stealth and speed to overcome their superior arms.

    3. You are standing within the mighty human capital when you notice a small man standing behind a colourful stall. You approach the stall and notice that the man is selling a variety of general goods - he says that he is selling just about anything and that he has no set prices. He is willing to allow you to haggle and choose prices. What do you do? (Explain: your haggling, items of choice and the discussion that happens).

    Answer: I would attempt to drive the bargain lower, although not below a fair price. I would purchase food, and possibly clothing. I would leave the man happy enough with his sale, and yet still good enough for me to not regret my purchase.
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    posted a message on The Kingdom of Ravien
    I didn't get accepted...? :'( Oh well. I guess I'll post the full application then. xD

    Out Of Character Information
    Minecraft Username: sirtrystan

    Have you ever been banned?: Nope.

    In Character Information
    Character Name: Darzed

    Gender: Male

    Character Age: 19

    Desired Race: Human

    Desired Allegiance: Unallied (for now)

    Method of Arrival: Travelled by boat.

    Character Backstory: Darzed doesn't remember his childhood. That's because he never had one. Shortly after he was born, his father sold him to an organization known as The Blackened Brothers. The Blackened Brothers were a mercenary group trained to kill silently and to blend into society, and would accept anyone into their ranks, whether they be noblemen or beggars. Their only requirement was for all members to give up any and all attachments to their previous lives.

    Darzed grew up in at the headquarters of the organization, in the shadow of the Black Mountain, training in the arts of assassination, deception and illusion. His fellow Blackened Brothers became his siblings, and his trainers and seniors became his parents. At the age of 14 he successfully engaged in his first assassination, strangling a Dwarf Lord who would not allow a smaller clan to migrate through his land. Darzed rose up the ranks over the next 4 years, taking countless lives in silence and gaining immeasurable amounts of wealth and gold for the Blackened Brothers.

    However, Darzed wished to one day leave the organization and establish a life on his own. They did not approve of this once he brought it up to his seniors, and eventually began to realize that he would not back down from this thought. The Blackened Brothers ordered an internal assassination on Darzed, hiring one of his previous trainers to carry out the deed. Darzed found out about this and on the night of the assassination he was prepared. He fought back against his trainer, defeating him after a long, but quiet, skirmish. But Darzed would not kill him. His trainer had become like a father to him, and in his heart he did not want to take the life of someone he cared about.

    This morale battle ended abruptly when his trainer lunged at Darzed and stabbed him in the arm. Darzed knew that his trainer did not care; all members were taught that the mission is of the highest priority. Darzed flung himself out of his chambers and out of the large, obsidian building which every member slept at. He ran to the nearest town to seek safe haven, but the Blackened Brothers had many spies. Fleeing from village to village, Darzed eventually came to a port town. He found a large mass of refugees from a nearby village clambering onto a small boat to take them across the ocean and blended into them.

    Darzed travelled across the ocean and landed in the Kingdom of Ravien. He now seeks to establish a normal life for himself, but The Blackened Brothers have many connections...

    Roleplay Example

    You are on a camping trip, surrounded by miles of wilderness, and little else. Your family is with you, each member in a separate tent. The night is crisp, but pleasant, and you gaze up at the night sky with a sense of dread, feeling that something is going to go wrong at any second. Your intuition proves correct, as a group of six bandits stumbles upon your camp, draws their weapons, and demands that you give them everything of value you possess.

    Your weapons are stowed in your tent, only a few feet to your left. The campfire is dying down, but some flames still remain, casting an eerie glow upon the scene. Knowing that everyone you care about is sleeping peacefully in their tents, threatened by the presence of these bandits, how do you react?

    I would attempt to bargain with the bandits. I would keep the ordeal quiet as to not wake up the family and I would offer them a few items of value. They would, of course, think I still have more, so I would act as if I didn't and eventually cave in and give them a little more. This would probably satisfy them as I would act as if I really had just given everything I had of value and they would probably leave.
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    posted a message on The Kingdom of Ravien
    Been a long time. I hope this ends up doing better than the Chronicles of Turius :P

    Out Of Character Information
    Minecraft Username: sirtrystan

    Have you ever been banned?: Not that I know of.

    Will do the in-character stuff soon. Just wanted the post and the go for whitelisting.
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    posted a message on {1.4.6} Cube-E-Craft - Coming Soon! [Towny] [mcMMO] [PVP] [Player Classes] [LWC] [blFriends] [Running Economy] [Dedicated Staff]
    IGN: sirtrystan

    Age: 16

    Location/Timezone: CST

    Time Normally Online: 4:00-8:30

    Previous Bans: None.

    Interest in Cube-E-Craft: Was on the Civilization RPG server and want to continue playing on your server.

    Reasons to Select You: I was an active player on the Civilization RPG server, and I will continue to be an active player on this one.

    Additional Comments: Y u no respond to mah PM? >:o
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    posted a message on Civilization RPG (PvP,McMMO,Towny,Arenas)
    The IP works, but the server is currently down for unknown reasons (to me anyways, the server Admins know), and it will probably be up soon.
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    posted a message on Civilization RPG (PvP,McMMO,Towny,Arenas)
    The server is down right now and it sucks :(
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    posted a message on Civilization RPG (PvP,McMMO,Towny,Arenas)
    Riften has expanded quite a lot since yesterday 0.o
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    posted a message on Civilization RPG (PvP,McMMO,Towny,Arenas)
    Server crashed. :(
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    posted a message on Civilization RPG (PvP,McMMO,Towny,Arenas)
    Whitelist is up apparently right now.
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