About Me

I have always loved MC and even more modded MC.

But then i got to a point i myself wanted to make my own mod.

So first i started learning java "actually still am".

For 2 years i done nothing more than learning java (almost every day).

Thanks to Google and many teachers "stackOverFlow".

Then i started making some base blocks and before i knew i created r2s radio.

Although not totally unique it has features only to be found in my mod.

It took me about a year to make all the base features still used today, although many revised/improved.

In general i love: life, technology , computers and nature.

And would like to truly see then combined in the future.(in the real world :p)

Hope to create/release my own game in the future





Music, (pretty clear why i made music in MC)


. . . ,

Simply being creative

Location Belgium

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