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    About Minecraftserver.net

    Here at Minecraftserver.net we provide the best Minecraft server hosting and have for the past 10+ years! We are the original minecraft hosting company hence our name minecraftserver.net! Best in the business!

    We have multiple locations including Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam and many others!

    Our pricing isn't going to be the cheapest out there, however we provide the best performance, even better support and reliability, to help with the price use "LIFE25" on checkout to save 25% off for life, this also stacks with our built in discounts if you pay quarterly (5% Total 30%) semi annually (10% Total 35%) and annually (20% Total 45%)

    Order today and try us for yourself!

    Looking for free minecraft hosting? Give our free trial a test. We provide a week free to new users on our 512MB plans, after that week it will renew for normal pricing with 25% off use "FREEWEEK" on checkout to take advantage of this deal.

    Our Seattle minecraft hosting provides great connections for the whole West coast along with parts of Asia
    Our Los Angeles location provides a great connection to California and near states, along with Australia and Asia
    Our Dallas location provides a central location good for all of America, Canada, and Mexico
    Chicago just like Dallas provides a solid central location for North America favoring more of Canada and the US
    Our New York location provides a solid connection across America and for Europe due to our amazing network
    Amsterdam provides an amazing connection for all of Europe, and not bad for the East coast of America.

    Still have questions about us or want more answers? Shoot us a live chat request or open a sales ticket on our website and we'll get back to you right away with a detailed reply!

    Our plans support the latest versions of Minecraft, Craftbukkit/Spigot, we support the use of any mods or mod packs you wish to run on the server or even your own custom mods.

    Still not a believer? Check our 50+ pages on here all positive reviews!

    Our Parent company is PureVoltage which provides New York Colocation along with dedicated servers if you wish to run your own servers
    PureVoltage also provides servers for https://exodushosting.net https://mineocityhosting.com mcho.us mchosting.ca and many other minecraft hosting companies.

    Customer Reviews!

    Quote from Osterlitz»
    who question legitimacy are merely the competition trying to put down
    this server. I've been through 3 hosters (Brohoster servercraft.co and
    this) and I personally think this one is the best. The live support is
    so useful and Jake himself stays on almost all day just to guide people
    and answer questions, which most hosters would take centuries to do. The
    costumer support really is what makes this a great hoster, as well as
    the cheap and great plans.

    I joined a few days back, and they
    said they didn't support mods, but after hard work Jake checked himself
    and installed my much needed vehicles planes and guns mods on the
    server. This is really the only server that has gone that far, to just
    satisfy a costumer.

    I give you an A++ for this outstanding service, and yes this post is legitimate. :smile.gif:

    Can't wait for the Dallas server!

    and one last thing! Most of my players are Europeans and they run
    without lag just to prove that this server provider is awesome! Seattle
    to Norway, Ukraine, Uk and even Tonga. XD

    Quote from Jukkatibbs»
    I would have to say that this company gets high five and hmmm, lets see..... Three thumbs up!
    was a brohost refugee at one point and came to minecraftserver.net,
    Lets just get to the point. Im a night owl and I cant believe that
    there's a dude I can contact mostly every night when everyone is
    sleeping. Namedrop: JakeHe is almost there everytime I contact live
    support, even in the daytime hours him or another employee is available
    to answer pretty much everything I threw at them, well they have
    answered everything I threw at them.
    EASY PEASY Control Panel that
    you can upload stuff straight from your lappy / desktop. instead of
    having to use somthing like filezilla whatever that crap is. With a
    simple panel and EXCELENT Support, I give this place a GRADE A+IDK WHAT
    ELSE TO SAY, I had purchased a Dirt plan for a great price and even on
    this pos laptop Im using I expierence close to no lag, no lag! Yeah. Its
    a true fact. If you dont believe me, contact me on the forums here. my
    Username is "JukkaTibbs" I think Ill be standing behind this company
    till the end of my.... minecraft.... carreer?
    Ahha, That doesnt make
    sense, I thought that my last host was where it was at, but I have
    found something better now. Im sure this aint the place for everyone,
    and it will have its own downfalls ( once I find them )But to me this
    place is the best service I could imagine for normal players just like
    me. Great Job Guys! Keep up the Great work.
    MinecraftServer.net for president in 2012!

    Quote from Telerus»
    I first posted I was looking for a hosting service online, I received
    literally 5-10 companies a day messaging me about their service, With
    some great deliberation I decided to go with one of the more expensive
    companies because I felt at the time, "You get what you pay for"

    to say, This company is the real deal I purchased the Wood plan 1 gig
    for approx 20 players, I didn't even know what to do when I got there
    (this is my fault) I was with support one night for 2 hours!! Can you
    believe that? Support stuck around and helped me set up my server, got
    it all running and the next day I was like ok how do I get my old map
    over and all the other files I need so my players could play again.

    the next day I spoke with Robin from support and they were just
    extremely helpful I stated I didn't know anything about anything and she
    told me about filezilla a very simple GUI for file transfering, and it
    went off with out a hitch.

    Where else can you get 3 hours total
    of quality customer support for a reasonable price? NO WHERE, this is
    the place you want to host your server, all the players have made only
    great comments about the service that I've now purchased from

    Guys and Gals this is the real deal; You need
    a server? You better get your ass over to these guys and don't even
    bother taking a second look anywhere else, because this is the BEST of
    the BEST hands down.

    They care about you as a customer, and will
    take care of you any time you need it, I've already planned on
    purchasing an entire year of the wood plan, simply amazing!!

    If you wish to view more reviews about us just check the other 50+ pages :)

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    posted a message on minecraft future.

    As a hosting company we still see a strong demand for the game with a huge amounts of requests for hosting. However I agree there are too many platforms and they really messed everything up when they tried to prevent people from making money from the game.

    Being able to make money from hosting a custom server with mods or plugins is something that keeps games alive. Look at games such as Counter strike source etc which had big communities and people would donate to help pay the bills.

    I give it a few more years before it really dies off unless they make some great changes.

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    they basically CLOSED my ticket without any correspondence what so ever. I guess they don't care to deliver what it said on the tin.

    Hello Friendly Survival,
    First I'd like to give you an apology I explained this in great detail to you via our support ticket system. We had some issues with our ticketing system being spammed and had to close tickets in our system this isn't a typical issue around here and we put some filters in place to prevent it from happening again.
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    posted a message on How much RAM do I need for little to no lag?

    As said above about pricing etc is pretty true.

    As for the disks you will want to avoid hosts using HDD's vs a host using SSD's

    When we started hosting servers back in 2010 our first system was using HDD's in raid 10 which when it go to 24gb worth of customers on it the IO went high and could see issues with the drives being the bottle neck.

    We then bought another server using SSD's and haven't used a HDD since. SSD's make a huge difference in performance.

    You should be fine with around 2gb I'd suggest if you plan on running multiple worlds.

    No host can say you will not have any lag as it's Minecraft and depending on plugins etc or location you could run into issues.

    If you spend a little extra most likely boxes will have less clients on them as you don't need to crap them full for a profit.

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    posted a message on Looking for an Investor to Start a New MC Hosting Company

    Sorry however people are not going to try and start a company with you when you have no funds.

    Also it's a horrible idea to even think about offering a service to paying customers if you don't have the funds on starting up a company or running one for that matter.

    If you are of legal working age I would suggest you try and apply and work for a company rather than trying to start one.

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    posted a message on Need a server provider with 64gb Under $90 WITH HIGH CPU

    Your only possible option for this might be OVH.

    High ram and CPU means more power which adds to the costs. You might find a budget old system for around that price however it will not be a high performance CPU.

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    posted a message on Whats the best free modded server hosting website!

    As others have said you will have a hard time trying to find this for free. Even just a basic server for free. Companies need to make money in order to keep servers online etc.

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    posted a message on Im going to host a vanilla server, I want the most reliable server with the least lag for my $$

    At $2/GB you are not going to be on anything not overloaded at those prices.

    Sorry but $2 x 32GB for a E3-1231v3 that server would only make $64 and that's maxing the ram out leaving no room for upgrades for clients already on it.

    Plus there is no profit at that price range.

    Hosts who are charging $2-5/GB most times are using older hardware and putting a large amount of servers on it just trying to undercut other companies. Sure it might be good for a while until more players get on and start using the servers.

    You will also find that most of the companies who are charging very little are just reselling very cheap companies such as OVH for their servers.

    Companies who are charging in the 8-20 range are able to provide a solid not oversold service, and also provide a great amount of support for their customers.

    Any kid can rent a cheap dedicated server and put Multicraft on it, however being here for the last five years hosting Minecraft we've seen a good 50+ hosts shut down.

    If you plan on hosting a Minecraft server I'd suggest going with a provide who has been around for many years who has proven they are not going to vanish in the middle of the night on you.

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    Quote from blazzzer213

    yeaaa, we got that deal. :)

    Awesome glad to hear! I recall getting this setup for you :)
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    posted a message on Looking For Dedicated Server.
    Hello there,
    Sorry to hear that your dedicated server was hacked, however no one is going to be able to provide you with a free dedicated server in hopes of getting 90% of the donations or any percentage of donations. Those types of servers have a high cost and a large demand. You would be best off renting a small shared server and upgrading it as you need.
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