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    Good first post :smile.gif: Can't wait to see some future videos of people playing it :tongue.gif:
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    I've noticed a surprising number of diamond can be found just below the lava layers above bedrock, usually under the lava itself. If you can get rid of lava pools, I've literally found veins (usually 4-6) of diamond in 60% of lava pools.
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    Quote from AlmostOz

    Ive Applied For a Whitelist Over 40 minutes ago. my friend apllied and got whitelisted in 10 minutes. What is going on?

    It just depends when they're actually on here going through applications, sometimes you'll get lucky and other times we just have to wait. They just finished fixing the server and got it back up about 20 minutes ago so hopefully white-listing will happen sometime soon. Don't feel bad, I'm still waiting too :smile.gif:
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    I learned to shoot carbines at a range when I was younger, went on to serve 8 years in the military because of it. It has its pros and cons. It doesn't matter what opinion anyone has, if you're American, you should live by the constitution your country was based on. You know the right to bare arms is a major part of it, so that shouldn't be taken from our rights. The country itself has evolved though in culture and technology, so we also need to step up our game on keeping the citizens safe from internal threats, i.e. people that show past proof they can't be trusted with a weapon. Most of the people that have went on sprees have all been found to show signs before they happened, so it's just neglect to check beforehand on our part. People might use a rifle for the wrong reason from time to time, but another reason our country has such a low chance of being successfully taken over during a time of war or invasion is because outside of the military, the sheer amount of citizens with firearms of a certain amount of effectiveness that can defend themselves and others, actually pose an equal to that of the military. You have to actually put your opinions and differences aside and look at what lines are being crossed that shouldn't. If things like this can happen then why would they stop there? Next, you have this right taken, next, that one - you need to look out for your rights and stand up for them even if you doubt it will change anything. Atleast you're trying rather than just giving in to a corrupting source.
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