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    posted a message on Pandemonium - An Extreme Hardcore Survival Server with Deathbans!
    A. Player Name (this will be used in the server whitelist)

    B. Why do you want to join?
    I'm tired of joining 'hardcore' / 'vanilla' servers that end up having claimable land or abilities to protect chests. It takes the fun away from raiding and pillaging as a lone wolf. Not everyone wants to be part of a town or claim land to make theirs... The idea of such a long deathban sounds cool too, because I'm somewhat busy irl, so the breaks from my deaths will be nice, keeping me from drowning my life in Minecraft all the time.

    C. Will you survive your first night?
    Honestly, I'm not sure. It depends on how everything is set up, but I usually do pretty good at making shelter and getting resources pretty quick. Who knows, I may be deathbanned 5 minutes after joining :tongue.gif:

    D. What's your least favorite way to die?
    I would say by another player, but if they found me or followed me legit, and no cheats were used, then they deserve what I had for me not watching my back. Honestly though, it's falling into lava while I'm holding shift, sometimes it just doesn't work and it's pretty lame.

    By the way, I'm coming here in hope of something different (i.e. what I said above) and if this server has claimable land or a way to lock a chest... mainly any way to protect your things etc, then please warn me in advance before I waste my time. I feel like if I put work into finding someones chest, then I should have access to it, nomatter what. If it's truly hardcore, then you have 0% protection other than hiding your items in a very stealthy manner. That's how I see it anyways.

    I may not be on here much to check for my Whitelist, but it's fine to PM me on Facebook or Skype if you'd like, 'Sinstrite' for usernames and url's.

    Thanks, - Sin.
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    posted a message on If you can hook me up, you get cookies.
    Another bump - seems like every "vanilla server" I've tried has some sort of way to protect a chest, or claim land. This is redikumous.

    And to the op's above, neither server ip is connectable.
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    posted a message on If you can hook me up, you get cookies.
    It's pretty simple. Every server I've ever been to has way too many plugins, and a stupid ideals.

    Vanilla server. Best thing ever.

    Plugins aren't a bad thing, but they have to be for the right things. To protect the server period, server security, antihacking, backups, bigbrother, xray mod finder, etc - that's what good plugins are.

    Chests protection, lockette, bridges, towny, all that fancy nation crap - isn't my style.

    Old-school, hardcore pvp, (you get your **** found, it's griefed and **** stolen - cry about it to someone else), server.

    I thought I'd found one, they said I have to hide my chests, keep myself out of sight, just fight to survive. One week later, there's towny, nation wars, locked chests, player shops, the whole thing went to hell and kiddy drama ran everything.

    I was full of much disappoint.

    If there's anything that's actually up and will stay up, not something I'll invest a month into, then bam server's down for the count... I'd love to know.
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    posted a message on Obama's gun ban?
    I learned to shoot carbines at a range when I was younger, went on to serve 8 years in the military because of it. It has its pros and cons. It doesn't matter what opinion anyone has, if you're American, you should live by the constitution your country was based on. You know the right to bare arms is a major part of it, so that shouldn't be taken from our rights. The country itself has evolved though in culture and technology, so we also need to step up our game on keeping the citizens safe from internal threats, i.e. people that show past proof they can't be trusted with a weapon. Most of the people that have went on sprees have all been found to show signs before they happened, so it's just neglect to check beforehand on our part. People might use a rifle for the wrong reason from time to time, but another reason our country has such a low chance of being successfully taken over during a time of war or invasion is because outside of the military, the sheer amount of citizens with firearms of a certain amount of effectiveness that can defend themselves and others, actually pose an equal to that of the military. You have to actually put your opinions and differences aside and look at what lines are being crossed that shouldn't. If things like this can happen then why would they stop there? Next, you have this right taken, next, that one - you need to look out for your rights and stand up for them even if you doubt it will change anything. Atleast you're trying rather than just giving in to a corrupting source.
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    posted a message on ▁▂▃▅▆▇ GenericMC ▇▆▅▃▂▁✰ #1 Summer Server of 2011! ✰ Single Town ✰ Whitelist ✰ McMMO ✰ iConomy ✰ Shops ✰
    IGN: Sinstrite
    Location: N.C. - USA
    About you, personal and Minecraft related: Military, 24, mature. I enjoy making beautiful structures. I don't like messy things.
    What job would you like to have? List your first and second choice: Farmer, Wood Provider
    What is your wish to do on this server if accepted?: Start out small farming and such, make money and eventually get a plot of land where I can build my own town and have it protected... Let people move in if they would like and be able to live without worries of having their stuff stolen or grief taking place.
    What do you like to see out of a server: Good economy, dynamic gameplay, good people you can trust.
    Do you see yourself as a mature player? Yes
    Why should we accept you? Because I'm looking for a dedicated server I can be dedicated to. If I like what I see from the server you can expect me to be around for a long time.
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    In-Game Minecraft Name: Sinstrite
    RL Age & Location: 24 - North Carolina, U.S.
    Why do you want to join our server?: I like the fact you guys put a lot of work into moderation and polishing the mods and plugins you have. The economy ideals look really neat and I would like to play somewhere that I know grief wouldn't be a problem.
    Previous building experience, if any: I've built a lot of large structures, mob traps, designer houses, etc. I have a current project on MCSchematics called Caretarius City if you would like to see my latest work in progress.
    What is your "style" (What do you like to build/do?): I like to build fancy houses & buildings - farms, places you can operate, I like to stylize the areas around structures such as making everything neat with evenly spaced trees, flowers, etc.
    Prior Minecraft servers: Most I tried I got a lot of grief so I never really played any for more than one day :tongue.gif: As long as I don't see grief, I won't stop playing.
    Images of your previous builds (Suggested, but not required):
    Anything else you'd like you add?: If you guys ever have a large project that needs to be done let me know, I'd be happy to help.
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    posted a message on 404 Challenge, New Style/Rules
    Recently I have been playing the 404 Challenge once again, trying to think of ways to make it harder without making it too hard to enjoy.
    The original topic that I myself found can be seen here: Original 404 Challenge

    I found that the rules based in the topic by Neoxx left me with a nice number of loopholes to exploit, which in turn made the challenge quickly boring for me. I have done other challenges, and took rules I like from them and added them to this. I've played using my rules, and so far I highly enjoy it.

    I know the 404 Challenge has died lately, but I hope that anyone who enjoys it or any others will enjoy it again with a new set of rules. I'll try to add more, but I would appreciate any good feedback which I can in turn take and add to this to make it even better.

    I'm trying to make this as detailed as I can, and I hope that it can be neatly updated and added on as 1.8 is released. I hope you enjoy :]

    Back Story:
    You create a new world, and with a new world comes responsibility. You have to gather resources and find a safe place to spend the night. You hastily gather wood, coal, pork, and anything you can get your hands on. The sun is falling and it is getting dark, so you decide to dig a hole in the ground next to some water. Your shovel hits the ground and sets off a massive sink hole! You are plunged into darkness with no way out. You must now survive... the 404 cave!

    If you start your world and are not happy with your spawn, delete and restart it. You can get spawned beside the sinkhole if you wish. Find your way to the sinkhole at coordinates -25, 65, 15 (press F3 to see your curent position).


    0: Special Rule - If you do want to use torches, and plan on taking screenshots, making video, etc - Please download Quarg's Torch Burnout. Using torches means eventually you leave mobs nowhere to spawn, and the game is pretty much non-fun. If using this mod, you may not craft or use lanterns as they are permanent.

    1. Gather any supplies you would like, but come nightfall you must enter the cave/sinkhole.

    2. You may not enter other caves while gathering supplies before nightfall unless they are sunlit caves. Using torches as light even before entering the cave/sinkhole is not allowed.

    3. Once you enter the cave/sinkhole, you must descend to the bottom. The waterfall has swept you into the deepest parts of it. You can mine upwards in parts of cave systems, but you may not go back to the surface. If you see grass or anything that would give a clue to the surface being near, you must head back down. If you continue to mine and gamble, you might break ground and see sunlight. If you break surface and expose sunlight, the challenge is over.

    4. No torch use for light is allowed. (Redstone torches, jack-o-lanterns, and flint n' steel are acceptable.)

    5. Survive and thrive. You may not sit around and do nothing, you must stay active.

    6. Only mine ores that are is visible. If you see an ore, you can mine it and the blocks around it to see if you got all of it. No branch/strip mining allowed.

    7. Difficulty must be HARD. This is a challenge. Think about it.

    8. 1 life. If you die the challenge is over. Start a new 404 world if you want to try again.

    9. No inventory edits or 'cheating' of any kind. Using F3 to see mob locations is considered cheating as well.

    10. You may NOT craft a compass or a map.

    11. When you see gold or redstone, you MUST mine it. You are required to build a clock as soon as you have 4 gold and one redstone. After you have your clock, you do not have to mine gold or redstone if you do not wish to.

    12. Once you craft your clock, the real game begins. You must eat atleast two meals in a 24 hour period. Two meals a day, two meals at night, or one meal at day and one at night is acceptable. You can consume anything, as long as it provides healing benefits.

    13. While gathering resources before entering the cave/sinkhole, any sheep you see must be killed. You must gather the wool from them and get 3 wool blocks. If you do this, you must craft a bed as soon as you establish your first camp/shelter after descending. If you do not see any sheep while gathering and do not get the wool blocks you must use string to craft the wool. You may use the first 3 string you aquire to make a bow, however, you must use the next 12 string you aquire to make wool for a bed. You may not flee spiders to avoid aquiring the string to avoid making the bed. Once your bed is crafted, you must sleep every night according to the time on your clock.

    14. If you find a mob spawner, you may not use it to make an item farm. You must destroy the spawner block as soon as possible.

    15. If you continue to thrive and aquire enough gunpowder and sand to make TNT, you may only use 8 TNT each day - (according to the clock). You may not use TNT for the purpose of strip mining.

    16. Mob farms or grinders of any type are not allowed to be constructed. Make-shift traps are acceptable, but nothing that counts as a (mob-farm/mob-grinder) is.

    17. You may set up multiple shelters/camps. Each shelter/camp must be 20 blocks or more away from any other shelter/camp. Only one chest, (double chests are allowed) is allowed at each camp.

    18. Farms of any type are acceptable, (not counting mob-farms/grinders), but each farm may not be more than 10 x 10 x 10 blocks big.

    19. You can only carry 1 Pickaxe, 1 Sword, 1 Bow, 1 Hoe, 1 Axe, 1 Fishing Rod & 1 Shovel as tools at any given time once you are in the cave. These are heavy tools and carrying more than any one is too cumbersome. You are allowed to store other tools in your chests however.

    20. You may not use the gravel/sand glitch to peek through walls to see what is around you.

    21. You may not use buckets of water and or lava to make a Nether portal the cheap way. You must mine Obsidian with a diamond pick to build the portal. You may use buckets of water over an area with natural lava to make Obsidian, and then mine it.


    At this time, there are none, but I would like to discuss some good ones that would actually be hard to get, not just something that adds up your points. I would like people to base how good they do not from a number of points, but from aquiring the achievements. I would like to be able to make them to where as you would know if the player actually accomplished it using video or screenshots, so keep that in mind.
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    posted a message on Piston killa its Insane - [UPDATED] new record 128k hour
    Badrat, I uploaded this the other day. If you still have any squid there you could try to make a loop gate. If it works the same way it did for me you should see a smaller number of squid and hopefully your mob number will rise.

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    posted a message on What is the first thing your gonna do when the Adventure update comes?
    I'm going to start a new world from scratch, just to get as much adventure from it as I can. I feel like if I just continue then I'll only be seeing what's new, instead of actually playing into what's new.

    I'd like to find a few villages or possibly strongholds that are somewhat near each other or in a cluster and build portals at each one, and theoretically, I'd hope that they're much closer to each other in the Nether which would make for easy fast travel.

    Maybe one day if there's quests, etc, where you have to go from village A to village B or stronghold C, the portal setup would come in handy. Who knows. I just hope we all have fun and enjoy it, people complain too much :]
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    posted a message on Egyptian Palace
    Wow this is actually really awesome, it gave me a good idea for my secret project I'm working on :] The music really does give it an Egyptianesque (notareelwerdmuch?) feel to it :tongue.gif: Are you plannin' on doing any other themed builds like this?
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    posted a message on Schematics and Blueprints for Various Creations
    This was a really good read, some of your little images had me laughing. I applaud the storage system, it's super compressed compared to the ones I have.
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    posted a message on What is minecraft missing?
    Honestly, everyone can do things totally differently, be it building, crafting, exploring, gathering resources, going hunting, farming, etc...

    At the end of the day though, what we have to show for it is relatively the same as everyone else in aspect of what you have to show for your work. For example, someone can cheat and build elaborate things, and someone can build something legit - all you see though are two types of buildings. Two guys can both play legit and build differently, but when they compare side by side, it's going to be the same more or less - House, farm, traps, town, etc...

    If you make it possible to choose a world that once calibrated, there is no changing the settings, it would be much more enjoyable. For instance, when you create a world, you can do it regular, where you can pick Peaceful Easy Normal Hard in the settings... OR - you can pick PERM World settings, where you can calibrate your world for good before playing. You can pick how powerful you want the mobs to be, the chances of you finding minerals, the daytime to nighttime ratio, what type of terrain you would mostly like to see in chunk generations, etc... let your mind think up things.

    Once you create those types of worlds, like the statistics, you would have a list to show what permanent settings you picked for your world.

    The coolest setting I think would be possible is the mod choice for the world - where you get to pick if you can use any type of mod our outside application or not. If you pick not to, then the world statistic sheet will show that along with your other settings, and you'll have proof that you did everything legit.

    I know this would be hard to do considering how things are now, but you never know, it's a good idea to me.

    With this new type of application, I think we would see a lot more variety of gameplay shown from players, as well as your experience would be totally different once you started playing in your new special world.
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    posted a message on Mobs trap tower - 40144~73000items /hr
    Awesome job my friend. I remember awhile back when I worked on making mine, the trouble I went through searching for new ideas. It can be painful and even when you think you've made it the best it can be, keep going because it can always be greater. I retired from playing Minecraft anymore, I look at the forums from time to time now, and I still see my old trap was getting a bunch of attention. This trap though not only tops it off, but gives you something else that nobody will have, a chance to hit 100k drops an hour. You can prove it doing various tests, and repeating them, while having others do the same and coming together for a conclusion that the trap does drop that amount or more. I have a feeling that you should aim for that goal because I think a certain someone has been sitting back watching for months as traps evolve, and I will bet money something special is coming to the person that breaks the 100k record :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on Height of monster farmer
    Depends how you're trapping/killing them, if it's 3 they have room to jump up and down at spawn without moving. If it's 2 they can still spawn but only walk, not jump around. It will save room and mats too.
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    posted a message on [POLL] Zombie drops

    I think zombies should drop things a normal human would carry such as a small tool, expired food, clothing, etc - since technically they were once humans too...
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