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    posted a message on Server Verification isn't working

    I've been trying to get my server verified a few times over the past few days by leaving the token inside of my MOTD for hours on end and nothing happens.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    posted a message on Aurora - An RPG Adventure

    We just added Denizens to the server and I am beginning to learn it's syntax. This plugin could be a gamechanger for the future of the server!

    Slimefun, Quests, NPCs, and Healthbars are also currently being configured to use.

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    posted a message on Aurora - An RPG Adventure

    I want to quickly thank all who have joined lately. It has been awesome seeing so many people come on and interacting with the creations we are building, and others making their own.

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    posted a message on Aurora - An RPG Adventure

    Aurora is an RPG focused Server with some general plugins, and possibilities for custom ones as we become more established based on user feedback. Our server is a mere 3 days old, so everything is fresh and unpillaged. We are in the process of creating events, bosses, treasures, dungeons, etc. Our hope is to create a world that is just as fun to explore as it is to build in.

    IP: auroramc.asuscomm.com

    What To Expect:

      • Reasons to Explore
        • This server has an economy and the land claiming system is the driving force behind it. As you face greater dangers, the rewards will become even greater. We are doing our best to implement content into the game, through hidden treasures, structures, dungeons, bosses, and more.

      • Dynamic World
        • As we continue to build out the world and add NPC villages, we will also be bringing with us events that follow the in-game storyline. This will open up new dungeons and content, as well as unique items.

      • No Donations
        • This server is self hosted on one of my own machines. It has more than enough power to services 50-100 people without missing a beat, with plugins. Because of this, donations should never be something we have to shove on you and we will never give out perks for donating. We just want to have fun.

      • Diverse Plugins
        • I go through and filter many plugins bringing in only the ones that best fit the theme of the server. I am a Developer myself by Profession, so once we hit a stable point I may end up developing our own custom plugins for any needs that arise.

      • A Reason To Craft
        • As content is produced, we have the ability to generate custom recipes to give those who prefer crafting and building over exploring a way to generate their own riches.

      • Friendly Community
        • While we want people to clash and create rivalries, we also want people to be decent to one another. We will do our best to handle abuse, greifing, and cheating.

      • Player Ruins
        • Our claim system removes claims once a player has been inactive for 14 days, leaving behind even more things to explore for the existing playerbase.

    We are still growing, and we want you to grow with us. Come stop by and stay awhile. It's a long road ahead that's better traveled together.

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    posted a message on Adventure Framework [0.11-Alpha Unreleased]

    Adventure Framework

    Have you ever wanted more complex RPG rulesets in minecraft? Passives, Abilities, properties on equipment, progression paths, specalizations, traits?

    Have you ever wanted to build dungeons for your players to explore but could never achieve an acceptable level of challenge, reward, or environment?

    The Adventure Framework sets out to solve these problems by granted Server Owners and Modders a highly customizable framework. This mod is not meant to just be downloaded and played, this is more of a toolset for a Server or Adventure Map. I could see a modpack making use of this as well.

    What it does

    The Adventure Framework will be broken down into the following components:


    This module will house an Ability API. The goal with this is to add a large number of abilities into Minecraft ranging from utility spells, to resurrection, to group augmentation, to combat abilities based on weapon type.

    Beyond that, I am planning to implement a hook into this library that AI can hook into so you can grant new abilities to entities.


    This will be a base module with some starting common content such as stats like Health, some attribute suffixes, abilities, guis, etc.


    This will just be something all modules have in common. I mention this thought because this will house a lot of GUI changes. Health Bars, Resource Bars, Party Frames, etc.


    This will be a module that contains a set of tools to allow easier creation of dungeons. This will be a very in-depth module, and I am not expecting to begin development on this until the rest is complete.


    This module will be capable of injecting properties into any piece of equipment. Gear with +Health, Damage, Resistances, Crit, etc. This will also allow for Unique items and will allow server admins to be able to create their own unique items for events.

    In addition, in the future I am planning to incorporate a crafting system to allow you to further augment or repair your equipment. At the start, this mod focuses only on combat and exploration, but once the core is finished, it will begin to branch out into the crafting scene.


    This is more of a mod compatibility module that will attempt to search for all registered entities and inject the attribute system into them, which can then be modified in a configuration file.


    This module replaces the current experience system with a Sandbox RPG Progression system where levels become currency for abilities, passives, and traits. This leaves a gap with Enchanting, which I am considering replacing with a WoW-reforging type system that will give more purpose to lapis lazuli. I am still unsure about this plan.


    This module is the heart of the Adventure Framework. This will introduce a whole bunch of new mechanics like Spell Damage, Crit, Block power, Health, diminishing returns on armor and other stats, etc. There will also be a On-Hit/On-Attacked system as well.

    Mod Integration

    I am going to do my best to make sure as many tech mods as possible are compatible with this framework. In addition, there is a very specific mod I will currently leave unnamed I am planning to integrate with heavily that has me very excited.


    For server owners, I am ensuring this framework will always produce extensive configuration files so you can completely customize properties like XP per level, starting stats, etc without having to know any programming.

    For modders, I will be providing documentation and an API so that you can either give your mod better compatibility with this, or so that you can extend the system with your own ideas as separate modules.

    Current Progress

    Currently, the Attribute system is almost completed. I am working on overwriting the default combat system right now and creating a GUI framework that allows players to drag their UI around to their liking. I have been working on this for about 1.5 weeks now.

    I am currently looking for another modder who would be interested in helping with this. It's a massive project and I would like to see it completed sooner rather than later if possible. If interested, send me a PM and we will talk. All I ask is you have some basic java experience and the ability to teach yourself. I work best with someone to bounce off of so someone who isn't afraid to bicker about ideas would be ideal.

    And last but not least, the Repo. Once this is in a releasable state, I will host a .jar file for people to pull down and play with or test.


    As soon as I have something worth showing, I will start uploading screenshots here. Considering I just started working on GUIs, it shouldn't be long until I have some images to show.

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs

    Are there any examples of the scripting support I can reference (preferably JS)?

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    posted a message on ~1.6.2 Survival~ CubeNation {Whitelisted} {Semi-Vanilla} {Nice Community}
    IGN: Sinistral777 and Kayti728

    Age(Optional): 24 and 18

    What will you bring to the community?: We just want to play on a vanilla server again, enjoy the new content from 1.6.2, and build stuff. We are rather creative and try not to build boring structures.

    Special Skills in Minecraft: I dabble a good bit with redstone, my girlfriend is good with details on buildings.

    How long have you played Minecraft?: Couple of years, since just before 1.2.5. Off and on.
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    posted a message on [Forge]ForgeEssentials -- Bukkit functionality for your Forge server
    Quote from MesyR

    Cheers again for the amazing mod, it truly is fantastic.

    I went through the wiki and created a few groups to get the feel for the permissions however i have 1 question that i am stuck with.

    I test my servers and mods out on my LAN and i made sure no names where in the ops.txt file and everything ran perfectly as it should.

    I made Members and followed the wiki instructions and it worked. However a got the wife to log on another pc and using another minecraft account but even this /list showed her as being in Guests she was still able to break blocks and place blocks, is there any reason for this? i dont think i missed anything.

    Thanks for any help.

    I am using the ForgeEssentials-ServerComplete-1.5.2-SNAPSHOT.176.zip.

    Ingame, do /p export.

    Find the folder called Export inside of your Permissions folder. Will give us a better idea of whats going on.
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    posted a message on Ars Magica v5.52.014 (Updated August 2) (1.5.2)
    Mithion, would there be a chance you could get with the Forge Essentials and figure out a way to implement their Protection module into your spells? Right now the following can occur, despite of the world guard:

    Minor: The fire spells leave burning ground. Nothing major, but some way to cleanse fire in a zone would be an easy fix.
    Major: Furnace Touch cannot be protected against without outright banning every single spell. (It's a right click item, it does stuff like turn sand into glass, or wood into charcoal.)
    Major: Dig cannot be protected against either. (Right click breaks blocks in a line)
    Major: Meteor Jump also does the above. (Destroys blocks after a jump)
    Major: Wall of Thorns also spams cacti that cannot be guarded against.
    There's also tilling/planting/cutting plants.

    There may be other suspects.
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    posted a message on Looking For Builders for SMP/Adventure Server
    Added more screenshots of current progress! Still looking for more people.

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    posted a message on [Forge]ForgeEssentials -- Bukkit functionality for your Forge server
    Quote from Ninelpienel

    Hallo, How can I add a Member to a Group. my english is bad, I can't find it.

    /p user <username> group add/set <groupname>
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    posted a message on Looking For Builders for SMP/Adventure Server
    Alright Badger has been a huge help. We have a few more things ironed out that we are currently building and configuring. We still desperately need another few builders. I'm still waiting on a response from Killa, and I might have one or two people coming over from reddit soon.

    Appreciate the interest so far!

    We could also REALLY use someone to help flesh out the storyline a little, or someone to bounce plot ideas off of.
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    posted a message on Looking For Builders for SMP/Adventure Server
    Since some interest seems to have been garnered, and I can't host it 24/7, I have moved everything over to a 3GB ram SSD USA server. This server runs phenominally and is much smoother than when I hosted it locally.

    I contacted you math.
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    posted a message on Looking For Builders for SMP/Adventure Server
    Quote from Badger_Burto

    I am realy interested in this project although I would realy like to know the setting, it apears to be a kinda psuedo fantasy setting from the pictures. I realy like the Custom Npcs mod and have been using it sense it came out. I am a decent builder and I would love to work on this if you are in need of raw man power. Im the kind of person who will bore out a 100x100 cave by hand and then filling it back in if I dont like it. I came from a big rp comunity based in many games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Gmod so I have spent a lot of time writing stories for npcs and such.

    My in game user name is egburt3.

    (Also this is a new forum acount of mine as I hated my old username so until I post some more I will look pretty noobish)

    Alright, as of right now I host this on my local machine, so it is not up 24/7. If I start getting a few other builders, I will go ahead and get a dedicated server. I would love to speak more with you about this, you sound like a perfect fit.

    It is mostly fantasy based. There will be an overarching storyline, but it will not be required if you only want to build, you will just have to buy materials from other players. There will be professions as well. (I will be banning a lot of recipes and you will have to go through different profession guilds to get them back. Mostly items/armors/weapons/etc.)

    When I get off work around 6pm EST, I will contact you.

    Quote from Killa4022

    i would love to help and see what i can do :D

    When I get off work around 6pm EST, I will contact you.
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    posted a message on Looking For Builders for SMP/Adventure Server
    Hi all, I have put together a project last week and it is quickly becoming larger than me and the other person working on it. I was curious if anyone on here would be interested in helping us put together some assets.
    Note that mods will be used. Everything will need to be built in-game. (There is set, replace, and undo/redo functionality in game, no full fledged worldedit yet) I will include screenshots of the current proceedings below.

    Things I need help with:

    City Design

    Dungeon Design


    Overworld Refining

    Conceptualizing (I still have some key decisions to make about certain aspects of the server. I could use someone to bounce ideas off of)

    In addition, the server supports Custom NPCs and Custom Stuff 2 and Little Blocks, as well as many other mods that promote exploration, more interesting combat, and more building options.

    If interested, either PM me or leave me a message and I can go into more detail. Note that this is not a Tekkit/FTB style server. I am trying to stay away from tech mods, and instead promote exploration, although I will add Redpower 2 once it is updated, as frames will make for interesting dungeon design.

    In-Game Name: Sinistralis777

    IP: (You will need to contact me before you can join)

    Images: http://imgur.com/a/WhiGM [1] [1]
    Right now I host this on a local machine, but once it gets far enough in development, I am planning to get dedicated hosting for it, especially if there is interest.

    Please note that if you are interested, you will have to know how to install Forge and mods. I can help you with this if you are not familiar. You will also need to download some of the mods, I cannot distribute all of them.
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