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    IGN: SInavestia
    Age: 17
    Previous RP Experience: The Vault RP, Multiple forum RPs
    Why do you wish to join?:I am looking for a fun, interesting RP server that isn't your typical run of the mill server.
    What can you bring to the server?: A considerate player who wants to contribute as much as possible to the server
    Is English your first language?:Yes

    Name: Sinata Vestia

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Sinata stands at about 5 feet 11 inches. He has a very average build for a man of his age and height. He has auburn hair that ends at his shoulders which is usually kept combed and presentable. His brown eyes lie under narrow eyebrows that go upwards at an angle that makes him appear menacing. His narrow shoulders presents a man who clearly does not possess an amazing physical prowess. He wears a tattered brown coat that covers his low quality tan shirt and stretches down to his worn out boots. The coat has clearly been patched and crudely stitched back together so many times it's a wonder it hasn't fallen to pieces.
    Personality: Sinata possess's a uncaring personality. He will fight for his life when necessary even if it means the death of other people. When It comes down to it, he will pick himself over anyone else. Though he is loyal, he will never betray his friends, whoever is left of them. He has always had an interest in nature, taking long walks in the wilderness when ever he could, just to be away from the riff raff of the city.

    Background Story:

    It was a typical day on Aurelia, the sun was shining, the sound of vehicles passing by reverberated through the building. Today was it, the first day at his new job, an apprentice with a trained magician in the more advanced uses of magic. He would be learning how to use his magic better and more effectively in day to day life and in ways less practical. He was overflowing with excitement as he closed the door to his building and walked out into the city. Vehicles sped by powered by some form of levitation magic that he hope he would one day to learn how to use. With a grin at the possible things he might he learn, he turns and walks down the street to his new master's training center.

    When he arrived at the building he was surprised to find it locked he could of sworn he was on time. He tugs on the door a few more times to make sure it just wasn't his frail nature preventing him from opening the door, suddenly a voice from behind him interrupts his futile endeavor. "Did you not hear? Master Sorin was called to the council for an emergency meeting earlier this morning. It appears that all of the master magicians have been summoned to be there." The stranger said. "Is that so? What could be so important that every master has been summoned?" Sinata replied with a curious tone. "Who knows, but one thing is for certain, something is abo-" The man was cut off by the sudden onset of blaring sirens and a deep rumbling sound. "What the blazes is going on!?" Sinata yells out over the siren. "It is was master feared, come we must get to the town center immediately!" the man responds loudly grabbing Sinata's arm and pulling in the direction of the center. The two sprint down the street as the ground behind them starts to crumble and fall into a black abyss. Sinata looks back as the buildings collapse into each other and tumble to the ground. All of a sudden the sirens cut out almost as if the source of the noise had been removed from existence, the mayhem continued however.

    They both eventually reach the center of the city to a breathtaking site. A massive portal of incredible dimensions had been formed in the ground of the square. The masters were all gather around it using their magic to power the portal. People were screaming and frantically throwing themselves into the opening the ground hoping that their gods would save them. Sinata looks over at the man beside him with a frightened look before sprinting towards the portal and jumping in. At the last moment he could see the massive town hall crumbling and falling into the void. He hoped that this wouldn't be the last thing he would see before everything turned black.
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    Then prove it. Post something else besides sigs and maybe...just maybe...someone will actually be interested. Until then, everyone is going to hate you. And all your "work" will be to waste.
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    What the ­ did I just look at?
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    Uh what the f?

    100/10 ;) XoXoXoXo
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    Plays Cancel ( a Magic instant card that cancels opponents spell)

    Next person gets hit by doom blade ( magic card that instant kills any nonblack creature)
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    Chugging a bottle of cough syrup in the bathroom.

    Trust me. It works.

    Well It was Target but. I assume they would react similarly.
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    United Nations Democracy
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    The next person has always wanted to be a pokemon trainer.
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    (...I see you did there. Good game.)
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    That pistol you get in the Co-Op from Cry of Fear.

    If the damage it did to that weird grudge thing dual wielding chain saws was any knowledge.

    I'm ­ed.
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    Captures at what I first thought was Treeko then decided I was wrong with a pokeball.

    I protect the girl wearing some nekomini with the now captured Treekoish pokemon wearing a tophat and an eye that looks like or is a monocle from the horrid wasteland of a world we live in. Traveling from ghost town to ghost gathering food and having marvelous exploits through out the land. Searching long and far for every problem to understand what caused this catastophre. It's you and me! There's no better party! Arm in arm we'll survive this plight! It is now our dream! Oh! danthonywalker! You're my best friend! In a world we must survive! A mind so strong! Our luck will bring us out...aliveeeeee!!! YOU TEACH ME AND I'LLL TEACH YOU, POOKEEE---I mean DANTHONYWALKERRRRRR!!!!
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    Pulls out his parasol and promptly twirls it above his head like a princess deflecting the rabid animals.

    Said parasol now shoots out a penguin with a razor sharp beak towards the next user.
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    Well, I have looked at a few different teams and they all seem to never do anything after posting their thread.

    So hopefully this will be different.
    *Name: Jeremiah
    *Age: 17
    *Time Zone: EST

    Mod Job Placement:

    *Desired Job(s):Assistant Head Coder or a mod designer. If not, regular Coder. I can also make models and textures in a pinch if needed ( not my favorite thing to do)
    *Skill Level (1-10 scale): Not the best, but learning fast. 7 in coding.


    Strengths/ Weaknesses?: Uh, Not quite sure. I am okay at modelling and texturing, but I do the best with coding

    Why you want to join?: Looking for a dedicated team to work with that hopefully won't fall apart

    Portfolio/Previous work: (can be in-game creations): Current mod I am working on http://www.minecraft.../#entry22540100
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