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    @wintercraft-team Im looking at the third page and wondering if you have skipped mine, please do check.

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    Name: Abdurrahman Bensalah

    In-game Name: Silverhawk112

    Age: 15

    Skype/discord: Skype- Abdurrahman Bensalah/ dont have discord (If it is a problem email me or something)

    Position: Admin

    Why are you applying for wintercraft?: I am applying because i have always been annoyed at hackers and cheaters of all sorts so i wanted to help change all that. I always play and wanted to catch those dirty hackers that are making the game not so fun to play.

    What can you bring to the server?: I can bring a positive attitude and good vibes so that everyone feels welcome to join and feel free to join the server.

    What Will you do if you see another moderator abusing their powers?: I will get video proof of the incident and show it to a higher rank so they can de-rank or ban them.

    How many hours can you play on the server per day? I can play for about 7-12 hours depending on what is going on that day.

    What will you do if you see a hacker? I will do the same with moderators but from what im thinking i can do the banning or something. (if this is accepted please tell me my limitations.)

    Will you abuse your powers? I would never abuse my powers because i have made an effort too try to get them in the first place.

    What will you do if you see a staff member breaking rules?: Same as the moderator question.

    Will you give free Items to anyone? No because that would be breaking the rules and i dont want to lose the rank i got.

    What will you do if a friend of yours breaks a rule? Just because they are my friend doesnt mean they get special treatment so i will do with them i will do with the hackers.

    Can you donate?: Sorry i cant until i get a job and my mom wont let me. Sorry again if this is an inconvenience.

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