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    The America Map is a creation made from a program called World Painter. It was rendered using a grey-scale height-map produced by NASA. The world was painstakingly detailed by hand and detailed out with pickaxe and shovel work by a dedicated server team.

    The map is in a league of its own with detailed flowing rivers, randomized resources, and hand painted biomes that all function as they are supposed to.

    Enjoy the hand made Natural wonders including: The Grand Canyon, Devils Tower, Ol' Faithful, The Utah Salt Flats, Monument Valley and more.

    Though there may be other maps like this one, none measure up to the size, detail, and functionality of WTFblake's (IGN: ThunderKlapp) America Map.™ JK - lentebriesje's maps are quite great.
    Hope you enjoy this..

    This post is no longer active, but the download is still up.


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    posted a message on Primitive Mobs v1.1beta - Last Updated 01/01/2018 - 1.12 beta version available!
    Quote from darkraptor6»

    No , this is absolutely normal , this is Sheepman , there are cursed Villagers in nether , so this is normal , not a bug , they just want .. YOUR GOLD !

    That's awful. XD
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    posted a message on Ava's Closed-map Experiment -- Minecraft in a Box
    I'm sure most of you have read about or heard about WordWork's Closed map Experiment ... If not, I recommend taking a look. The story is pretty interesting, though a lot of people have pointed out parts that seem unrealistic and it's assumed to be a hoax.


    Following a post by the Minecrafter, Veznic, on another site (That won't be mentioned, due to it's x-rated nature), I decided to start up a world to reproduce this experiment.

    However, we've decided to take this a bit further than what was available at the time of the original project and create our own customized map, before transporting it to a sky world. The entire map is 352x352, including the border of bedrock (and glass, to provide a better sky view), with a playable area of 350x350. The map's nether counterpart's size is a total of 102x102, with a playable area of 100x100, and has also been transported from a natural world into a sky world and surrounded with bedrock and glass.

    To prevent falling into the void (and discourage breaking the glass and building a secret bunker), we've implemented a plugin, called World Border, and set the radius so that the edge lands right on the bedrock barrier. No one can leave, we will be effectively trapped.

    Unlike the original, we will be taking many screenshots and may even record our progress -- And won't 'lose' them. We don't yet know how many will be recording, but we're hoping for at least two or three separate viewpoints.


    The rules of the server are very simple and basic, most of which are designed solely for the protection of the sensibilities of the younger members and their parents, as well as deterrence of any illegal activities. Any breaking of the rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the project and all other Ava servers.

    • Sexual comments or jokes are to be kept between those members who are 17+ (REGARDLESS of the age of consent in your country.)
    • Regardless of age; cyber-sex, sexting, or Minecraft "dating," will not be tolerated on the server, even via private messages.
    • No heavy swearing - That being said, refrain from attempting to censor your swears Doing so does not make it less vulgar. If you're going to swear, be an adult about it.
    • No unfair mods (Anything that gives you an unrealistic advantage - X-ray, flight, anti-pvp auras, full-bright, etc ... Mods such as inventory tweaks, too many items, and not enough items, and others are allowed)
    • No spamming (Of any kind)
    • No constant PVP or spawn killing
    • No racism, homophobia, or bible thumping (Literally thumping people with bibles is perfectly acceptable)

    ---- Be aware; greiffing, raiding, and PVP are not against the rules, on the project map, so players are responsible for their own defense and offense, when faced with an enemy. ----

    Our map contains:

    Every game-changing biome, selected from a natural world and meshed together with World Edit:
    • Mushroom Island, for mycelium
    • Ice Spikes, for packed ice
    • Savanna, for Acacia trees
    • Sunflower Plains / Flower Forest, for dyes
    • Swamp, for lily pads and pumpkins
    • Forests, for birch trees
    • Roofed Forest, for dark oak trees
    • Mesa, for hardened clay and red sand
    • Desert, for sand and cacti
    • Ocean, for squid
    • Taiga, for spruce trees
    • Jungle, for cocoa, melons, and jungle trees
    • Nether, for nether blocks and items
    Most structures, from specifically selected areas:
    • Abandoned mine shafts
    • Dungeons
    • Village
    • Nether fortress

    How to get involved:

    We are looking for a maximum of 32 people --The server will not be whitelisted, so anyone is able to join and chat with us -- There is a main world that is vanilla anyone is able to play on, but the experiment map will only be able to be accessed through me. -- In order to be in the experiment, you will need to at least have Skype, so that you can be added to the group conversation where we will be coordinating our play times.

    The server is up and running at AvaVarldar.ddns.net:25566
    (You will need the port, otherwise you'll be connected to our modded server)

    Anyone interested in joining the team can leave a post here or send me a message on Skype (Skynet-Kytten), with the following information:
    • Preferred Name
    • In-game Name
    • Skype Name
    • Time Zone
    • Age
    Currently, 18 slots have been filled.



















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    I've been watching this since it was first posted, and I wondered if it was legit or not. I think we can figure out whether he's telling the truth about whether this was built in survival or not. I ripped the video and put it into my paint program and looked at some of the frames and theres some revealing stuff in there.

    I think we can figure out that this looks like a pyramid judging by the shape at the end of the video. So assuming it's a pyramid this what i think

    In the first picture the opening is 21 pixels. The screencap is 1080 pixels so that means the opening is only about 2% of it's size when he starts going towards it. That means he must be pretty far from the opening, and the pyramid is pretty deep.

    In the next one, it's a bit blurry but the blue arrow made me think it's not just a big empty pyramid but that it's solid and that he's running up a tunnel. It looks like it's solid anyway.

    In the next frame it looks like the outside is covered in wool but that the inside is different. The red arrow shows that the inside of the pyramid is solid, and it looks like smoothstone because of the difference in the textures.

    Also you can see theres a track running in front of the pyramid and that it turns at the end where the blue arrow is. It looks like the edge is pretty far. How far? I'm not sure. But I would say 70-80 blocks away.

    Next I noticed the light at the end of the tunnel looking down inside. There must be a light source down there which means there is something inside the pyramid. That's the green arrow. The red and blue arrows are pointing to the difference between the wool and the inside material.

    I also noticed that there seems to be some kind of pattern to the levels. Not sure why it doesn't go up 1 block at a time. But if it does go up like a 45 degree pyramid then its height is more than half it's width.

    The last one gives us a pretty good idea of what the final size looks like, if the angles are correct. The green line shows that the ladders run up the middle, presumedly for the builders to climb it when they were building it. If the width is 70-80 from the ladders as I suspected in the other photo that means the whole width is between 140-160.

    From that we can make other calculations. Assuming the best case scenario where the width is 160. The height would be 80 (on a 45 degree pyarmid) but because I know it's more than that (from the pattern) I would guess 100.

    I looked up the volume of a pyramid and it's 160 x 160 x 100 then divided by 3. That means the pyramid, if it's solid, is 853,333 blocks.

    If those blocks are smoothstone, and they didn't cheat that means they had to smelt a lot of cobble. That's a lot of coal or charcoal which would be a lot of trees.

    How long would it take to mine, and smelt and place about 1 million blocks in Survival?
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    posted a message on Need help? Look no further!
    Having run a server both on Linux and windows for about nine months, now, I know the ins and outs of most plugins - And I find it fairly easy to learn how to work plugins that are new to me. I'm here to offer help to anyone who needs it, with a few stipulations. If you can fill out the form, below, using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I'll add you on the messaging service you choose, and see about helping you out.

    I will not do emails - Instant messengers are a must.
    I will not reply to comments here, unless absolutely necessary, and will not bother helping anyone who cannot form a sentence.
    You must be able to send/receive files, or already have a way to remotely access the server files
    I will not run your server for you - I have my own server to worry about, and I'm only doing this to help get people started. I will, however, answer any questions you might have, at any time.
    If you do not know how to start up a server, read this guide. I will not set up your server, for you. You need to have an existing server - This is only for plugin help.
    When posting errors, please use pastebin, or pastie - Any comments that do not use these for errors will be marked as spam and deleted by a moderator.

    [b][color=#400000]What you need help with:[/color][/b]
    [b][color=#400000]Server IP:[/color][/b]
    [b][color=#400000]Any error messages you have gotten:[/color][/b]
    [b][color=#400000]Miscellaneous information:[/color][/b]
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