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Hey there, lads and lasses.
I'm Kytten. I'm a twenty-something, Korean/German/Cherokee-Sioux Indian, avid Minecrafter, Simmer, bug/animal lover, writer, artist, musician, and house cat. I make skins, for people who want them, and have at least three or four builds going at any given time..

Sims, Ocarinas, Mirrors, Stuffed Animals, Fish, Cats, Sewing, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Painting, Candle-making, Coloured Contacts, Yughio, League of Legends, Magic: The Gathering (Card Game), Dungeons and Dragons, Cartoons, SciFi Original Movies, Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate (SG1 and Atlantis), Doodling, Making Skins, Building Skins, Writing Music, Playing Music, Origami, Ducktape Crafts, Calligraphy, Trolling Trolls, Umbrellas, Collecting, Baking, Making Lists

Location Rensselaer, Indiana

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